It was never about the Confederacy. It was part of the cultural Marxist revolution to erase the Founding Fathers.…
The perpetrators tried to censor press coverage so that Jefferson would "disappear" without a witness.

NYPost: "Keri Butler, executive director of the Public Design Commission that voted to banish the statue, at first tried to block the press from witnessing its removal."
New York City officials tried to keep the plot to remove Jefferson secret from the public until the @NYPost got wind of it.

Post: "The commission also attempted to vote on the statue’s removal without a public hearing on the controversial move until The Post revealed the plan."
@nypost As if progs identifying with a notorious slave trader wasn't awful enough, there's the whole cultural appropriation issue.

Why do the progs continue to call "Manhattan" by its Indian name, stealing it from the Delaware Indians ("Delaware" being another cultural appropriation)?

• • •

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24 Nov
Just what I've been saying since Day One: the J6 violence was a pre-planned, coordinated action by different units of agents-provocateurs.

For months, the progs attacked us by accusing us of blaming Antifa and pushing a "baseless conspiracy theory."
As I told - horrors! - One America News on January 14: "Somebody had mapped this out in advance. It was all organized…. This was all pre-planned way before January 6.”
On March 3, @SenRonJohnson asked FBI Assistant Director Jill Sanborn about my assessment of "armed militia groups that had conspired and organized to be there" for the J6 attack on the Capitol. Her response showed that the FBI agreed with my analysis.…
Read 7 tweets
23 Nov
Mob rule: Inspiration for some of what we're seeing in America today comes from the "turbas divinas" or "divine mobs" that the Sandinistas ran in Nicaragua to intimidate, destroy, and demoralize the public into submission. They still do, 40+ years later.…
2) Central regimes deploy mobs as extradjudicial enforcers. In 2018, students protesting Nicaragua's social handout system "were attacked with sticks by government-controlled youth mobs, known as 'turbas divinas,' (divine mobs), leaving some injured."…
3) @Univision: "Some of the Sandinista Youth ride motobikes with their faces hidden behind visored helmets, wielding metal pipes and sticks. The mobs brutally beat dozens of young people, the elderly and independent journalists covering the protest."
Read 7 tweets
19 Nov
Senator Johnson says that those responsible for securing the Capitol, including congressional leadership, embraced the false narrative of 'thousands of armed insurrectionists' on J6 to cover their own failure. @SenRonJohnson @cspan… Image
@SenRonJohnson @cspan .@SenRonJohnson ‘I asked her [FBI Assistant Director Jill Sanborn] – again, ‘thousands of armed insurrectionists’ – I asked her, well, how many firearms were confiscated either on the Capitol grounds or the Capitol?' ...
@SenRonJohnson @cspan "'... I didn’t know what the answer was going to be, for all I knew it was going to be 300. She [FBI Assistant Director Sanborn] said zero. Kind of a mike-drop moment. Sort of laid waste to the narrative of ‘thousands of armed insurrectionists,'" said @SenRonJohnson. Image
Read 26 tweets
19 Nov
'I’ve been pushing back on the false narratives. And it’s important to do that, because I think just for historical purposes, the American public really needs to know what happened on January 6,' @SenRonJohnson says, explaining at length.
@SenRonJohnson @cspan .@SenRonJohnson: 'the violence, repugnant. The racial slurs, repulsive. I condemn them. I want to see the people engaged in those acts prosecuted to the full extent of the law. But I want the justice to be administered equally as well..." Image
@SenRonJohnson @cspan '... between the summer rioters and the people who engaged in those [J6] acts of violence. I don’t want the people that showed up, just peacefully engaging in their First Amendment rights, to be harassed or prosecuted or put on terrorist watch lists …' @SenRonJohnson
Read 4 tweets
14 Nov
Robert F. Kennedy Jr: "When they use the term 'vaccine misinformation,' they are using it as a euphemism for any statement that departs from official government policy.... It has nothing to do with whether it's true or false."…
Amazing words from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. about US and Western response to the pandemic - to censor, assault civil rights, attack religious freedom & property rights, & launch a "coup" against "liberal democracy." Kennedy is getting canceled for speaking about the COVID vaccines.
In Switzerland, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says that in the COVID debate, free speech has "been obliterated. Instead, we have unelected technocrats ... who we know are captured and corrupted" as we are told, "put on the mask. Lock down."…
Read 12 tweets
9 Nov
This weekend marked the anniversary of the 1983 terrorist bombing of the US Capitol. Many questions here. @RepJerryNadler, now chairman of the House Judiciary Committee who oversees the FBI, pressed President Clinton to release the convicted bomber, Susan Rosenberg, from prison.
@RepJerryNadler Attorney General Merrick Garland has still not clarified his role in dropping charges against 1983 US Capitol bombing co-conspirator Elizabeth Ann Duke.…
@RepJerryNadler No standards without double standards: Merrick Garland has been complacent, at best, about Communist terrorists detonating a bomb in the US Capitol.…
Read 8 tweets

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