Interesting and important findings (from 2018, but new to me!) 🐭⬇️
You'd expect phenotypic variance to be lower in inbred strains cuz genetic variance (Vg) = zero.
But because they are inbred (homozygous at all alleles) the ability of cellular systems to buffer noise or environmental fluctuations may be much lower
This means that the non-genetic sources of variance (here called Ve, but not necessaarily "environmental") may be much higher:
Homozygosity is BAD! (Not just cuz of specific deleterious recessive effects, but generally for the robustness of the whole system)
This has parallels in the slightly increased variance of males > females for all kinds of traits, most likely due to hemizygosity (having only one copy) of the X chromosome
Making the entire genome homozygous should have correspondingly larger effects on variance

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18 Nov
Cog/comp neuro folks: is there a mechanism that an organism can draw on to increase the randomness in the ideas that "occur to it" as possible actions in a given situation?
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Watching this right now... 🧠👍
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Polygenic screening of embryos is here, but is it ethical?… - great overview by @philipcball; my own thoughts follow...
In my view, polygenic scores are a statistical tool, not one with adequate precision in individuals to warrant use in embryo selection.
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I mean, these could be very reliable findings. But they rest on some major assumptions: 1. that psychopathy is at the level of brain a single thing. 2. that the analyses included in the met-analysis are not biased at all...
...and 3. that the size of different brain regions is relatable to (and explains differences in) complex psychological functions like moral reasoning
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Do these regulate appetite (many clearly do) or brain mechanisms controlling fat metabolism? Or both?
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