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ITS VERY OLD CONCEPT @NASA Please give some credit to the Tod Dockstader who gives this concept in

Tom and Jerry - 119 - Mouse into Space (1962)

@SpaceX @Space_Station @NASA @elonmusk
Tom and Jerry - 119 - Mouse into Space (1962)
Same Concept gives by Tod Dockstader in #TomAndJerry #cartoon 1962 #Space #SpaceX #Tesla #MemorialDay
@AstroBehnken and @Astro_Doug
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QUESTION: The terrorist responsible for the #Pensacolashooting on 6 Dec, 2019 had been linked to Al Qaida for almost a decade. We asked Hans Jakob Schindler @FightExtremism, "What does this say about Al Qaida's current activities in the 'West'?" Follow this thread for the answer.
ANSWER: "The newly obtained evidence form the two phones of the perpetrator apparently show not only his long standing association with AQAP (at least since 2015) but that he planned and prepared the attack for a long time, potentially years.
This demonstrates that AQAP remains the al-Qaida affiliate that is most geared towards attacks outside the immediate conflict zone, in particular attacks on US, European and other Western targets.
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#Apollo13 NASA's most successful failure, l'échec le plus réussi de la @NASA. #OTD 11 avril 1970, 19:13 UTC : décollage de la fusée #SaturnV emportant la mission #Apollo13. Elle n'atteint pas la Lune mais les astronautes rentrent sains et saufs. Un #Thread à suivre... #Apollo50 ImageImageImageImage
#Apollo13 13 ? Décollage à 19:13 UTC. Les astronautes ne sont pas supersticieux. Et il y a souvent de petits imprévus. En nov. 69, #Apollo12 à été frappé 2 fois par la foudre juste après le lancement. Le centre de mission a perdu la télémétrie : #Apollo50 ImageImage
#Apollo13 : en période de #COVIDー19, un mot sur la rougeole. Initialement désigné pour la mission, Ken Mattingly a été remplacé par sa doublure, Jack Swigert, quelques jours avant le décollage : la NASA craignait qu'il ait attrapé la rougeole. Pas de chance ? #Apollo50 #Space Image
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AT&T has patented the ability to address your brain / body / cells on the Internet. AT&T describes the ability to use a persons brain / thoughts to control aspects of another person over the Internet (i.e. thoughts, motor movements and control)… Image
AT&T has patented the ability to address your brain / body / cells on the Internet. AT&T describes the ability to use a persons brain / thoughts to control aspects of another person over the Internet (i.e. thoughts, motor movements and control)… Image
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The European Space Agency (ESA) is looking for ideas 💡 that involve use of either #space #technology or space #data to help address the #coronavirus crisis. Possible topics could include: (1/3) ⬇️ #COVIDー19
🛰️Use of its satellites & networks to provide connectivity where terrestrial communications are insufficient.
📚Online learning for school children being schooled at home
🤒Enable video consultations for patients. (2/3)

The European Space Agency will cover up to 50% of costs of each project, with a budget of up to €1 million per project. 📝Application deadline: 20 April. (3/3)

Catch up with all the latest #COVIDー19 R&D news from our LIVE Blog ➡️…
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Europe: The land of Ancient Rome

Check out Defender Europe 2.0

What was the first country on lockdown? Italy

How many Vatican priests have "tested positive" for the CV?

The city of Rome = Babylon ImageImageImage

Thule is the farthest north location mentioned in ancient Greek and Roman literature. Image


aka "Qaanaaq"

Doe the name "QAANAAQ" remind you of something?

#QANON maybe?

Guess what's in Qaanaaq? ImageImage
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Day 1: I use twitter @melaniejward to keep up with space news and advertise events I run, but still am still relatively new to the twitter game. I'll start the the week with this about me thread that can double as a highlight for some amazing space happenings in Australia!
One of the aforementioned events happens to be coming up, a #women in #engineering highlight in honour of #WomensHistoryMonth. As young professionals officer for @aiaa I've been arranging this panel for two months, and very excited to be moderating this Thursday. #WomenInSTEM
Been passionate about space since I was a kid, even went to #spacecamp at the Challenger Learning Center. This is where I met Dr Sally Ride, she was the second grown up (the first being my mum) that encouraged my dream not to go to #space but instead to support those who do.
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@Chamath just dropped the 2019 @socialcapital annual letter.

It’s just as riveting as the 2018 letter.

I thoroughly enjoyed digging through it,

Here are key points and my notes in [ ]

Cc: @nlw @grummz @radigancarter

Thread…#investing #markets #entrepreneurship
1/ Social Capital has outperformed the S&P 500 for 2 years in row.

The 2018 and 2019 letters state different gross IRRs for the years 2011-2018…images below.

@chamath care to clarify?
2/ The Social Capital investment focus is healthcare, education and frontier tech biz like #space and #AI.

They’re closed to outside capital and are a tech holding company that wants to achieve meaningful impact in a complicated world.
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You can smell the panic in @elonmusk's jet fuel right now.

The explosion of 'Starship' (predicted here) kicked off a dramatic level of activity including a period where the jet was aloft for 45% of 28 hrs on 7 legs often spending less than an hour on the ramp each.

Small example of why the documentary on collapse of the Musk empire requires a series:

Note the panic as @elonmusk tries to keep his fraudulent Mars program going while dealing with a wrecked supply chain amid a $tsla sales crash related to #coronavirus, which he says is dumb.
Added more detail for the premium subscribers.

One of my favorite images of the whole @elonmusk / CCP / #coronavirus entanglement.

Underneath it?: panic, embezzlement, fraud, incompetence, negligence, recklessness, #covid19, PR negotiations, supply chain woes, and more $tsla
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Archon Thread 👇

forget extra terrestrial

think inter terrestrial

acclaimed Nobel nominated mathematician/physicist Dr. Ruggero Santilli

designed a telescope that can detect anti-matter light

what he calls Inter Terrestrial Entities


#GodWins #QAnon
aiming these telescopes over the night sky of Tampa bay Fl in 2015

Santilli was attempting to search for anti matter galaxies

sudden clouds halted that

but to his surprise the Santilli telescopes had picked up other images on it's screen

he identified two kinds of ITEs

"consist of matter-entities in our terrestrial environment achieving locomotion via the acquisition of antimatter in their interior with consequential use of matter-antimatter propulsion, and achieve invisibility via the emission of antimatter-light as a sort of exhaust.”
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A lot has been happening in #space recently: @SpaceXStarlink project, the @SpaceForceDoD, people afraid about Kessler effect etc I decided to document myself and it does play a lot in my usual theme of #datasphere and its #decentralization. Thread to read !
the following article, In French, prompted my research. There are actually spying activities in space between nations/companies. Satellites get close to one another and listen in.…
Interesting ! A lot is happening up there we don't really think about.
There are about 2000 active satellites around earth, most in #lowearthorbit (below 2000km) and a fair share in #geostationary (36000 km). But space is much more crowded than that (lot of debris). This map shows you many objects and their orbit…
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Feb 1, 2003 - I went to watch the Space Shuttle Columbia re-entry over Northern California before dawn 17 years ago today. Unfortunately I became an eyewitness to disaster. #ColumbiaDisaster #STS107 #NASA #space #history #TDIH 1/20
I had seen 2 pre-dawn shuttle re-entries before. They were bright like a highway flare as the orbiter crossed the sky in less than 10 minutes. Watched from my backyard in San Jose under clear skies those times. #ColumbiaDisaster #STS107 #NASA #space #history 2/20
This time (Feb 1, 2003) there was thick fog so I couldn't just watch the shuttle re-entry from home. I planned ahead and drove to a mountaintop. This became the reason why San Jose CA was the only place west of Texas where Columbia eyewitnesses met each other that morning. 3/20
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Why do we know #Betelgeuse may go #Supernova within the next few 100000 years, but most likely not soon? And why are we sure the Sun will be a safe star for Billions of years?

A brief primer #thread to Stellar Evolution. 1/

Sun: SDO. Betelgeuse: ESO/ALMA
#astronomy #Space
First thing to know is: stars are not all alike. They are big, small, bright, dim, have different colors and die different deaths. The quantity at the root of their diversity is their MASS. Stars have masses between roughly 0.1 & 100 times the Sun’s mass. Large ones are rare.2/
Here is the fundamental diagram of stellar evolution. It’s called the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram (HRD). The further left you go, the hotter stars become. The further up you go, the brighter stars become. 3/
(Pic: ESO)
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#India is about to sign US #Space Junk Agreement.

Heres why #NASA's #Orbital #Debris Mitigation Strategy is against India's National Security interests. #orbitaldebris2019 #SpaceForce #StarWars…
Objective 1
The first one is to control debris larger than 5mm released “during normal operations” over 25 years — with normal nowhere defined — and require spacecraft/upper stages to be designed such as to “minimize”, preferably, “eliminate”, such release.
To reduce debris from”accidental explosions” and mandates engineering and probability assessment methods to judge a spacecraft’s propensity for such explosions, which figure will have to be less than 1 in 1000. Moreover, energy sources within spacecraft would have to be depleted.
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Thread - 1/4: #Today's (20 November 2019) accurate #airstrike in #Syria caused massive damage. The #Iran|ian #QudsForce HQ in #Damascus intl. airport, AKA the #Glasshouse, was partially collapsed.

#IMINT #ISI #satellite #intelligence #space #IRGC
Thread - 2/4: The #Iran|ian #QudsForce HQ in #Damascus intl. airport, AKA the #Glasshouse. Before and after #Today's airstrike.

#IMINT #ISI #satellite #intelligence #space
Thread - 3/4: A structure in #AlMazzeh airport was completely destroyed during the same attack. The structure is possibly an additional #IRGC/Quds Force HQ.

#IMINT #ISI #satellite #intelligence #space #Quds #Qudsforce
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You can:
1. Hire an expat and listen to them @Advance
2. Sign up to #weeklysparks >
3. Be a customer of your co, find problems to solve. Solve them.
4. Get @hyperanna_AI and see what the data says
4. Read @neweconomymedia
5. Understand the scale of the challenge with @FaethmAI
6. Do the assessment and training with @WYWM_Academy
7. Join a #hackathon run by @servantofchaos
8. Go on a Trade Mission to Israel with @AICC_NSW
9. Go to demo day @SydneyIncubate or @murudau
10. Visit a hub like @stoneandchalk, @HaymarketHQ, @TheStudioAu or @TankStreamLabs
11. Ask @Entirl to share how Ireland rebuilt its economy and visit Estonia.
12. Visit @MaRSDD and see how they turned around > @KJsaysthis
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[Thread] Suite à un tweet de @Benazdia sur, j'ai décidé de faire un petit thread sur les éléments intéressants à regarder dessus ! J'espère que cela vous plaira :)
1) Déjà ... ? Kesako ? Et bien, c'est une mine d'or ! C'est un site qui vous montre tous les objets catalogués par Space-Track.Org qui est un site géré par ... l'USAirForce !
2) Et oui, il faut savoir que ces chers américains contrôlent le ciel depuis des années et répertorient l'ensemble des satellites/débris/lanceurs dans le ciel !…
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Interesting. #UnsealEpstein

Former MIT media lab staffer says leadership made it clear Epstein's donations were to be kept secret - CNN…
#Epstein = 'Voldemort'? 🤔 5:5?
#UnsealEpstein MIT has some 'splaining to do...
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I have repeated these answers for a lot of folks over the past few years. So wanted to put these out there.

Why is @trans_celestial building a space network when there already are other major constellations being announced and launched?
1/ Yep there are two main constellation plans which I term "realistic" at the moment - SpaceX's Starlink and OneWeb
2/ Starlink's launched 60 (congrats!) are NOT final design. they are also just uplink/downlink. no mesh or inter satellite connectivity yet (& no plans when they can realistically achieve that, let alone with lasers). so technically not a constellation.
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#Space | There was a big spark — 75 times brighter than usual — from the black hole at the heart of the Milky Way… - @pabsgill
@pabsgill Our solar system, the Milky Way, has a supermassive black hole at the heart of it and it just shined brighter than ever before.
But this week, astronomers from saw the black hole glow 75 times brighter than it usually does in infrared before reverting back to its usual levels.
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Today, I will try my hand at live tweeting insights from "A #Home of One's Own", a two-day #researchworkshop on socially & economically #marginalised women's experiences of and negotiations with #genderinequalities in #informalurbanhousing in India.
This workshop has been organised by #JadavpurUniversity (School of Women's Studies), #RabindraBharathiUniversity (Centre for Women's Studies) and #Parichiti, a women's organisation. All three are research partners on a #GCRF project funded by @GoldsmithsUoL.
Since Oct 2018, I have collaborated with Dr. Henrike Donner, who is leading it, to develop #researchcollaborations with #educational and #development organisations in India to implement a pilot study on #genderurbanhousing. This workshop marks the end of the first phase.
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2019 is the 50th edition of the #SIPRIYearbook. Join SIPRI as we celebrate the occasion with a 50-day countdown and share the history of the Yearbook over the past 50 years. Watch the introductory video with SIPRI Director @dansmith2020:
The first #SIPRIYearbook was published in 1969 with the aim ‘to produce a factual and balanced account of a controversial subject—the arms race and attempts to stop it’. The rise in world military spending and disarmament efforts, including the #NPT, take central focus.
'In whatever way the nuclear situation is examined, the inescapable feature is what enormous quantities of weapons have been amassed' – Movement towards a first-strike capability by the #US and #USSR, the #SALT talks and European security were a focus of the 1970 #SIPRIYearbook.
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This thread details announcement made into budget and what average middle class would get from it.

Totally My work
Two goals for country future
1. National Security
2. Economic Prosperity

Imp : Last mile Delivery was prime target


Food security amount spend doubled in last 5 years
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