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23 Nov, 6 tweets, 2 min read
Update on the Cameroonian WhatsApp aunties telling the bride they heard “there were lesbians at your wedding.” They sent a representative who attended the wedding reception to call the bride and register their complaint. What was their beef?
Bride was among those who criticized and ostracized Sirry for throwing her life away “playing with lesbians in America.” But now, aunties say the bride “went behind their back” and now supports Sirry “even to the point of inviting her and her lesbian girlfriend to the wedding.”
Bride responded Sirry is her sister’s child, and she’ll always love and support her. She learned, grew, and now knows better than her prior homophobic beliefs. Plus, Bride asked, “Sirry and her girlfriend stood with me in church to witness and support my union. Where were you?”
I’ll add, Sirry and I are non-believers who entered church and quietly endured patriarchal sermons and financial shakedown to stand beside her aunt, publicly celebrate her love and commitment. Others who didn’t even bother showing up call the bride a traitor for wanting us there.
According to these high and moral Christians who claim their faith compels them to reject gays, Sirry’s aunt **betrayed** them by refusing to condemn and stigmatize her niece. Can’t even come to your wedding but use God to protest dykes showed up. Thunder fire these salty hoes.
I’ll end reminding y’all what I mean when I say LGBT+ treat cishets with “human decency, concern, and active support.” We show up all day every day for our cishet family, friends, colleagues, strangers on the streets and online. Don’t act like doing same for us is some big favor.

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17 Nov
Recently, I held a Spaces discussion on parenting without violence (beating, hitting, spanking or whatever you call using pain+fear to shape children's behavior). 200+ participants attended, many shared tips. A thread with those ideas, plus info for an upcoming online workshop.
1st biggest tip from parents who raise kids without violence is GET SUPPORT. We take classes to gain skills for work, we get counseling to prepare for marriage or for help in the relationship. Parent-child relationships need work too. Take classes to learn effective parenting.
2nd biggest tip from those who parent without violence is if you began parenting with violence, you can stop. You can change. You can to do better. Others stopped with the same child or subsequent children. They all sought support to change and forgiveness for harming their kids.
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5 Nov
Stop hitting your children. Using pain and violence to control people’s behavior causes profound harm. It teaches children to be violent and accept violence from others as a sign of love or something that can coexist with love. These lessons follow them into other relationships.
What angers me a lot is when Nigerians say only oyibo can get away with not hitting their children, cuz Nigerians kids are “different” or “harder” so you must beat them for them to hear well. Y’all know that’s some racist colonialist bullshit right?
What are you saying about Nigerian children when you insinuate they’re stupid and incapable of learning and understanding without fear, threats, pain, and violence? What are you saying about YOURSELF that you’re incapable of imagining how to raise your child without violence?
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2 Nov
Since y’all internet bullied me into paying for 15yo’s date, I gave him $60 to take his good morning text sweetie out for burgers. They’re on the date now, and I’m reporting every single one of you to Jack for hooliganism and thuggery.
I’m being very brave here not falling apart completely, but y’all, it’s my baby’s FIRST date😭😭😭😭 I didn’t wanna make a big deal, but where did the time fly????? How is my firstborn child already old enough to take a sweetheart out to dinner???😭😭😭 ImageImageImageImage
He texted me from the bus on the way home. Stay cool, everyone. Calm and collected. We’ll act like this is no big deal 👀👀👀
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13 Oct
Folks ask how the concept of translanguaging differs from code-switching. A big distinction is that word “switching” which infers languages exist as separate, independently functioning systems that don’t reference each other, and languagers shift back and forth between them.
Languages don’t have separate compartments in our brains we hop in between. What every human being has is our individual idiolect unique to each of us, our linguistic repertoire or toolkit from where we draw our understandings of languaging and whatever we need to language.
A perceiver from the outside may see what we’re doing as “switching” back and forth between different “codes,” but that’s a surface distinction based on how we define, describe, categorize, and separate languages, not how they actually exist in our brains and linguistic action.
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7 Oct
Thanks for informatively contributing to my thread. You focused on "snivels in sirs" (I'm a catchy writer😁), but I also said "gratitude, sacrifice, subservience." So, as I discussed with others, I wasn't just referring to honorifics and address, but Ali's whole characterization.
You may not agree with my analysis of racist undertones in choices writers made in Ali's positioning among teammates throughout the entire series, and how I drew parallels with common literary and pop culture tropes I know (eg., noble savage, Uncle Tom), and that's cool.
I appreciate your agreement with the same observation I made of Ali's exaggeratedly deferential behavior, and also, your powerful counterpoint that it's a result of how "Korean society broke him." Both our analyses recognize racism and oppression his character endures+exhibits.
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6 Oct
As a first day of class ice breaker, sometimes I play 2 truths and a lie with my students. They usually can't guess the lie. Can you?
😂😂😂😂 I'd love to know your justifications for your vote.
Poll closed, final results in. Most of you, like my students, didn't correctly guess the lie, which is I have a tattoo. I have a belly piercing, but no tattoo. And, yes, I'm an excellent tarot card reader who never saw the movie Titanic.
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