NoSQL Interview Questions


• The questions covered here are mostly conceptual
• I do not claim only these type of questions are/should be asked during interviews
• For interviews, you should have fundamentals strong. And you should be able to provide solutions to practical problems.
Series: 1️⃣
Level: Beginner

1️⃣ Basics
2️⃣ CAP Theorem
3️⃣ Categories
4️⃣ Concepts
1️⃣ Basics

✪ What is NoSQL?
✪ Mention few limitations of a relational database that NoSQL tries to do better
✪ Mention key differences between a relational database and a NoSQL database.
✪ Mention few limitations of a NoSQL database.
✪ What is horizontal and vertical scalability? Which one is easier to do?
✪ Which is horizontally scalable? A NoSQL or, a relational?
✪ Given a use case, what factors would you consider to decide between using a NoSQL or, a relational database?
2️⃣ CAP Theorem

✪ What is CAP Theorem?
✪ Who first talked about CAP theorem?
✪ What do C, A and P stands for?
✪ Explain why can't all 3 in CAP be achieved by a single database.
3️⃣ Categories

✪ What are some well known categories (types) of NoSQL databases?
✪ Explain about document based database.
✪ Give some examples of document based database.
✪ Explain about a column based database.
✪ Give some examples of column based database.
✪ Explain about key-value based database.
✪ Give some examples of key-value based database.
✪ Explain about graph database.
✪ Give some examples of graph database.
✪ What is a time series database.
✪ Give some examples of time series database.
4️⃣ Concepts

✪ What is denormalisation?
✪ What is sharding?
✪ What is ACID? Are NoSQL databases ACID compliant?
✪ What is BASE?
✪ What is vertical and, horizontal scalability?
✪ What is eventual consistency?
✪ What is polyglot persistence?
The next series will be on MongoDB.

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0️⃣ Let's Talk

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→ DSA is a subject of study and, practice mostly in "Programming Domain"
→ Unlike popular belief, DSA is not one thing, rather 2 tightly coupled topics.
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A data structure is a way of organising (or, collecting) the data so that it can be used efficiently and effectively.

✪ What is an Algorithm?
An algorithm is a set of instructions for solving a problem or accomplishing a task.
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