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Question for America right now: are there any people with a minimum of spine left within the "#GOP" to not only realise but also admit they've enabled an evil criminal that has nearly destroyed democracy and is willing to go on with that, leading to civil war? #TrumpIsGuilty
Coming with the heavy, heavy burden to accept the fact everyone within the "#GOP" is guilty themselves in some way. Is there room for remorse? For repentence? Is there anyone left with the personal strength and courage to face this? #GOPTraitorsToDemocracy
Or will the formerly "#GOP" continue becoming the evil fascist end of America? Only because its members are too cowardly to admit they have been wrong, they have been blinded by a truly evil criminal who faces jail for the rest of his abominable life.
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Nochmal ein paar "Fun Facts" zu #Trump und seinen geklauten Dokumenten

1. #Trump ruft nach der Veröffentlichung des Durchsuchungsbefehls, dann stellt das Justizministerium den Antrag auf Veröffentlichung, dann wird Trump auf einmal SEHR leise.


Weil Trump eine Kopie

des Dokuments erhalten hat. Er hätte es jederzeit veröffentlichen können. Er wollte mit dem "Legt es offen!" nur mal wieder die Märtyrer Bongos bearbeiten. Durchschaubar.

2. Das Bild im ersten Tweet ist die Gesetzesänderung, die #Trump 2018 mitgetragen hat, um eine höhere
Gefängnisstrafe für #HillaryClinton zu erreichen, Ihr erinnert euch: "But her emails"... Nun wird ihm das evtl. selbst zum Verhängnis. Gerüchteweise handelt es sich um 20+ Dokumente, die er widerrechtlich geklaut hat. Von einer "einfachen" Strafe von maximal 1 Jahr wurde der
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All patriotic Americans and our allies should read this thread, and share it and its individual contents to as many others as possible.

Christian Nationalism


It is a real faction in the GOP and Christianity. Here's a thread laying out what it wants.
First, here are some Christian Nationalists gloating because they don't think anyone will ever see or agree with my message. It's in their best interests for you to shrug this off as alarmist. ImageImageImage
Best report (#Download #pdf) to date on the role of #Christian #Nationalism in the #CapitolRiot & #insurrection on #Jan6th:

Christian Nationalism
The January 6 2021


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Who you gonna believe—me, or your lyin' eyes?
Recessions have always been two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth because it's an objective measure, any definition otherwise is revisionist history much like the 1619 project, redefining of gender, or that the parties swapped sides. Its copium at the highest levels.
Want to examine it further? You'll find corporate earnings are down, jobless claims are up, the market is crabbing at the bottom of a sell-off, commodity prices are cratering, and the housing market is headed downhill.
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Don’t look now, but the race for Congress in 2022 appears to be tightening, judging by the generic Congressional ballot.… #midterms2022
In the latest Emerson poll, which Republicans have led all year long, the GOP has just a 1-point edge now, 45 percent to 44 percent, amid a jump in enthusiasm among Democrats following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn #RoeVWade and return abortion to states.
In the latest Quinnipiac poll, which the #GOP has similarly led since Oct. 2021, Democrats are actually now ahead by 1 point, 45 to 44 percent. Other polls still show Republicans leading, but are Republicans doing enough to maximize their advantage?
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I know from direct personal experience that this approach sometimes works... until it no longer does and then backfires in a very nasty way.

Back in 2007, I publicized Texas megachurch preacher John Hagee's claim that Hitler had been sent by god, to persecute Europe's Jews and..
..force them to the "promised land" (Palestine). The approach worked in 2007 -> mainstream media (initially Keith Olbermann) picked up on my video showcasing Hagee's words (from a 2005 sermon) & this became a sudden scandal for John McCain b/c he had endorsed Hagee & vice-versa..
3) So McCain, then running for president, had denounce Hagee & withdraw his endorsement. That hurt McCain's presidential bid b/c many right-wing Christians did not trust him. McCain's courting of Hagee had been a desperate bid to win their trust, 1 which I helped demolish...
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I have been warning of this for the last 6 years. I thought it would happen while Trump was president. It did not.

But it's just happened -> Richard Mack, the head of the CSPOA, has thrown his weight behind uniting county sheriffs with militias to overthrow American democracy.
For starters, here's what I wrote back in 2016, about the meeting between Donald Trump & William S. Lind - one of the original thinkers behind the idea of uniting militias with county sheriffs, to fight state & federal authority:…
3) Also in 2016, I covered the developing, extensive relationship between the Trump campaign & CSPOA, via Trump campaign operative appearances on the radio show of CSPOA's VP of Operations:…
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If you think you are a real Japanese, please don’t fall for this Korean scam. Please just don’t. 😔
The #UnificationChurch is an #intelligence operation. More to come. Stay tuned. ImageImageImageImage
My first @DailyTocana article on the #Moonie cult is scheduled to be out today, July 16. It will be the first in the series of revelations about their operation. The truth must be revealed. Stay tuned. #UnificationChurch #moonies
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Now that #SCOTUS , under the orders of evangelical preachers, allowed the #GOP to regulate the wombs of #Americans , the next move would be to try to allow strict #FreeSpeech regulation as a step toward eliminating the First Amendment & establishing a theocracy modeled on
Iran. Then, police will be able to haul away @Chasten for exercising his now-banned First Amendment rights. Womb regulation & abolishing the First Amendment won't step there, as Clarence Thomas' wish of overturning Lawrence v Texas is realized. A Gestapo-like American
police state will be surveilling the bedrooms and bathrooms of all Americans. That's the dream of a craven @GOP that opposes regulation of what ills or kills us or rips off us but feverently wants to control the functions of our bodies.
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I'm seeing a number of tweets asking how a mass shooting can occur in a mall in Copenhagen despite the strict firearms legislation in place here. It feels necessary to add some facts to the conversation: 🧵🧶🪡
#shooting #mall #copenhagen #Denmark
1) Denmark has had two random (2) mass shootings in eight (8) years, today and one in 2015, where two (2) died. That is 0,25 shooting a year for a country of roughly six million. I'm fairly certain the US have long since used up that horrible quota.
2) Gang shootings are not a part of that number (0,25/year). Why? They have claimed relatively few victims and are rare. Perps usually use handguns and not assault weapons (there's that legislation again!). They also target rival gangs, making them less deadly for "civilians".
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As we head into the long #4thofJulyWeekend, here's some recommended reads and #podcast listens via our weekly news roundup. 1/x…
On Tuesday, @BrianKaylor & @beauunderwood argued @TheDemocrats are unwittingly bolstering #ChristianNationalism by meddling in #GOP primaries. They add their alarm to the voices of @nytdavidbrooks, @howiewolf, @alex_shephard, @johnsonjakep, and others. 2/x…
We featured original pieces on our site including:
- @BrianKaylor on #CBF2022
- @darronledwards on #July4th
- @GregMamula on Paul's wisdom for the church today
- @drbobcornwall on a new edition of Bonhoeffer's "Psalms" from @broadleaf_books.…
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#Insurrection #January6thHearings #Trump portrait of mental instability unprecedntd!Evidence of panickd ppl around #Trump SHOCKING. Military action feared!Trump lost composure,grabbd steering wheel leaping from back seat &assaultg Security.#Jan6Cmtee: #Trump’s political obituary.
#Trump wild activities incl assault & mental instability,known to ALL #GOPCowards Consider #GOP continue to take orders & kiss ring,making his comeback more likely.Greed so immense,#USA/global welfare disappeard from their dashboard.THAT is all that matters.#TRUMPMurdochMonster
#USA Rioters chanting: Hang Mike Pence. #Trump says he ‘deserves it!’Sentiment expressd other times, defendg rioters.Instead of sendg them away, #Trump further inflamed w/ incendiary tweet (2.24pm jan 6) accusing VP of failing to protect country.WH staffers alarmed,disgustd.
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Dare we dream of flipping enough senate seats to drop the filibuster in spite of Manchin+Sinema?

… of making them worthless to buy (by nullifying their power to obstruct)?

… of making them truly rue selling their souls?

Don’t dream — #VoteBlue & register voters Image
#VoteBlue and help Tim Ryan win Ohio from a prize-winning, phony, #GOP hypocrite.

#VoteBlue and help Ohio, instead of selling it out.
#VoteBlue and help Rev. Warnock actually serve Georgia.
#VoteBlue and help Georgia keep a good senator, instead of selling it out to a serial liar.
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Chairman Powell is now speaking to the Senate Banking Cmte. and, sadly, both sides of the aisle are asking the wrong questions.

Inflation is too hot, sure. But the Senators (and the public they represent) fail to understand that inflation represents the FIRST DERIVATIVE (1/12)
of price and interest rates represent the SECOND DERIVATIVE of price.

Thus, the Fed can only affect the 2nd & 3rd derivatives of price -- price being what the consumer actually complains about -- by the level and speed at which interest rates rise. (2/12)
These tools are necessarily quite blunt and difficult to apply.

Moreover, the Fed can only influence aggregate demand, not supply, business profitability or overall consumer confidence.

All of these issues are exclusively the realm of CONGRESS, which continuously fails (3/12)
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Let’s play connect the dots. I’ll say it again #FreeDumbConvoy is about establishing a RW insurgency. It’s not a coincidence that many #January6 insurrectionists have both participated in & promoted #CoupTruxKlan & the disinformation assault on #PMJT. #CdnNatSec #cdnpoli
Enter players like Tom Marazzo. His connections to radicalized current & former law enforcement & military can be seen most readily through “vets 4 freedom” & its allied group “camp eagle”. #FreeDumbConvoy #CdnNatSec #cdnpoli #OttawaOccupation
Marazzo also ran as a candidate for Derek Sloan’s neo-fascist “Ontario Party”, which enlisted the services of malignant insurrectionist, Roger Stone. #FreeDumbConvoy #CdnNatSec #January6thCommiteeHearings #cdnpoli #OttawaOccupation #CoupTruxKlan
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The #January6thCommitteeHearings have taught us that the violence on #January6th was intentional & planned. So we in 🇨🇦 must ask ourselves what the intentions are of #FreeDumbConvoy for July 1st?

As Ive said many times during #CoupTruxKlan, it was both an op & a grift. #cdnpoli
Just as #GOP members of Congress helped plan the #January6th coup plot, so too are #Conservatives in 🇨🇦 in on the #FreeDumbConvoy plot. #NevrePoilievre & #MurphyBrownshirt are 2 obvious examples, but there are others. #cdnpoli
There are cross-border disinformation/propaganda networks poised to spin lies about #FreeDumbConvoy just as these networks did last time. #TrueNorthCentre #PostMedia #JCCF #Rebel #PostMillennial #FoxNews #OANN #NewsMax. This piece of the story is critical to pay attention to…
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I personally call on all @NCGOP members and leaders, as well as all #GOP members of the General Assembly, especially @NCHouseSpeaker to lead on this issue. Any obviously anti-semitic organization claiming to speak for Republicans should be unequivocally reminded they do NOT.1/
This is not "cancel culture," this is integrity, and leadership. In a time when perception is reality (sadly), and destructive messages like the ones sent by Ms. Donovan's group can make it into every home in NC in seconds, it is incumbent on good leaders to challenge claims. 2/
Ms. Donovan uses age-old anti-semitic tropes about @SloanRachmuth being a Jew to smear her fact-based reports about education in NC, all of which are *non-partisan.* Sloan cares about the *truth,* not loyalty to a party, and good leaders appreciate that integrity. 3/
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RF analytics on the milit-biological activity of the USA/allies in various regions of the world, including #Ukraine. They have have previously spoken about the experiments held by the employees of a lab in Merefa on the patients of a psychiatric clinic in #Kharkov since 2019-2021
2. It has been noted that one of the organisers of this illegal activity was a US citizen Linda Oporto Al-Haroun. The documents received during the special military operation have revealed that this kind of investigations has been carried out in Ukraine at least since 2011 and
3. Al-Haroun repeatedly visited the branch of the Merefa laboratory built with funds of the Pentagon in Sorokovka, Kharkov region. Despite the fact that this installation is provided with underground storage facilities & powerful ventilation systems, it is officially...
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LIVE now: U.S. Senate
Update on the Ongoing Federal Response to #COVID19: Current Status and Future Planning
Rochelle Walensky @CDCDirector
Anthony Fauci @niaid director
Robert Califf @US_FDA commissioner
Dawn O'Connell @HHSGov assist secretary…
Tough questions from Sen. Burr -- "Tell me what the plan is for ending this epidemic."
Action steps?
As usual, @SenRandPaul is asking #Fauci hostile questions. His issue today is questioning whether there is any evidence that any #COVID19 #vaccines benefit children in any way. "Where is the proof?"
And now he's onto side effect risks...
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@MattGertz @jennycohn1 "Ds made no effort to assess legitimacy of GOP’s poll-defying & otherwise dubious wins in 2020.

By contrast, Trump claimed w/o proof election was rigged against HIM, even tho he outperformed polls & his own party blocked efforts to secure the election."
@MattGertz @jennycohn1 Voting tech was never secure, only hackable.

"Biden's projected popular vote victory of nearly 13M votes half: several Senate seats 'flipped' red relative to exit &/or tracking poll projections"…
@MattGertz @jennycohn1 @JonathanSimon14 For too long same people, methods, machines undermining democracy:…
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I pulled that chart, @dominiqus -- forgetting it was from a David Leonhardt @nytimes column that @gregggonsalves correctly disputed. I acted hastily and apologize.
But many public health leaders, from the @WhiteHouse down, have been fighting to address..
2/...the racial & economic divides in US healthcare & social determinants that are at the root of wide disparities, to our collective national shame. #COVID19 lifted some eyelids, but as you said, we need to tackle far more.
Do you think any PH efforts have helped at all?
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"They have praised law enforcement for their actions despite ample evidence that the police waited far too long to intervene, blamed the violence on the absence of God and renewed their push to bring more guns into schools." #AZ #GOP 1/…
Fellow sane Arizonans...we have to vote these people out. Like other states, we're being held hostage by a minority of zealots who control a majority of the state legislature. That's on no one by us, the voters.
Like other similarly controlled states, they are NOT representing what the majority of the taxpayers want. From 2020 election polling:…
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