Every habit you build should be a daily habit.


1) Daily habits improve faster
2) Daily habits compound better
3) Daily habits require less discipline

Let's break this down.

1) Daily habits improve faster

To make a habit truly sustainable over a long period of time, you need to refine it over a few iterations.

It needs to match your energy levels, your circumstances and your unique style.
Your first attempt (e.g. wake up a 6am, go for a 5km run and do a 30 minute strength workout for an exercise habit) will likely fail spectacularly.
Committing to a daily habit will give you a daily chance to reflect on how the habit has gone and adjust it as needed.

If you're diligent about the reflection, it should only take 3-4 daily adjustments until you get it right.
2) Daily habits compound better

The biggest change that comes with a new habit is a change of identity.

"I workout"
"I study diligently"
"I am a writer"
"I eat well"

You only truly change when these thoughts become true for you (and not just forced affirmations).
This happens way quicker with a daily habit than with an intermittent one because the strength of your new mindset compounds over time.

@jackbutcher's fantastic visualization on compunding should drive this home for you.

3) Daily habits require less discipline

If you are working on a daily exercise habit and you skip one day, you can just resume tomorrow with a tiny bit of discipline.

But if it's a Monday, Wendnesday and Friday habit, and you skip Friday, you now have a 4 day gap.
You're going to need a truckload of discipline to get going again.

And if you come up short, you'll now have a 6 day gap that will kill your habit.
And one more thing.

A daily habit doesn't mean you have to do it every damn day for the rest of your life.

It just means that you have the *intention* of doing it every day.

It's perfectly fine to skip a day or two as long as you forgive yourself and get back to it.
Check out my profile @finereli for (almost) daily threads on habits, discipline and productivity.

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