The mother decides whether the siblings are close or not... based on whether she teaches them to love each other through the way she loves them, or whether she chooses to teach separation consciousness, by loving them separately & differently...
Separationist consciousness is also usually born of the mother. If she regularly pitted the siblings together or enjoyed favouritism for the way it centred her? You’re far more likely to be the outcast of the group or struggle making connections with others later in life.
Your mind is built for separation & distrust beloved & you need to be able to work on & heal through that.. Many of your connections will feel thwarted unless/until you do.

It started there.
Address it there.
let’s say, you have 4 siblings. If the mother shows love to all of the siblings and reinforces for the siblings to love one another, protect each other & help each other & shows them that there’s unity between them all.. they will grow to love each other.
If the mother has a favourite ‘golden child’ and a problematic (black sheep child), she will pit them against each other & any of the children in the middle will either side with the black sheep, or cling to the golden child in hopes some of that favour will rub off on them

• • •

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25 Nov
Numerologically, this week represents changing structures in your business, finance or community goals. (22) represents bridging a unique business into the physical dimension whilst 28 lends itself to unlearning the financial/karmic errors & beliefs of the family template..
It’s a great way to develop new affirmation surrounding your worth, value & your capability. The one who once thought they were too sensitive or too fragmented to have a global or worldwide business, learns that the secret is in their ability to navigate balance.
Some helpful manifestations/affirmations that you can start with are,

‘I am an abundant source of ideas & creativity so that my well does not run dry’.

‘I have enough time in the day for myself, the things I love & the things I need to do’.

If you would like to book a
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25 Nov
Submitting to or for a man like ‘Da baby’ is the quickest way for you to understand why not every masculine counterpart is deserving of submission. Submission is reserved for men who have strong leadership qualities. This differs from somebody who has a lot of money.
Ofcourse one would assume that a large sum of money equates to great leadership & vice versa: but there can be great leadership in the absence of a large sum of money. And there can be a large sum of money in the absence of great leadership (especially if the masculine has
another or other men leading or guiding him, creating the appearance that he has strong or great leadership skills.

The feminine does not submit because she cannot make her own decision or take direction. She submits to trust, security, higher knowing & vision precision.
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16 Dec 20
I’m so thankful for my friends. I don’t ever feel alone anymore. And that’s not even cause we speak everyday. It’s just cause their energy just lives in my heart like that. Once abandonment consciousness leaves? Love always stays.
Abandonment consciousness will try to rob you of so many things. The feeling & experience of being loved (even if people try, your fear will repel them), as well as security that leads to reciprocity. If you don’t think someone will stay? You won’t be willing to create a space.
Abandonment consciousness is typically born from actual abandonment (a parent or earlier care giver walking out suddenly, divorce, adoption/foster care etc), or neglect, which exposes one to prolonged yet subtle abandonment.
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15 Dec 20
I really don’t know how women can be about this sugar daddy life. I tried to use a mf for money once & the first time he took too long to get me something, I was like ‘ok I’m out’ lmao. Patience, I can have for someone I’m attracted to. But when I’m not? Whewww chyl.
If I don’t find you attractive (physically or energetically), every little thing you do is gonna piss me tf off. You already piss me tf off. Sounds nice in theory... but not built for it lmao
Some women will have you think that you’re wasting your youth or your beauty if you don’t use it as leverage to have a sugar daddy, or two.
But these mfs are getting smarter & more demanding too... Not sir, not I 🤣🤦🏾‍♀️
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15 Dec 20
If I’m dealing with somebody who has bouts of paranoia, I need them to promise me that they can get it together, or else unfortunately? They have to leave my life. Paranoia is dangerous & sickly. If you think I could hurt you? Then you will eventually hurt me..
I only deal with closed boarders now. Things I can count on. People who can form a protective force field around me. Nothing can penetrate the auric field we make together. That’s what a tribe is for. Be that, or I cannot truly relax..
If you don’t trust me because you don’t trust yourself, then it cannot hurt me. First you have to go. Return to the village/forest & retrieve what was lost from there.
I have nothing for you in waiting here.
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15 Dec 20
Without a consistent, healthy & functional connection to the mother, it’s imperative for the feminine to have another woman who has been taught how to self nurture, that one can (loosely) model their inner feminine after. There are ways to raise your inner child.
The wounded inner feminine presents an inner child who constantly seeks & searches for reassurance, love & validation from outsiders.
The wounded inner feminine doesn’t stop searching for these things. Her quest just becomes deeper & deeper. And the rejection that she faced/faces from her mother creates more of a depth of a gaping wound.
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