A question I’m often asked at conventions is “How do you break into comics?” I have no idea— the last time I tried it was 1967. But a better question might be: “How do you write a ‘good’ comic?” For that, I have a few ideas.
First, foremost: Read. Read a lot. Don’t just read comics, read books. Lots and lots of books. Always have a book with you and read at every opportunity. Read at lunch, be that weirdo. Read on the bus. On planes. On trains. Don’t read while driving.
Second, vital: Keep reading. Read fiction, read non-fiction, read history, science, economics, more fiction, “literature,” mysteries, science fiction, westerns. Stuff yourself with words. Ideas. Odd facts and bits of legend. Poetry, Shakespeare, e.e. cummings, doggerel.
Third, important: Read comics. More comics than you read now. Comics outside your interests, comics outside your comfort zone, comics you think you’ll hate, old comics, newspaper strips, European comics, manga, romance comics, artsy fartsy comics, westerns, war.
Fourth, finally: Keep reading, never stop, make it the one fixed occupation of your life, your first priority, rescue your library when your house is burning, wander bookstores, buy and keep more books and comics than you’ll ever get to.
That’s how you learn to write “good” comics.

• • •

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11 May
People often asked me this past year*— “Gerry, how do you maintain a mostly cheerful attitude in your daily life, despite daily news accounts of misery, death, and human stupidity?”

“Well,” I tell them, “I practice the patented DDD Sanity Preservation Self-Protection System™!”
*nobody asks me.
What is this patented system of DDD Sanity Preservation™, you may ask? I shall be happy to explain. Thusly.
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9 May
I have very loud neighbors. Just putting that here.
It’s like living next to a sports bar.
To put this in perspective, this is a quiet suburban neighborhood. The folks who own the house and live in it are 30-40-something with kids. Like the Dunphys in Modern Family. They’re now singing drunkenly, loudly, out of tune.
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19 Mar
Spoiler free reaction to Zack Snyder's JL: I wish the man who made this movie had made "Man of Steel" and "BvS". Maybe Snyder took to heart some of the criticism of those two movies, because tonally this is a different piece-- a paean to the power of hope and healing.
I also understand why Ray Fisher was so upset by the "restructuring" of the film (aside from his reports of abusive behavior): The major human emotional arc of this film belongs to Victor Stone, and its loss in the theatrical JL cuts the heart out of the story.
I don't know whether it was because of WB's demand for a much shorter film, and the necessity that created for reshoots to elipsize chunks of plot, which in turn rushed the CGI work, but, boy, does this "rebuilt" cut kick ass visually.
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23 Sep 20
I’ve heard some on the left worry @JoeBiden won’t be progressive enough, won’t fight back against #GOP perfidy, etc., because he’s always been a moderate. Hey. Who a President was, politically, before he becomes President, and what he “stood for”, is historically irrelevant.
Lincoln wasn’t in favor of abolition when he ran for President; he ran as a “moderate” against slavery’s expansion, not its elimination. He fought against emancipation for months until he finally came around. His opponents in the South forced him to change.
FDR ran as a fiscal, social *conservative* in 1932, promising a balanced budget and no deficits. His political party had other ideas— most New Deal legislation was a result of FDR watering down those ideas, not pushing them forward. He took bold action because he *had* to.
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22 Sep 20
Comic book thread. Talking with @johnwordballoon on YouTube live yesterday, we had a “what I would do if I ran the world” conversation about the future of comic book publishing that I think is worthy of expansion. So here we go.
Background: To state the obvious, comic book publishing is in serious trouble, with a business model that almost literally has no future. Yet comic books are a source of intellectual property for exploitation in all sorts of popular media and have never have greater potential.
So, why is this? Why do comics as a storytelling form (superhero and otherwise) have such an enormous impact on popular culture but comic book publishers are struggling to survive? Why are publishers almost universally failing to succeed at actual publishing?
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18 Sep 20
Even an unbiased reader of Woodward’s “Rage” would have to conclude from Trump’s verbatim interviews that the President is a complete and total moron. He’s even stupider and less coherent in private than in public. It isn’t so much shocking as deeply annoying.
Trump is often compared to the angry uncle at Thanksgiving dinner. That’s unfair to most angry uncles. Trump’s verbal tics and incessant digressions to self-aggrandizement come off like the stream of consciousness babbling of a three year old on an ice cream high.
Seriously, the term “unfit” to describe the Trump portrayed in “Rage” is generous. He isn’t just unfit to be President, he’s unfit for human society. Woodward deserves a Pulitzer just for subjecting himself to nine hours of “conversation” with this idiot.
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