"...People...traveled to Dallas to see JFK reappear on Nov. 2.

However, when that didn’t happen, the goalposts shifted, and Protzman convinced dozens of people that if they waited long enough, something else would happen."

Dopamine optimization: 1/
They'll never be "wrong" if they "experience physical death" to find the truth...b/c they'll never have to face reality. Even if only on a subconscious, this is motivation to protect the ego/self.

It's also self-confirming:

"If I'm willing to die for this... it *must* be true".

• • •

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23 Nov
I don't think there's an easy, universally applicable answer. Especially en masse where there's positive reinforcement from, and safety in, numbers. I've touched on the difficulty in a previous thread that contrasted the one-on-one versus collective difficulties.....1/
....in breaking through to and with people. 2/
There may be some utility in redirecting/using the masculinity angle to create an aversion to embracing victimhood. For example....3/
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21 Nov
This is an attempt to use identity politics, perpetual grievance/victimhood, and the exploitation of neuropsychological fear responses to manipulate the majority demographic (and what will most likely be the party in power in 2022) to react/govern as a persecuted minority. 1/ Image
The term "identity politics" is associated with minority groups because the dominant political group is usually also the dominant culture. This dynamic creates the impression that only minority groups embrace/promote their “identity” through politics,….2/
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17 Nov
Relevant thread:
"Trump distracts/desensitizes w/"cruelty" masquerading as humor...it plays well w/the emotionally under-developed/immature base, & positively reinforces (Narcissistic supply) Trump's sociopathy...& causes them to dismiss gravity/substance of Schiff's statements"
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13 Nov
Updated podcast/video appearances:

The Muckrake" podcast with @JYSexton/@CanYouHearMeSMH where we talked about the cognitive dissonance of "American Exceptionalism", Anti-vaxx as identity politics, politically tribalizing our children, & other topics: 1/
I was struggling to find my words on this appearance (some days the Traumatic Brain Injury symptoms frustratingly resurface), but we talked about important issues....particularly co-existing with people who have different political beliefs: 2/
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13 Nov
No question, it could have been much worse with Trump. His pathology was both cancer, and a prophylactic against what could have been (and still may be) worse outcomes:
No question, it could have been much worse with Trump. His pathology was both cancer, and a prophylactic against what could have been (and still may be) worse outcomes: 2/
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13 Nov
It's difficult to imagine anyone fitting this description b/c everything/everyone has been, or immediately is politicized (See: Big Bird). Anyone who even mildly, constructively criticizes the Tribe is demonized. There is no nuanced/middle ground position. 1/
I recently analyzed the "deliberate removal of nuance", when dissecting @HawleyMO's ridiculously transparent attempt to hijack the masculinity issue as the basis for his political platform: 2/
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