Torture your brain and read this horseshit pushed out by @raechal Shewfelt and Yahoo.

Why is our society so broken? Because of this type of toxic sludge injected into it by our media 24/7.

The article is commanding people not to be friendly with cops.
Literally, that's the entire thrust of this garbage. "She took a photo smiling with cops and it's not "anti-racist" to ever be caught being nice to cops. It's wrong and she deserves backlash".

Wow. Just unbelievable. 🤬 And this isn't chastised. No no, it's PROMOTED by Yahoo. 🖕
I wrote the below thread a long time ago, but it's worth bumping. What people like @raechal are attempting to do here is absolutely vile. It's both morally abhorrent and counterproductive. But in her little circles, it brings High-5s. Disgusting. 🤬

As this is promoted by MSNBC...

Are you getting it yet?
Same shit on every outlet every single hour of every single day...

• • •

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23 Nov
The Temple of Sanctimony has absolutely broken brains, man. Turned some once-good people into true monsters.
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23 Nov
If you've ever wondered how I ended up at my positions on COVID/vaccine mandates (which I'm well aware come across extreme to some), this was my journey...

I went along with all early on. General lockdown seemed over the top, but I did my part and complied without issue. 🧵
Thankfully, I'm in Florida and our restrictions faded back to a reasonable level quickly. I wore masks when required (everywhere early on), understood things were shuttered, did my best to support local businesses, paid my staff ​full while trying to keep things running, etc.
I even washed my hands more than usual and was a freak with hand sanitizer. I used paper towels to grab gas nozzles and door handles. All of this is not usually my style.

Despite it all, my 2yr old son popped positive for COVID...
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22 Nov
Watch this clip; every skin-crawling second.

We now KNOW the vax...

Does NOT stop transmission (may not even reduce it much at all).

It cannot eradicate.

Yet listen to his wrath. Not directed at the virus or anything having to do w/ science.

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22 Nov
I think the perverse coverage of Rittenhouse was a true eye-opener for many.

Wait until they become aware of the overt lies/deception pumped on the COVID front. The former was done just to make us hate each other; the latter is being used to force unnecessary injections on us.
Want some examples? Check this thread out...

👇🧵(end; scroll up)
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22 Nov
I keep putting all of these in one thread below because it's important for Americans to see what's going on in the world. Across the entire world! Have you seen a SINGLE ONE of these on mainstream American news? One?

What does that say about our media? That's Pravda shit. 🚨 Image
Look at the size of some of these! Across many countries. Yet 100% BLACKOUT across our media outlets. Why? Because they dont want you to understand why the people are revolting in these nations. Because this same govt control apparatus is being built here.
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21 Nov
These numbers are simply staggering. Consider them in the framework of the difference in living and sanitary conditions, access to good healthcare, etc.

Do you think that populace is socially distancing, lathering in sanitizer, using plastic dividers and running virtual school?
Of course not. Most are likely doing none of those things. And they're under 6% vaccinated. Yet COVID isnt crushing there.

Which likely points us where? That, for some reason, their population is handling exposure/infection. It didnt require them isolating and hiding from it. 💡
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