the "self-tenured" class = $10M+, "can't be rationally employed by anyone in any traditional job / the economics never make sense"

basically when you brrrr out this much free money farming and doing nothing, the economics for a lot of things changes and becomes out of whack
the amount i receive from farming far exceeds my expenditure, probably by a factor or two

on a typical day, my expenses cost less than two ETH txs

any decision thats less than $50 is an instant approval, cos it takes more brain power than its worth to calculate the cost/benefit
these days i buy and use 3 ply toilet paper

its very fancy and overly excessive, i know right?

just livin the baller life, yo
btw i tried 4 ply last month, but for some reason, it just didnt feel as good as the 3 ply

maybe there's such a thing as too much ply? 🤔

do not despair, i have the money to self fund my research on this intense topic
tangent to this topic, i remember the first time i used a japanese washlet in tokyo, sugooooi

somehow, bidets in europe just didnt feel as much of a life changer that japanese washlets felt like

mmm might get a japanese washlet installed next year

• • •

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24 Nov
my guess how the attention economy plays out?

many followers = good point! sounds legit! impactful!
few followers = opinion invalid! probably a bot! idgaf!

exploits the natural bias that subconsciously prescribes authority, legitimacy and/or importance to recognizable figures
there's too much information that it is not actually feasible anymore to check the primary sources and come to our own conclusions

we rely on other people / the community to screen for experts by social signaling and proofs (of follows)

creates an exploitable bystander effect
this is somewhat related to Brandolini's law

or the bullshit asymmetry principle

"the amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude larger than is needed to produce it"

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24 Nov
funneling value into high culture 2d NFT assets crafted by skilled artists that inspire me and stimulate my critical thinking that activates my hyperdrive omega profiteering abilities

some of the things that kept me distracted from the pain during the bear market was consuming anime, viewing a blessed twitter feed full of waifus and playing japanese gacha games (as a poor F2P)

its very nice, and almost fate, to intersect with that culture again through NFTs
these days i actually dont play much games at all, instead switched to irl gaming - farming magical internet money from NPCs on web3

also reduced anime hours to instead work on making fitness habitual, though sometimes i watch anime when im doing mindless cardio in the gym
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24 Nov
these tweets by scupy got me thinking

i suppose the reason why im a profit maxi is the same reason why i farm ponzis

to extract value from an area which i think has no long term value, and funnel it into assets and to projects that i believe in, or would like to believe in
if its the winners of war write the history

then its the rich of today that prescribes what is valuable? 🤔

like mfking rocks
if you're an ETHvangelist, its almost your civic duty to crusade to other chains and pillage them so that they may not prosper and become a threat to your empire

rather than sit at home and pray for buterin blessings to salvage you
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23 Nov
i only ape into ohm forks if they add another dimension Image
im preparing myself to do (3, 3, 3, 3) on the next new one
guess what comes next?

you're right

(3, 3, 3, 3, 3)

who knew free money would be this easy
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23 Nov
powerful tweet

any sort of significant social media presence becomes extra valuable in the attention economy

passing down accounts and / or the characters running them will be the new passing down the family business

generational relevance
the good news is that there's still a few years left to start and lots of new platforms to conquer

the bad news is that most people dont realize how giga skewed the attention economy will be towards early participants with an existing following (proof of work / social relevance)
i would think that the most valuable accounts end up as mini media companies (low headcount)

able to internalize any crucial function and outsource the rest

able to hot swap characters of the accounts, or even the people playing those characters

Read 10 tweets
11 Nov
looks pretty damn RIP to me
if it was me, id just wait 16 weeks for the CVX to unlock, then dump everything and begin retirement
basically if you were farming in the USDM-3CRV pool bareback and raw (not minted from collateral) and went to bed, you just got royally fucked by the emergency DAO while all the alert and fastest LPs drained the pool of 3CRV, leaving you with USDM, that you cannot natively use
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