This morning I captured a detailed picture of our moon, but what's that at the bottom? #astrophotography #space #opteam
The ISS, as it sailed past the moon at over 17,000mph. It was only in the frame of my camera for 1/25th of a second.
"Lunar Approach" is my latest limited print release. Available in limited quantities for each style. Get the print here on my website, where you can also learn more about this image:
Here's a video of the approach slowed down roughly 6.5x. This is by far my most detailed shot of the ISS. I could see the miniscule gaps between the radiators and other fine details I've never seen before.
If you're curious how I plan for these, check out my patreon for a complete writeup. As a bonus- you get access to all my work in full resolution!

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20 Nov
The longest eclipse of the Century. This composite image was created by combining 7 HDR shots of the moon during various stages of the recent partial lunar eclipse. Earth is so amazing, even our shadow is beautiful. #astrophotography #space #opteam Image
Thank you for your recent support on my last print- it sold out much faster than expected! I'm releasing this one in a few more sizes and styles (but still limited quanities). Will look awesome on metal. You can find it here: Image
The full size image is over 350 megapixels- but only patrons have access to it. You should join if you haven't already- super cheap plus you get all my work in super high quality right to your inbox. My patrons are what enable me to do this full time! Image
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27 Jun
I captured the International @Space_Station transiting the sun today, passing right over a churning active region on the solar chromosphere. There's something different about the station today. Can you see it? #astrophotography #space #opteam
That shot was a close crop of a 140 megapixel image. When I do these, I try to capture all the activity occuring on the sun to preserve the moment. Notice the "clouds" floating on the NorthEastern limb. This is downsized, full size is on my patreon :
So regarding what's different, @astro_kimbrough and @Thom_astro installed a new solar array yesterday, to compliment the first one installed last week. You can see how they bridge the gap between the larger arrays. Amazing that we can see their hard work from Earth!
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24 Apr
Yesterday I took a massive 140 megapixel image of the sun. But there is something uniquely special about this image, that made it one of my most difficult shots ever. So, what is it? #astrophotography #space #opteam Image
A closer look to the active region/sunspost here reveals something unnatural, what is that ||+|| shape doing in my sun photo? Image
That's right! The ISS was transiting the sun yesterday from my vantage near the budweiser factory in Farifield. These shots require a lot of planning to pull off. For more details check my post on the behind the scenes of this image here on my patreon: Image
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28 Feb
At 2:44am this morning, I positioned myself so the ISS would pass between the moon and I to get this picture. What I didn't expect- was for the ISS to look so much different than usual. #astrophotography #space #opteam
Half the solar arrays appear to be missing at first glance. That's because despite being in a configuration requiring them to be face on towards Earth (also the direction of the sun) half of the arrays are seen edge-on. So why Is this happening?
As it turns out, this was done in prep for an EVA. So nothing to worry about! And I got a cool, rare picture. Over my favorite crater (Copernicus) no less. Get the signed & numbered print for 24 hours here:…
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26 Feb
Right now there is a 250,000 mile wide arc of plasma that is drifting away from the solar chromosphere. This is a shot I took this afternoon from my backyard. #astrophotography #space #opteam Image
Here is one of my shots of Jupiter for scale. This is called a prominence (not a flare) and is the result of plasma getting caught in the sun's active magnetic field. I'll have this shot (w/o Jupiter) available as a print for 24 hours here:… Image
There's a lot of interesting things on the chromosphere right now. A good sign that we're moving out of the solar minimum and there will be more activity soon. If you want to check out the full rez of this shot, everything is on my patreon in HQ: Image
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9 Feb
One of the most recognizable constellations in the night sky is Orion. and It is absolutely stunning. But after I spent some time shooting it from dark skies, I learned there is more to it than meets the eye. A short thread. #opteam #astrophotography #space
Our eyes do not perform well in low light, and do not pick up much in the "near infrared" portion of the visible spectrum. My camera, however, can. Look at everything that is revealed after just 18 minutes of shooting.
I annotated this image since it was too much to cover in one tweet. Everything from star forming regions, to supernova shockwaves, and even interstallar dust illuminated by nothing but starlight is visible in this pic. Along with millions of stars.
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