@matthewjdowd @NicolleDWallace I agree. SOMETHING needs to happen. But what? Some of us have been screaming about the lies and cheating of the GOP since Nixon, since Reagan took cheating, lying, racist divide and conquer to a whole new level. How could we have stopped Reagan?
We COULD NOT because white grievance has been so powerful, RR merely saying "Welfare Queens" had more than a few well educated white people repeating the myth of that black woman at the grocery line using "food stamps" to buy steak, or some poor white women buying lobster with
stamps. It was maddening and yet it worked. So many are SO SURE they knew someone who knew someone who had seen it themselves. Then came HW Bush and "Willie Horton". Every Dem labeled as soft on crime had to jump on the political "law and order " bandwagon. Reagan destroyed
unions, and HW Bush and friend wrote NAFTA and to this day, Bill Clinton is blamed for it. Newts "contract with America", Grover Nordquist 'drown government" were all built on top of Reagan's Revolution. By the time, your guy W Bush had to steal his election, he already had in
his brother in FL, Scalia's conservative SCOTUS and the Brooks Brothers voter intimidation organized by Roger Stone. Your guy lied us into a war, destroyed our allies in Iraq and set up the growth of ISIS. Still to this day, all the "never Trumpers" still pretend DJ Trump arose
magically from some mythical ethical GOP that was all about democracy. Did you forget the Swift Boaters? Or the trashing of the gay soldier by W supporters. What the h*ll did you think would happen? How about the night of Obama's first inauguration when the GOP leaders
gathered for their "Just say no" to everything Obama does committee? Where were the voices of the "never Trumpers", the pro WE, the People GOP folks? I heard NOTHING but crickets. So now you are trying to blame the DEMS?? Are you serious?
Yea, I wish we had two more Bernie Sanders, a ton more of the squad, and ZERO Manchins and Sinemas on the D team. But guess what. There are 50 GOP senators, and 215 GOP reps and for much of the four TRUMP years they goose stepped, silent about the lies, the cheating. But that
was not new to many of us. NO GOP senator, rep spoke out against the WMD lies. No one in the W administration said a word. No one in the Reagan admin spoke out about Iran Contra. Or about Reagan paling around with Pinochet, or supporting apartheid. The GOP grew this fascist
version over the last four decades. Now you two former GOP ers may be totally honest and sincere in wanting to stop them; but how? I need to here how. How do people who took an oath to abide by the law stop people who do not believe law applies to them.
How do we get people like Mueller to come forward and speak out about what he knew; how do we see courage from Comey or Wray speaking out publicly the way Stzrok has? These are people that know stuff and they are silent while the fascist take over.
Should Merrick Garland prosecute them. DAMN straight he should. Should Biden call them out. I think he has. So has Pelosi. And Schumer, Shiff, and so many more. But bottom line is this: YOUR GOP stole the courts starting back with Reagan and Bush and W. DEMS could not get
more than a few thru and McConnelll BLOCKED Obama from filling the courts. In other words, the GOP cheated over and over and it goes way back. But you two played for that team. So maybe you can tell us how. So much of the list below has been pushed by the GOP for decades.

• • •

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23 Nov
@l78lancer THANK YOU. People like them, the NEVER TRUMPERS, the former Rs, need to hear this: The GOP built the Trump administration; the GOP planted the seeds back in 1980 for the emergence of Rush, Alex Jones, Steve Bannon, all the white supremacists. While evil effing Reagan only
@l78lancer dog whistled his racism, he was feed it, along with feeding the wealth hoarder despicables and deplorables. He resurrected robber barons, killed unions using racist/sexist dog whistles about labor; used theocratic nut balls to destroy public ed. TOO LITTLE TOO LATE for so many
@l78lancer former GOP. Until and unless they FINALLY acknowledge what many of us have known and watched for decades, I cannot imagine them doing better if they do get the R party back. All one has to do is see how connected the Reagan, Bush and W administrations were, how easy corruption
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23 Nov
@SenatorSinema Clearly you are right about "not being an enigma". Since you CLAIMED no one knows what and enigma is, here's the definition; ENIGMA: a person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand. There is NOTHING mysterious about you. You are not
the least but puzzling; YOU ARE A GREEDY, albeit, immature, as bad as any adolescent raised in bigoted home/environment, RACIST. It shows in everything you say and do. Your greed, of course, supersedes your conscience, your duties, your oath to the constitution. You have chosen
a RACIST Jim Crow game, called the filibuster; to destroy, hurt our republic, as well, as the constitution. I find it laughable that any who supported you are now scratching their heads. "She's intelligent, they say; she cared about the planet, the people.' But they are wrong.
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22 Nov
@Sen_JoeManchin's words: "“We’re going to try to find a bipartisan pathway forward, but we need to work together. That’s not a way of working together.” Either Manchin is a full fledged idiot, a liar, or a greedy wealth hoarding jerk. TAKE YOUR PICK, Mr. Manchin. Every damned
GOP member has been playing "JUST SAY NO" since Obama's inauguration. They OPENLY gathered to make sure PARTY OVER COUNTRY, OLIGARCHS OVER THE PEOPLE always came first. So YOU sir, are either WITH THE PEOPLE, or against us. You will either give a damn about women, the infants,
about feeding families, safe, fair jobs or you don't. RIGHT NOW NEITHER YOU nor mean girl, obnoxious liar @SenatorSinema are working for the people. YOU BOTH are working against the people of WV, against the people of AZ, against the people of the USA. So either do the right
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28 Aug
@chrislhayes The purpose is $$$$$$$. We are, and have been for most of our history, a county based on VULTURE capitalism. The New Deal and its endorsement of unions started some change (tho' not inclusive at all) toward an actual republic. IMO this gave room for the Civil Rights, Voting
@chrislhayes Rights, women's rights movement to begin to grown. And their success scared the bejesus out of the vultures. The stealth movement that had been percolating since the 1930s took on urgency; the dark money pushed harder, groups like ALEC, Heritage Foundation, Federalists got hold
@chrislhayes and far right movements became massive, like a giant squid, it's tentacles reaching into every corner to make sure the status quo of white males always win the rigged meritocracy game. They did this by "allowing" a few women, a few people of color to have a little bit of a say so
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27 Aug
@MSNBC @CNN @ABC @NBCNews @CBSNews I get it. What has happened in Afghanistan is horrific. Losing 13 Americans to mad bombers of ISIS is horrid. But I need to say this, and I know I may get flack. I do not care. Afghanistan warring, along with all wars in the middle east have
have been horrific for as long as I can remember and at 75, that is a long time. Americans (and all humans) dying at the hands of mad bombers and/or shooters are horrid whenever and wherever, from Oklahoma City to Columbine, from The Twin Towers to Sandy Hook. No one wants this;
but setting us up for guerilla warfare since the mistakes of Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan has never helped, has only made things worse. So yes, let us mourn the tragedy. But PLEASE media, stop ignoring the tragedy here. While you focus on the Americans, the Marines that died in
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25 Aug
Dear Media: @CNN @MSNBC @NBCNews @ABC @CBSNews @nytimes @washingtonpost Stop calling these people: MODERATES. THAT is a misnomer. @CaptMarkKelly , D-Ariz., @SenatorHassan , D-N.H. @jontester , D-Mont., @ChrisCoons , D-Del., @TomCarperforDE , D-Del., @SenAngusKing
I-Maine, are NOT moderates. They are ENABLERS OF ANTI-DEMOCRACY, oligarchal wannabbee tyrants. They are giving power to the greed, the betrayal, the nastiness of @Sen_JoeMancin @SenatorSinema whose actions betray the idea of a republic. A republic is governance OF, BY, FOR the
people. And any who still play the "corporations are people, my friend" game are vulture capitalists who get $$$$ to line their and their donors pockets ahead of all else. THIS pandemic has been a test of all; it shows who gives a damn about We, the People, and who cares
Read 13 tweets

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