What's disturbing is a conference abstract (one of thousands presented-*not* a peer review paper) providing no information on numbers, research methods & correlating immune biomarkers post-vaccination with probability of acute coronary syndrome being disseminated in this way.
We have extensive evidence from the CDC on millions vaccinated on outcomes in patients which very clearly shows that both short and long term impacts from COVID-19 far outweigh any risks from vaccination. Vaccine myocarditis is typically mild & in recovers fully in most.
COVID myocarditis (and other COVID impacts) are far more serious, and more common. Anyone giving warnings about vaccine-myocarditis (with no details of methods, incidence rates or clinical correlates) without talking about impacts of COVID-19 should be treated with scepticism.
In this case, it's also worth looking at the author's history. A quick google search might reveal a lot.

And Malone quoted here by Aseem is also a known proponent of misinformation spreading anti-vaxx information. Why would anyone be quoting him at this stage?

• • •

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24 Nov
Will the tsunami of misinformation coming from the Telegraph ever stop? No, depression is not 'ordinary unhappiness', & stigmatising prescribing or taking anti-depressants isn't helpful. I've been on ADs for 9 yrs & my only regret in is not taking them sooner. 🧵
I, for years, despite being a medic, and having prescribed ADs to patients and seeing them getting loads better didn't take them myself, because I felt I should be able to control it somehow and get myself better. I lost entire decades of my life to it.
I shouldn't have. I did psychotherapy as well, which was incredibly useful, but ADs alongside made a huge difference to my life. Please don't suggest depression is just normal sadness due to 'life'. It isn't. It's hard to imagine depression if you haven't experienced it.
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24 Nov
It's not a choice between vaccines & mitigations - lockdowns represent a failure to control transmission pre-emptively. What's needed is a multilayered approach of vaccines + boosters + mitigations (high-grade masks, school mitigations, ventilation, test, trace, isolate)
We must separate out lockdowns & mitigations. Lockdowns are only needed again and again if we don't have robust mitigations in place. Many of these don't require a huge sacrifice, but are highly effective (masks indoors, ventilation). There needs to be strong messaging about this
It's not right to say 'restrictions' will be needed for a long time because it will prevent build up of population immunity by infection. Immunity by infection is not desirable- because it's by infection! - which we're trying to prevent! Vaccines do this safely & effectively.
Read 11 tweets
23 Nov
After every study has shown Pfizer protection is superior to Astrazeneca & wanes less over time, The Telegraph suggests we've fared far better than Europe (because we have more deaths?) because of - Astrazeneca! And they quote - the CEO of Astrazeneca!
True journalism this 👇
who cares about reality and facts? Vaccine nationalism is what matters! And standing by the UK and its govt. Who cares about the >160,000 deaths, and >1 million people with long COVID. I challenge anyone to say it wasn't a success - given we created the Astrazeneca vaccine!!!
For those looking for the data- no need to look further than the UKHSA and ONS data that both showed this:
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23 Nov
More pseudoscience propaganda from the BBC.

We've escaped the 'worst of what's being seen in the continent' because we've already got the highest total death rate, we've already killed 14,000 people since 'freedom day' (more than any other country in Europe) & maimed >1 million
What Nick doesn't tell you could fill a phD thesis.
The UK has one of the lowest vaccine rates in Western Europe totally (just above Austria and Germany but below other countries) because of massive delays in vaccinating children & shambolic roll out.
We have twice the cumulative deaths of Germany, and the third highest total deaths in Western Europe- close to Belgium and Italy. Italy seems to have learned it's lessons, and cumulative deaths are now flat, while ours? Still rising! >2 in 1000 people overall have died of COVID
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21 Nov
Myth busting thread: Vaccines *do* reduce transmission- even with delta. Anyone who says otherwise (and I've seen many scientists say this recently to rationalise not vaccinating children!) is misinterpreting the evidence. Let me explain
There are two levels of protection against transmission:
1. Protection against infection (if you don't get infected you can't transmit)
2. Protection against transmission *if* breakthrough infection occurs
When many people say there isn't protection against transmission, they're talking about 2. - that is- if you get infected, you can still transmit delta efficiently. But that doesn't account for the fact that you are *less likely* to get infected in the first place.
Read 17 tweets
21 Nov
So I presume he has access to information that the ACIP at the CDC didn't in their analysis which was made accessible and available publicly?
And the risk of covid myocarditis- both in frequency and severity is greater than vaccine myocarditis which has not results in a single fatality and is typically mild. COVID myocarditis unfortunately has led to death, in children who could be alive had they been vaccinated.
Oh, and on the point that vaccines don't prevent transmission- they definitely do!! Substantially as a single measure in fact- between 50-70%. Perhaps even more so in children. Even real-world data from England backs this up, with drops in teenagers correlating with uptake:
Read 6 tweets

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