Me, an idiot, an absolute clown: If we invested in robust and effective public transportation, this wouldn't happen.

You, insanely smart, a visionary: If the car-based road was in a tunnel, this wouldn't happen.
There is one traffic problem that robust and effective public transportation totally fails to solve, which Elon Musk's Boring Company does solve.

That problem is, robust and effective public transportation doesn't make Elon Musk any money.
Me: what if over the next 10 years we built trains and repurposed all that highway space productively?
City Board: that is socialism, commie

Elon Musk: I think your citizens want to die in tunnels I own.
City Board: is $55 billion dollars enough? because that's all we have
Once again I am asking you to not add comments positing additional solutions that are in no way mutually exclusive with public transportation in such a way as to suggest that they are mutually exclusive with public transportation.

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24 Nov
Good point. Let’s give them all houses.
Good point. Let’s get them free access to psychological care and substance abuse therapy.
You know, reading back through this, it almost seems like some people are willing to spend more money to have a class of unhoused people than it would cost to simply house everyone, specifically to have a pretext for opposing public works projects that would benefit all, weird.
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20 Nov
Whenever I write something that critiques systemic injustice, people who defend systemic injustice appear to rebut me ... by making the exact points I made.

But there's never been anything I've written that has demonstrated this effect as much as this.…
American conservatives, mostly white, told me I was crazy to suggest that they think such things, they made a fascinating pivot.

They didn’t proceed to explain what they actually think instead. Rather, they explained *why they were right to think the things I said they think.*
All of it reduced, again, to “people who protest for Black lives should be killed, and we should be allowed to personally do it.”

Their reaction to the Rittenhouse trial was white conservative America screaming at the uppity concierge of jurisprudence: don’t you know who we are?
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19 Nov
But by beating Republicans in elections don’t Democrats risk losing the very centrist swing voters whose support they’ll need to win the next elections?
This is why I, a senior Republican election strategist providing Democrats with election strategy in the paper of record, strongly recommend that Democrats lose all their elections; if they insist on winning some elections, they’ll surely pay for it the next election cycle.
By losing all their elections, Democrats will send a clear signal that they are willing to compromise on the issues centrist voters value, such as whether or not Democrats should be allowed to win elections. Complete surrender is the only path that can carry Democrats to victory.
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19 Nov
Honestly what the fuck is wrong with these people.
Earlier this year conservatives were fighting the Seuss estate for updating their racial awareness from 1950 and now they’re fighting Sesame Street over basic public health.

Like what even the fuck is wrong with them? Never mind the shitty policy. It’s so embarrassing.
The big tent party of small limited government going to war with Dora the Explorer because of her “woke” scolding of swipes, and burning their cardigan sweaters because Mr. Rogers asked us to be kind.
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16 Nov
I’ve been told I haven’t followed the Kyle trial closely enough. It’s true; and as a result my comments haven’t touched much on the details. I’m tired. Very tired of yet another meticulous cataloging of why actually a white autocracy-loving dude killing people is actually good.
I’m pretty new to this awareness of how good it actually is to our power structures whenever a white dude kills somebody. It’s always actually VERY good. Every time.

I can only imagine how tired people are who’ve had no choice but to deal with this knowledge their whole lives.
It’s always actually SO good, guys. Every time. If the guy loves autocracy, it is always magnificently good that he killed whoever he killed, b/c of whatever facts surround the killings and whatever we discover about the not-living people, who aren’t victims b/c they deserved it.
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16 Nov
I got called “a Rainn Wilson looking guy” by a stranger today who didn’t think I was listening or didn’t care, and I’m taking it as a compliment.
I actually look even more like Nate Barghetze.
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