I've voted Democrat my whole life largely because I thought they were better champions of free speech, women's rights, and combating racism.

But in light of the Left's embrace of cancel culture, gender ideology, and race-based identitarianism (CRT), that's all flipped now.
These are pretty core issues, so it should surprise no one that my vote may also flip in response. This doesn't mean I've "become a Republican." I don't vote for parties; I vote based on my values, which haven't changed much.
If I've "become" anything, it's frustrated with the Left's spiral into insanity.

Yes, there are major problems on the Right. They're nuts too. But we exist in a duopoly, and we can't expect any party to reflect all of our values unless we're blindly partisan.
At the end of the day, I am one person with one vote. Over 160 million people voted in the last presidential election, so how I end up voting shouldn't matter a whole lot to anyone.

Let's all keep talking.

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23 Nov
Gender activists have proposed legislation to combat a fake problem that they've completely fabricated.

"Non-binary" people can already run as party candidates, because even though they may not *believe* they're running as a male or female, they are.
This is just another example of gender ideology attempting to completely replace biological sex in law. This must be resisted.

Being "non-binary" is an identity based on rejecting masc/fem stereotypes. It's not a 3rd sex, nor does it mean someone is neither male nor female.
Running required candidates to disclose whether they were male or female. Gender activists are upset there was no option for "non-binary" and "gender fluid," even though these are "identities" that have nothing whatsoever to do with whether someone is male or female.
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20 Nov
The Left-wing media narrative on the Rittenhouse case is extreme, malicious, and untethered to reality. It is well beyond insane. It would be laughable if it weren't so utterly frightening.
I've been pretty red-pilled on things lately, but this trial is revealing just how extreme and dangerous the Left-wing media's race-baiting ideology is, and how far they're willing to bend reality to fit a narrative even when their claims are provably absurd on their face.
I've voted blue my whole life, including last election (Tulsi Gabbard), but there is simply no way I can bring myself to continue that trend after what I've been witnessing. The Right is far from my ideal, but if voting R is the best way to combat this sickness, then so be it.
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28 Oct
1/ 🚨ALERT🚨: An incident report recently submitted to @fairforall_org revealed the Vermont Department of Health’s illegal race-based policy for receiving life-saving COVID-19 booster shots.
2/ That wording then vanished from their main website, suggesting Vermont's DOH may have reconsidered their race-based policy.

However, they're now just being cryptic about the illegal policy by only notifying users of potential priority after they select their racial identity.
3/ FAIR reminds Vermont's Department of Health Commissioner that "Prioritizing medical treatment based on skin color violates the Equal Protection guarantee of the Fourteenth Amendment, which forbids states from treating individuals differently based on race."
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16 Oct
Greek Theater is packed for Primus tonight! 🤘
Oh yeah!
Better view.
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12 Oct
Instagram took down one of my posts for violating their rules on "hate speech." What was the thing I posted?

A figure from @FondOfBeetles and @TLexercise's peer reviewed paper showing male advantage in certain sports activities.
Turns out Instagram lied when they told me "You can ask us to review our decision if you think we made a mistake."

They are not giving me me the option to appeal their decision, and the post says it has already been "reviewed."

This is very concerning.
For those interested, here is a link to the paper. It's published in @SportsMedicineJ, which is one of the top 2 sports science journals in the world. link.springer.com/article/10.100…
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16 Sep
Gender dysphoria is the only mental condition that doctors are forced to "affirm," meaning that the patient has complete control over their diagnosis. Really think about the implications of that given the current phenomenon of social contagion & how dysphoria is commonly treated.
The word "inclusive" in this tweet basically means, "we accept that some people have made 'identities' out of their mental conditions and we will therefore abandon our role as competent medical professionals in this area."
Imagine mental health care “inclusive” of people who identify as Elvis Presley. They'll treat some of their mental health issues, but refuse to treat or even question their belief that they're Elvis. They will be fully accepted as Elvis. They’ll even address them as “The King.”
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