While I’m out here causing discourse today,

AMAB and AFAB are not identities, they are assignments. Creating spaces for AMAB only and AFAB only people is just TERFism with extra steps.
I legit saw a restroom sign with AFAB only 🙃
Wanna know how they justify this? Go read my other firestorm of a thread today:

This is also a major problem in "women and non-binary" groups that begrudgingly tolerate trans femmes and exclude AMAB transmascs.

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22 Nov
Trans femmes were never “socialized male,” and do not have “male privilege.”

My socialization was bullying and mass societal abuse of the core of my being.

I was socialized “terrified,” and my privilege was to “hide myself until I die.”
I’m also really sad to see some trans people repeat this TERF talking point. They tend to be of the Buck Angel variety but still.
The interesting thing is, I probably had some legit female socialization. I loved most of my life online as a teen. I was on the internet every hour I was not at school. I was fully presenting female there.
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22 Nov
It would seem there is some sort of "debate" going on as to whether or not transmisogyny is real.

And like... I don't even understand how that can even be a question.

Misogyny is real. Transphobia is real. They intersect, and multiply each other in magnitude.
Women are treated as "lesser," "weaker," and "submissive" in our patriarchal society.

Trans people threaten the legitimacy of gender discrimination and the patriarchy, because it assumes our gender roles are not set in stone.

Trans women voluntarily leave the "powerful" role.
It's for this reason why most anti-trans laws passed demonize trans women instead of trans men. The "Trans woman predator in the restroom" is a trope that is cited in almost every legislative body seeking to outlaw our existence. The "trans woman taking over women's sports" too.
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20 Sep
Alert! Just dropped! Texas special session includes a bill to detransition trans youth, pull them from puberty blockers, and force them through the wrong puberty. It defines getting trans care for trans youth as child abuse. It will out trans children and irreversibly harm them.
This bill treats giving trans youth the GLOBAL, MEDICALLY ACCEPTED transition care as child abuse in the same categories as

- Sexual assault of a child
- Physical abuse of a child
- Substantially harming a child
- Creating child pornography

Texas is trying to kill trans kids.
There are trans people in Texas who are stealth, completely live as their gender, 15 years old... who under this bill, in front of their friends and classmates, will develop a deep voice, facial hair, etc. after living their lives as their gender.

The cruelty is unimaginable.
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8 Sep
It’s that time to remind everyone The Matrix is a trans allegory written by two closeted trans women.

“You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.”
You can read a great in depth article on this written by @emilyvdw

Don't take my word for it though.

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3 May
Hey twitter!

CIS is not a slur, and the cis people who banned the trans woman from twitter for using the word "cis" should be fired.

Seriously. We're gonna use the word #cis all day because #cis means not trans.

Don't let TERFs take over this damn platform and kick out trans women for calling #cis women #cis women.
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3 Dec 20
Imagine you're a kid in the UK and transitioned at 5. You're stealth, a "regular girl" in school, on blockers. Nobody knows.

You're 14. The govt just took your blockers away.

All your friends are about to see you go through a male puberty.

We can't forgive the UK govt for this
This is governmental violence against trans people.

This is a direct assault on all of our liberties, even us who live out of the United Kingdom.

This is a war against us that will kill the most vulnerable and youngest and innocent among us.

Blood is on the hands of TERFs.
In case this tweet blows up. PLEASE donate to the Mermaids UK, a trans rights org for kids in the United Kingdom.

And please, please, please fight this wherever you see it. This isn't an ideological fight. There will be dead children because of this.

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