Trying to make sense of all things COVID with @VPrasadMDMPH

What does Foucault have to do with COVID epistemology, you ask?

Listen to find out :)
The strongest case I’ve heard for vaccinating kids against COVID : @DrPaulOffit (Part 1)…
Important considerations for parents choosing to vaccinate their kids. Cody Meissner : Chief of peds ID, VRBPAC member.

Not as easy a decision as some would suggest..…
The Ted Williams (last baseball player to bat > .400 for a season) of COVID : @TheEliKlein : New York art dealer who sniffs out COVID frauds better than anyone tells us how he does it !…
When did the media (other than guest @davidzweig ) come to view journalism as being stenographers for the establishment elite on all things COVID??…
The man who stood up to the public health orthodoxy in the beginning (at great personal cost) to remind everyone that there was more to public health than stamping out COVID. @DrJBhattacharya on public health zealotry and academic discourse…
From down under @ID_ethics on why a COVID Zero strategy was doomed to failure.…

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25 Nov
Again kudos to @beenwrekt for taking the trouble to find out what the raw numbers actually were in the Bangladesh mask RCT that’s been used in court to support school mask mandates.

The difference between the raw data and what was presented in the Preprint is striking 1/
Here is the verbiage from the study —> an 11% relative risk reduction in symptomatic seroprevalence with the treatment group that was given surgical masks, Image
The tables to support these words are here ..

The authors could have chosen to give us the actual raw numbers of symptomatic sero positives in treatment vs control, but instead we get interventional prevalence ratios and interventional coefficients ..

But they don’t. ImageImage
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24 Nov
Appreciate authors of the 🇧🇩 RCT finally releasing raw data.

Dismayed at their topline conclusion on mask effectiveness that generated so much buzz

Out of ~340,000 ppl in mask and control arm.. the difference in symptomatic cases was 20 over 8 weeks.…
Brief summary for those interested. Bangladesh mask was a cluster RCT, (cluster because unit of randomization was a village) Treatment group had public policy intervention to increase use of masks, Control group was basically a poorly enforced govt. mask mandate)
Per pre-print 342,126 individuals in study. Endpoint was COVID 19 +ve symptoms AND positive antibodies.
Key Table shows of ~150k pts in each arm, blood samples could only be collect from ~5k patients in each arm.…
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17 Oct
I did appreciate the conversation, but it’s telling that one of the main data points @drsanjaygupta , chief medical correspondent @CNN ,chose to educate @joerogan on probably isn’t correct.

Here’s the citation/claim about COVID myocarditis…
Pretty simple math : (myocarditis diagnosed / ppl with Covid) was found to be 16x higher than (myocarditis diagnosed / ppl without COVID)

But did the study get the denominator of people who had COVID right?
Ppl with COVID was based on those who received a diagnosis of COVID-19 in an encounter w/ the health system.

That mild cold the 5 year old had that u didn’t call anyone about?

Not included in the denominator per this CDC reported.
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28 Sep
In order to be a vaccine provider in philly, months long application process, hours of webinar (mid-day), upload vaxx administered, wasted, in stock to 2 different websites every 24 hours, unpredictable allocation from local DOH, 30 day expiration in a -4 fridge. 1/
After we vaxxed everyone who wanted vax in the practice, walked to almost every business <1mile, street cleaning crews, random passerby’s etc .. declining demand / reg. requirements made it 2 hard to maintain vax stock.
Federal allocation schemes that have wide popular support generally favor big players that can navigate regulatory thicket, grease the right wheels to get early disbursements of product, (and make a small killing doing it)
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11 Sep
Lots of great discussion about myocarditis and how its defined In a recent preprint from authors (pictured below)… Image
In this preprint , the VAERS database was interrogated for anyone given a diagnosis of myocarditis/pericarditis/myopericarditis/chest pain AND appears to require an abnormal very sensitive blood marker of cardiac damage (troponin) Image
A few bites about the VAERs database. It was legislated into existence via the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) in 1986, which was a mechanism to shield vax manufacturers from litigation related to potential adverse events after getting vaccinated
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6 Sep
Increasingly difficult to break through to many patients skeptical of recommendations seen coming from the medical establishment or through the mainstream media 🧵
Why is there a growing segment of the population that doesn’t believe experts/media ? Let’s start with a tragic non-med story of the last week.

Here’s the @AP account on a drone attack & what comes to light after someone actually investigates.

Everyone now knows about the fake ivermectin overdoses flooding ER story.

Journalists clearly know the headlines their audience will lap up — almost anything that will paint the half of the country that didn’t vote with them in a bad light will do
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