If the Waukesha driver was white, there’d be marches by now.
If the Waukesha driver was white, they’d have interviewed his neighbors by now.
If the Waukesha driver was white, Acosta would have demanded Trump denounce him by now.
If the Waukesha driver was white, we’d have Senators and Reps denouncing this “terrorist act of White Supremacy”.
If the Waukesha driver was white, he’d have already been labeled a terrorist and anyone saying “not an act of terrorism” would have been run off television and Twitter.
If the Waukesha driver was white, we’d be seeing the names of the victims in SAY THEIR NAMES tweets.

• • •

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More from @lone_rides

24 Nov
Since gun control advocated, race hustlers, and other willfully uninformed people want to keep flapping their gums, let's talk Rittenhouse.
Let's start with the basics.

If there had been no riots, there would have been no Kyle Rittenhouse.
There never should have been riots in the first place.

The riots were stoked by Communists, race hustlers, and the media (I know, I know - same things) without regard for facts.
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22 Nov
When does the Left start acting like then good people they claim to be?
When does the Left start loving America and Americans they way they say they do?
A Trump supporter gets shot? They cheer.
A Trump supporter gets COVID? They root for death.

These are not the acts and attitudes of good people.
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31 Oct
Man, they do NOT like having their hypocrisy thrown back at them.
All I want is for people to be honest about themselves and their history.

Politics could become humane again if anyone used the words “yes, I did that. I was wrong and won’t do it again.”

But neither side is taking that step.
The Left certainly isn’t. They have two modes: winning and escalation. They will say or do anything necessary to win. And if the Right does that, they memory-hole their actions and escalate.
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31 Oct
“The cockpit of an airplane is no place for political statements, but athletes have a freedom of speech that exists even in uniform.”

Can we have just one standard?
Listen, if you were against athletes taking a knee, you should be against this pilot saying LGB.

But if you were for athletes kneeling, you’re just mad at this dude for not being on your team.
Can people who are at work express a political opinion?

Yes or no?

Find what you think and stay there.
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30 Oct
Sure Biden might have imported ISIS fighters during his disasterous Afghanistan pullout but hey, no more mean tweets.
Yeah Trump is gross and an asshole and generally horrible but holy shit he wouldn’t have done this.
“Trump was unfit!”
Okay, fine.

What’s your excuse about Biden?
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29 Oct
People screaming about "60,000 Floridians being dead of COVID" are ignoring the fact that without DeSantis' leadership, we'd have hit 100,000 by now and our economy wouldn't be as strong as it is.
The people that praised Cuomo for his handling of COVID are the same people that say DeSantis is a failure.

There is NO way you can look at Florida's elderly population and believe that treating them the same way would have resulted in less deaths.
As far as the vaccine mandates, that would have hurt our economy and stopped growth.


Tell that to the father who can't feed his kids because he lost his job to a vaccine mandate.
Read 4 tweets

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