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#Wisconsin #Republicans are still pushing "The Big Lie.

But... all evidence says that the election was free & fair - it is the #GOP who are lying.

#DemVoice1 #WisDems…
#Wisconsin #Republicans submitted fraudulent

electors in the effort to steal the 2020 election - they

sent the slate of fake electors to the National Archive.

They will be prosecuted.

#DemVoice1 #WisDems…
#Republican traitors pressured VP Pence not to

fulfill his Constitutional duty to certify the election.

Most are still in office.

They are being investigated! There will be


#DemVoice1 #WisDems…
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@ProjectLincoln We have to learn more about authoritarianism -- the root of our current problems.

Read this article & this book.

#Freedom #Democracy
@ProjectLincoln We all know:

DJT is an authoritarian leader

"Authoritarianism is deeply embedded in America today

"Trump's base is compromised of personality types that include social dominators, authoritarian followers, as well as "double highs" who combine the worst traits of the two.
@ProjectLincoln "Prejudice is the glue that holds this coalition together.

"Religious beliefs are not really that important to those who identify as religious fundamentalist or evangelical;

not compared with the power that fear and prejudice have over them."

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The #GOP, a coalition between Big Business farmers and turkeys who'll vote for Christmas (Red Scare cowards, apocalyptic white nationalists, religious fanatics) has fallen to its bizarre, violent radical wing, obsessed with policies that are irrelevant to most Americans.

1/ The title page of Richard H...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:…

As @owillis writes, the views of the radical right - which are also the policies of the GOP - are wildly out of step with the US political view:…

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LIVESTREAM House #GOP #OversightCommittee Hearing | #ACEAct American Confidence in #Elections 🗳 @KariLake @KariLakeWarRoom…
Witness 1 of 4 Opening statements | #KenCuccinelli Election Transparency Initiative
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Is it legal for Congress to #default on the US #NationalDebt? It depends on who you ask. There are a ton of good legal arguments for and against, so perhaps it comes down to what the (degraded, corrupt, illegitimate, partisan) #SupremeCourt says?…

1/ A kitchen sink. The Supreme...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:…

In those terms, it seems like the game is over. #Biden should just surrender, hand the most extreme wing of the (degraded, corrupt, illegitimate, authoritarian) #GOP everything, even if doing so will push Biden's approval rating lower, dangerously close to the next election.

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Remember when?
❗️15 #Wisconsin elected #GOP wrote to VP Pence pressuring him to not to certify a free and fair election.
#WisGOP #Insurrectionists #Traitors
#DemVoice1 #WisDems #WiscoWarrior #WiUnion…
❗️Ten prominent mainstream WI Republicans are accused of fraudulently posing as electors to overturn President Biden’s election
- including the chair of the #WisGOP & a member of the ELECTIONS COMMISSION!…
#WisGOP fraudulent electors are going to court!

"Dane County Judge Frank Remington told attorneys in the case Wednesday that... the jury trial would begin Sept. 3, 2024..."

#WisDems #WiscoWarriors #DemVoice1…
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💔Every victim of gun violence had a beating heart.
💔Every child & every adult had a beating heart.
💔Every family will always grieve.
💔Every victim had a right to safety & security

#WisDems #VoteBlue2024 #GunSafety #AssaultWeaponsBan Image
It's a fact: The USA has a gun problem & a
#GunViolence problem that NO other developed
western democracy has -- even though they also have the same mental, social, addiction problems.

#DemVoice1 #WisDems…
We can do better! But, the #GOP perpetuate myths about gun violence & gun ownership.

We need to end the myths. #FactsMatter

#DemViolence1 #WisDems…
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#Anonymous #OpGOP
From conservative hosts to conversion therapy pedophiles
Welcome to the #GOP
321-324 ImageImageImageImage
#Anonymous #OpGOP
#GOP the party of sexual assault ImageImageImageImage
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ONE political party + the #NRA are terrorizing us
#Americans demand
💙An end to the rule of the #NRA
#WTP deserve:
💙"LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"
#WTP require
💙Politicians who keep us safe

#Vote for #GunSafety

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#Anonymous #OpGOP
Day 8/50 stills of exposing #GOP and #Republicans for their crimes against women and children while spouting their white evangelical Christian hatred.
We will not tolerate a #Fascist party #RepublicanTaliban
We hope you’ll join us in showing the world
1/5 ImageImageImageImage
#Anonymous #OpGOP
Day 8/50 stills of exposing #GOP and #Republicans for their crimes against women and children while spouting their white evangelical Christian hatred.
We will not tolerate a #Fascist party #RepublicanTaliban
We hope you’ll join us in showing the world
2/5 ImageImageImageImage
#Anonymous #OpGOP
Day 8/50 stills of exposing #GOP and #Republicans for their crimes against women and children while spouting their white evangelical Christian hatred.
We will not tolerate a #Fascist party #RepublicanTaliban
We hope you’ll join us in showing the world
3/5 ImageImageImageImage
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Missouri farmers were sold out by lobbyists like this. #WeThePeople are DONE with lobbyists paid for politicians like these. Thank you to @SCooperGG for listing the groups we need to target with boycotts to stop corruption & keep poison out of our food supply. #HB1169 did NOTHING……
Yesterday the lobbyists from Missouri Cattlemen and elsewhere threatened all the politicians on the committee. Said they would end their careers if they voted against #HB1169. THIS is the problem in DC & our state capitals. The LOBBYISTS are controlling the politicians. We need……
We also need to thank the individuals that stood against the pressure from the Missouri Farm Bureau, Missouri Cattlemen’s Association and others. Thank Holly Jones, Bill Hardwick, & the others that had the courage to do what was right over what was easy.
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Tell the #GOP: Pregnancy Is More Dangerous than Abortion
· Social shame
· Risk of serious illness, death, death, and disability
· Risk of diabetes
· Risk of pre-eclampsea
· Head aches – no medication
· Severe allergies – no meds
· Anxiety & depression – no meds
· Nausea and vomiting – may require hospitalization
· Weight gain
· Painful swelling of legs and feet
· Back pain from uncomfortable > excruciating
· Sleeplessness
· Cost of new clothing
· Transportation for health care
· Cost of medical appointments
· Interruption of education
· Interruption of career – falling behind
· Missing work/losing income
· No one will hire pregnant women
· Life long responsibility for another human being or
· Agonizing decisions about adoption & abortion
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Conservatives stand athwart history, yelling Stop, at a time when no one is inclined to do so, or to have much patience with those who so urge it.

Full remarks from the @TexasYRs board meeting:…

#Conservative #GOP anti-#populist
At the @TexasYRs board meeting yesterday I stood up to those who want to reject the historic responsibility of conservatives: we are the party Reagan, not the self-labeled “nat-pops.” This radical wing is less Reagan and more Bernie Sanders with red lipstick. Clip 1:
It’s important to know why you fight. This is why I do.
Clip 2
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With the #RESTRICTAct, #Congress wants to continue #Trump's war on #Tiktok, banning the Chinese-owned service. How will they do this? Congress isn't clear. In practice, banning stuff on the internet is hard, especially without a national firewall:… 1/ A modified vintage editoria...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
My guess is that they're thinking of ordering the #mobile #duopoly of @Google and @Apple to nuke the Tiktok app from their app stores. 3/
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1. Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior, The Son Of God, The Way, The Truth, and The Life. There is only One God.
2. The Rainbow represents a promise, not a perversion. #TakingTheRainbowBack
3.Progressivism is the twisting of truth and an instrument of the devil.
4. God created the Male and Female. Just because the concepts of multiple genders has existed in Ancient times doesn't make it true. Just like saying the Jews are a rejected people. It is simply not true. (2/6)
5. Homosexuality is a sin. Do not think that God does not love you. He loves you so much, but He loves you too much to let you keep sinning. I ask any who are homosexual, please repent and turn to Christ. He loves you and wants to be with you! (3/6)
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🎉🇺🇸 Today marks the 169th anniversary of the Republican Party of the United States, organized in Ripon, Wisconsin on this day in 1854! Let's take a journey through its early history. #GOP #RepublicanPartyAnniversary
📜 The Republican Party was formed in response to the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which allowed for the possibility of slavery in new territories. Anti-slavery activists and former Whig Party members united to fight for a common cause. #1854 #KansasNebraskaAct
🤝 The party's name was inspired by Thomas Jefferson's Democratic-Republican Party, emphasizing the Republican Party's commitment to the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. #Jefferson #Inspiration
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This is a threaded version of Chapter 22:

“Better Off Than Fifty Years Ago?

“Rules Made to Benefit the Wealthy Are Now More Important Than Life”

of *Culture War, Class War 2022: Truth & Generations

by Michael Adzema

THREAD… #history #Blue

CW22 22/1
“[*Chapter 22 text begins:*] So these days you have the attitude, “A dollar laid is a dollar played”; people’s suffering is irrelevant to the game.”

THREAD #history #Blue #economics #Reagan #80s #politics #resist #Republicans #Reaganomics #60s

CW22 22/2
“*Foolin’ the People About History*

“*Obvious “Truths”:*

“*Reagan “saved” America.* [untrue truism]

“*Reagan rescued Americans from an oppressive tax burden.* [untrue truism]

READ/DWL BOOK...… #history #Blue #economics #Reagan #80s #politics

CW22 22/3
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A reality we all need to wake up to. We’re living in an information war that’s only going to accelerate. 🇨🇳,🇷🇺 & the political right, along with other malign actors, are waging this war. 🇨🇦 has a naive, gullible &/or complicit #cdnmedia that far too often, falls for #InfoOps.
Link to the NYT article….

Or a reprint (not paywalled)…
The AI technology is only going to become more sophisticated. The West is failing to recognize & keep up with the mass scale manipulation & information warfare threatening democracies around the world. #cdnpoli #InfoOps #CdnNatSec
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1/ #OPSEC STOP ALL CONTRACTS w/ #Palantir (Boldend) - Peter Thiel, FB #Fascism #DarkMoney

THIEL - Musk, Koch #KochNetwork Milo, Ton-That, Giesea, Thiel protégé, Cernovich, Breitbart & T. $ startup “White Nationalist Hate Group” & Palantir pushed by Flynn…
2/ “Pence again spoke at #HF DC of #KochNetwork

#Koch & White Nationalist Hate Groups Bankrolled by #DonorsTrust prominent conservative #DarkMoney fund favored by #GOP - #Koch Mercer & Devos biggest known backer of 2 #WNHG #Fascism $ #Jan6 #DISCLOSEAct…
3/ Koch advocacy group courts far-right Republicans it vowed to thwart
Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP - Koch family political network - #KochNetwork)
recently invited two politicians who tried vigorously to overturn the 2020 presidential election…
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1/3 This is Sam Bridges, the new vice chair of the #Maine #GOP and an 18-year-old #ChristianNationalist hoping to lure more young people to the party. Problem is, Sam is anti-gay marriage, anti-trans, and most recently, anti-drag show for adults. #mepolitics
2/3 Also, Sam says God encouraged him to run for GOP vice-chair as part of the far right coup d’etat that seized control of the @MaineGOP on Jan. 28. In E2 of the Disinfomaniacs podcast @aobrien2010 , @nathanTbernard and I...
speak to Sam, plus hear about the rest of the folks behind the GOP takeover. Listen via the Crash Program, wherever you get your podcasts.…
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Trad-Reps are extremely revisionist. They think that the 2016 Trump Revolution was somehow a Social Conservative revolution (It wasn't, it was a NatPop one), and believe that their views are “Populist”, when their opinions are unpopular.

#USA #GOP #USPolitics
On top of that, they've seemingly forgotten that the Christian Conservative “Culture War” wing of the party was a founding member of the Reagan-Bush establishment consensus that has helped ruin the country with globalism and mass immigration.
... Granted, the Christian Right-wing TradCon faction of the GOP has always been somewhat against immigration, they did still accept the globalist shilling the GOP did for decades in exchange for Conservative social policies.
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Let me share some of the themes I mentioned to media around the world tonight regarding the #SOTU of the most failed POTUS in our lifetimes:

1. By my count, Biden went about an hour before even mentioning two of the most significant crises confronting the nation: The open
border, which is entirely Biden's innovation and creation and has invited a crisis in which 4.5M aliens from all over the world, including those on the terror watch list, with violent criminal histories, violent gang members, human and drug traffickers, and record levels of
lethal fentanyl have poured into our nation; and the vast national security, public health, economic, human rights and other threats from China's Communist Party (CCP) that have escalated on Biden's watch, including the CCP's recent surveillance balloon, which the CCP then lied
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The #IMF mission has apparently been particularly tough during ongoing negotiations to unlock an additional $1 billion in funding for #Pakistan.

They’ve essentially told #GOP that it has never approached the turnaround of Pakistan’s economy seriously.
They’ve also cast doubt on the sincerity of #GOP’s intentions going forward, which is why they have decided to literally force some of the fiscal (read: price hikes) and monetary adjustments (read: unpegging of the disastrous #DarPeg) on this hapless #PDM coalition government.
A government whose leader very publicly expressed his frustration the other day when he said that the “#IMF is giving Pakistan a tough time”.

Well it’s about time someone did. The jokers in Islamabad have been recklessly profligate in wasting precious taxpayer resources.
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The #GOP via #FoxNews & other means, is trying to equate teaching kids not to hate each other because of their skin color with teaching kids that being white is bad. This is what they are calling #CriticalRaceTheory. Really?
#CriticalRaceTheory is a scholarly field that studies how racism affects society. It is not a “blame the whites” movement & it isn’t being taught to children, even secondarily. Anything you heard to the contrary is a lie.
“They’re teaching our kids CRT” is part of the same lie as “white genocide” & “reverse racism” — an excuse for people uncomfortable with the topic of race to claim racism no longer exists, & to manipulate our history to keep people ignorant.
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