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MAR25 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 1: Most stories from WaPo Live Updates (Note they are posted by time, and I post time w each.)
but HERE are #US NUMBERS (Note ARCGIS is wrong) #SPAIN DepPM #CarmenCalvo 62, POS and HOSP Sunday. #Madrid turned ICE RINK to MORGUE
MAR25 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 2: FYI folks.
The Definition of #COVIDIOT .. essentially same as #MAGA. In addition I found DATA on States TEST # on 1point3acres site. HERE are #AZ and #OH w 19MILLION People
AND only 700 tests. Each so BOTH GOV are #COVIDIOTS #maddow @ursulafaw56
MAR25 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 3: Yes I am MD and can give #MedicalAdvice to anyone.
#DrTrump CANNOT, his junk is called #PracticingWithoutALicense and any MEDIA who quote him are too, and can be sued for any harm he causes @maggieNYT @FoxNews @maddow @CNN @HuffPost @EllenShow @Oprah
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How we came to be ruled by Death Eaters. (2014) #COVID19 #BindingChaos…
"The freedom espoused in the rhetoric surrounding both the French and US revolutions was a very anti-social freedom." /1
"What began as a rejection of the patriarchy or state, continued as a rejection of society and a promotion of extreme freedom for those best suited to a trade economy." /2
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If you live in OREGON this pertains to you, please read this thread and pass on the information.

"Governor Kate Brown today issued Executive Order 20-12

All non-essential social and recreational gatherings of individuals are prohibited immediately, "

"regardless of size, if a distance of at least six feet between individuals cannot be maintained. Gatherings of members of the same residential household are permitted."

"Closes and prohibits shopping at specific categories of retail businesses, for which close personal contact is difficult to avoid, such as arcades, barber shops, hair salons, gyms and fitness studios, skating rinks, theaters, and yoga studios."

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The Constitution is the #SupremeLaw of the United States, right?

Federal statutes that contradict the Constitution are #VOID, right?
So, when a Senator complains that she can't vote on a rescue bill because the Budget Reconciliation Act essentially requires support by 3/5ths of Senators, she/he is playing you for a fool.
The only thing that stops @SenateGOP from voting on the #GOP rescue #phase3 plan is the phantasm known as the Byrd rule, embodied in the Budget Reconciliation Act.

But, guess what:

A statute that contravenes the Constitution is VOID.
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Money is not real.
Not even the cash in your pocket.
It's not real.
In the past two weeks billions of dollars have just ceased to exist. Poof. Markets.
Real things cannot cease to exist in this way. Matter and energy can be neither created nor destroyed.
Money is both, regularly.
2. The #GOP and #MoscowMitch , His Madnesty and all the other liars and criminals, are even as we speak trying to create a vast pool of money which does not, as of this moment, exist, and give that newly imagined money to their rich friends.
Ignore them.
3. First water. Next food. Next shelter.
It doesn't really matter if you have lights to read by, or a TV to watch. Water. Food. Shelter. Insure, to the best of your ability, access to those three things.
Dirty water will keep you alive, if it's all you can find.
Acorns are food.
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Welcome to the Pennsylvania member of Congress Tracking Report for the week ending March 22, 2020. We are doing things a bit differently this week. All of our content centers on the #COVID19 #coronavirus pandemic.
#MoCTrack 1/28…
First up, we have a recap of HR 6201, the #FamiliesFirst bill that was passed on Wednesday by the Senate and signed into law.
#MoCTrack 2/28…
If you have a chance, check out the #MoCTrack recap of the #FamiliesFirst action in the Senate. There were three attempts to amend the bill (1 good, 2 awful), and it is worth seeing ow our lawmakers voted on those efforts.
#MoCTrack 3/28
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MAR 22 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 1: GLOBAL 316,659 w 13,600 DEATHS Beginning at 9AM Most stories WaPo Live Updates.
Derek Hawkins, Kim Bellware, Lateshia Beachum, Adam Taylor and Brittany Shammas
Or link is in tweet SEE EARTHQUAKE in #Croatia below
MAR 22 #COVIDー19 #MDTHREAD 2: #Trump still #MAGA lying. “I invoked the Defense Production Act, and last night, we put it into gear,” Trump said on FRI Infomercial. NO, per @FEMA chief
“No. We haven’t yet,” FEMA Admin #Gaynor said Sunday on @CNN’s #SOTU “State of the Union.”
MAR 22 #COVIDー19 #MDTHREAD 3: #DUBAI#UAE flagship carrier, #Emirates, announced Sunday that it would move to suspend all passenger flights by Wed in response to #COVID19 .
we cannot viably operate passenger services until countries re-open their borders.
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1. Yesterday, I was told by a GOP source that a political consultant sent a memo around GOP leadership (like @GOPLeader) "framing" COVID-19 to change subject. The source - PISSED that #GOP was STILL playing games -told me GOP pols were going to start calling it "Chinese Virus"..
2... intent of this games playing - a frigging GAME while people are dying - was to make democrats lash back & then they could change the subject by screaming "Oh, calling us racists? Oh, playing politics? WE care, dems care about blah blah." @SpeakerPelosi - dont fall for it...
3...I didn't do anything with my info until Tucker Carlson jumped the gun. He used "Chinese virus" last night - apparently he either got the memo or heard from someone who got it - & I came in at about 9:30 laying out what was coming, and why this was incredibly destructive...
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Hi #PA01!
Did you know that @RepBrianFitz moved into fancy new office space? @PA_Indivisible & @IndivisibleBUX decided to give him a welcome present.

The theme? We took a look at the folks our #GOP MoC has been spending time with.

HINT: he's NOT #bipartisan
Here's the full display at @RepBrianFitz's swanky new digs in #PA01.

But let's take a closer look at some of the #GOP folks who #LyinBrian spends his time with.
Oh look!
It's @RepBrianFitz of #PA01 with #Pennsylvania's least favorite Senator @SenToomey.

Fitz and #Patsy must get along because they are both #Trump enablers who turned a blind eye to impeachable offenses.
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Today I requested my absentee ballot for the #Ohio #DemocraticPrimary. It will be the first time I've ever voted for a #Democrat. The first vote that I ever cast was for #JohnMcCain in the primary for the 2008 #GOP primary at the age of 17, though I preferred #MittRomney...
I guess that's prophetic in a way, considering the #GOP and #Trump's treatment of both have been contributing factors towards my escape from the #Republican party.

Let me stress something right now. I am NOT a #Democrat. I am a #conservative through and through...
Before #Trump, I saw #conservatism and the #GOP as largely synonymous. I loved #RonaldReagan. I read National Review. I believed in small government, secure borders and a strong military. I was #Prolife to my very core. Guess what? I'm still in favor of all of that...
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Despite Globalists & #Democrats best efforts, it seems the #CoronaVirus is much like flu. Take the usual precautions: avoid public places, wash hands & refrain from touching nose & eyes, cover coughs & sneezes. Stock up on bleach, Clorox wipes & Lysol. If you are sick, STAY HOME.
2/ Wash or wipe kids’ toys often. If the intent was to affect #GOP VOTING IN THE COMING ELECTION, let’s surprise them by helping the #President attack this virus head on. We will wear masks to the polls if that’s what it takes. #CoronaVirus
3/ The most important take away from @realDonaldTrump today is, “There is no need for panic.” Follow the same steps with the #CoronaVirus as you would to avoid the flu. The noise about a catastrophe is largely hype. Trying to hide another #Weinstein case must be scaring people...
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There will be mass layoffs and early retirements if Bernie Sanders is elected President.
The 49% are not going to work their asses off for the 51% who want to play PS4 all day.
#qanon #WWG1WGA #GOP #KAG2020 #KAG #Trump2020Landslide

Liberals who hate capitalism, who hate corporations: Grow your own food then. Boycott grocery stores that have hundreds of items produced by evil capitalists. Boycott Amazon, Trader Joe's, and Walmart.
#msnbcmeltdown #BernieWon #qanon #WWG1WGA #KAG2020 #KAG #Trump2020Landslide
Practice what you preach and quit your jobs. All you're doing is making your boss rich, right? So go into an eco-friendly, non-fossil fuel using business and give all profits to your workers. #qanon #WWG1WGA #KAG2020 #msnbcmeltdown #BernieWon #KAG2020LandslideVictory
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"Breaking: Chinese War Against The United States"

1/There is a horrific story here but the Mockingbird Media has clearly decided to ignore it
News around China decodes a Chinese silent but colossal war against America on 5 different platforms, if not more…
1-There are reports about a Chinese pedophile ring, tied to some names in America.
2- There are verified rumors about Coronavirus build in a laboratory in China.
3- Evidence of Chinese censorship & propaganda in American media including major news channels & newspapers.
4-Evidence of some American universities run by Chinse government.
5-Probable cooperation between the Chinese government & high-profile American elites & billionaires.
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1)One thing that I have found out is that when you are getting heavy flak, you are over the target. It seems that the false &/or petty attacks are really centered on 1 #GOP #IL14 candidate, coming from both parties, & that is @CatalinaLauf #OurFutureOurFight matches well here...
2)Not because she did anything wrong, but nonsense like gaps in employment history (anyone in their 20s not have gaps in their employment History), & not aware of the name of every leftist Bill/Amendment that has no chance regardless of her knowledge on what she's passionate #smh
3)Also, let's drain precious resources from a local Campaign in farce court proceedings on a claim of falsified signatures even though she had well over the amount with greater than 90% deemed perfect meaning no one did research, just a local #WitchHunt
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#thread: @EliseStefanik and the #GOP are completely out of touch with reality. Today they mocked my upbringing and my family.

My parents Ted and Barbara adopted 9 children on a public school teacher’s salary.
Sometimes things were hard financially. But that didn’t stop them from helping others.

My mom learned to be frugal with the grocery budget.

She used to make this dish called “chicken suprise.”

You find the chicken, I’ll be surprised.
That frugality combined with their compassion and hard work made me who I am.

It might be funny to Stefanik and her DC pals but it’s real life for so many here in #NY21.

Join me, we deserve better:…
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2-For me it is not a matter of IF, but a matter of WHEN?
"The whole political sham since 2016, the Russian Gate, Pee Gate, Ukraine Gate, and the impeachment theater were not played just to entertain you but to hold the ground for Crooked Hillary to run again."
2-"The political establishment couldn’t afford to lose and when they lost the Presidential “seat”, they kept sticking to the Presidential “ground” and the false hope that they will obtain it in four years."
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#CoferBlackis an internationally recognized authority on counterterrorism, cyber security, national security, and foreign affairs.” (these are quotes from #Burisma’s website)
@JohnBrennan definitely had help in this.

LONG THREAD, in part of long article:…
These terrorists had to have someone at the highest level in U.S. Counterintelligence to let their mission come to pass and succeed by ignoring all the warnings. They even took their flight training near ... Coral Springs, FL after 9/11
Interested yet?
Mainly quoted.
9/11 pilots lived in Coral Springs for three days while the FBI went through their apartment just a few blocks away.
This is where Romney’s man, Joseph Cofer Black, comes in. He was the partner in crime of John Brennan, (the Deep State Master), as well as being Mitt Romney’s
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1-As previous days, I could be live-tweeting about #SenateTrial.
But is the same weak defense we heard for many days "It happened, get over it".
So while I am following closely, I have nothing to add that I haven't said a dozen times before.
All on my timeline
You are welcome to
2-Dispute any facts you like. But please provide sources.
"I don't like the polls" or "you are lying because everybody against Trump is lying" is not a valid argument.

3-I despise the "waste of taxpayer money" argument, given that the
the initial vote was on NO on #WitnessesAndDoucuments & that vote was the #GOP vote. So you can't complaint is #Boring and there is nothing new while simultaneously blocking anything new.
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Remember kids, nobody knows #LevParnas

1- Check full thread by Abramson (attached) + extra info on the Reddit link. 👇👇

2-#Giuliani was paid $500 0000 to consult on Lev's company "Fraud guarantee" (kid you not, real name)
3- Other companies associated with #LevParnas


b) Strategic Global Assets LLC

c) Fraud Guarantee LLC.

d) Global Energy Producers LLC


4- A non-comprehensive list of donations from #Parnas and #Fruman to #GOP
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1-Ukraine’s fired prosecutor who was investigating Hunter Biden & his company “Burisma”, repeatedly insists that Burisma was the reason 4 his firing. Joe Biden’s as the U.S VP withheld the U.S aid 2 Ukraine as leverage unless the gov fires "the prosecutor investigating his son"
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I love @realDonaldTrump.

a thread.
I love #MAGA Trump voters. For the most part they are ideologically sound, feel very deeply, and have a sense of America-loving nationalism that is healthy and necessary to rebuild our crumbling country.
#Trump voters, unless they were voting "against" Hillary, screamed in 2016 that they were fed up with business as usual. They showed the might of American numbers. There is no suppressing that.

"They" CAN. NOT. STOP. US.
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1) Always amusing to hear Sanders supporters talk about the wonderful things Bernie will do as President, how he's the only candidate who can beat Trump, 😂 but they can't cite a thing Sanders did as both Congressman and Senator.
#qanon #WWG1WGA #GOP #KAG2020 #Trump2020
2) 30 years in Congress folks.
This is THE GUY who is going to usher in all this wonderful change? Where was all this change or fighting on behalf of "the people" when Sanders was/is in Congress?
#qanon #WWG1WGA #GOP #KAG2020 #KAG #Trump2020Landslide
3) Any $15/hr minimum wage bills come from Sanders? Any bills addressing that nefarious wage gap? Any bills fighting against those evil fossil fuel corporations, forcing me to stay warm in winter? #qanon #WWG1WGA #GOP #KAG2020 #KAG #Trump2020Landslide
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1-I wrote this book in Apr 2019 to fulfill my duty as someone who knows. It's not about selling books but leaving footprints. It is on U 2 B informed & inform ppl. U can't forgive Urself as the #Agenda2030 is already in action. Bushfire is the tool to evacuate & possess Ur land.
2- "From Agenda 2030; An Imminent Danger To Humanity" All Rights Reserved.
“Sustainable development” is the UN’s fingerprints & its weapon 2 establish its final NWO. It is hypnotically repeated using NLP technics AKA Neuro-Linguistic Programming 2 print on our subconscious mind"
3-"Many international docs including the UN & the EU’s R based on a disaster which will happen in the future & 2 “protect” ppl against this disaster, blueprints like agenda 21, agenda 2030, global governance 2025, etc, are written as a constitution 2 govern “after” this drought"
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