How to connect with her on an emotional level?

Some dudes fail to connect with girls

On a deeper level

& that's why their relationship sucks

If you are facing the same problem

Don't worry

I got you covered
1. Storytelling

She is not sharing her emotional truths with you
because she doesn't know you

& above all, she doesn't trust you

To establish that trust you have to use
the art of storytelling
When you have jumped

Some places on your date

Just share with her any experience you had in the past

which contains all blends of emotions

Engage her emotions with your words

If done well it will establish that comfort
2. Vulnerability

After you have been the coolest dude

in front of her

Just try being a Human &

Show that you have scars too

and you own them with pride


Humans connect with humans
3. Listen

Everybody has something to say

Don't be a self-obsessed prick

Let her talk more

Listen to her stories too

Validate her &

You'll be able to establish an emotional

connection with her
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13 Nov
3 tactics that will make you the God of Social Games

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Understand the fact that you see the world through
a lens

A lens is created by your belief system & experiences

People you interact with have a lens of their

& It drives their life too
If you can get hold of their most dominant perception

and become more aware of your monologue

You can lead the interaction in your favor
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How to Use Non-Verbal Communication to your advantage?

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90 % of communication is non-verbal

The attraction for women is based on sub communication game

Words can lie but your body cannot

Here is how you can master this art
1. Don't lean in

Leaning conveys neediness

It conveys that you are overly excited to talk to that person

Your value drops when you do that
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10 Nov
The truth about Self Mastery & Darkness

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From your deepest core

There is one trait that makes you a human being

It's your need to belong with other humans

You want it

I want it

Everyone wants it
That's why the biggest punishment a human can get is
Solitary confinement

But think of the man who has mastered being alone

Who doesn't fear the company of himself?

Whose body has accepted the fact that

The resources will come & Go
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6 Nov
How to regain your lost Masculinity?

4 habits to adapt to become a man that society needs

It breaks my heart

When I see dudes in their early 20s wasting their gift

-In doing dumb shit
-Being depressive
-and dangling around life with no purpose
1. Jerk off to life

If you masturbate like a degenerate this is for you

Understand that masturbation is not the problem

the problem is you want to feel high by wrong methods
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6 Nov
How to persuade people?

1. Anchoring

Ever watched a standup comedy

Comedian takes one punch line

and repeats it 10 times in the same show

But still

People laugh their ass out on it

Why is that?

Why does it happen?
Is the comedian that funny

NO !!

He uses anchoring
He anchors his audience

He pairs an EMOTION with a WORD

and you get anchored on it

Next time you listen to that word

You feel the same Emotion
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30 Oct
5 things to keep in mind for nailing your first date?

1.Eye contact

I can't stress enough on it boys

It's all in the eyes

She can sense your congruency

Your intent

Your confidence

Just by looking into your eyes

So make sure to you maintain a laser-like eye contact
2. Vocal tonality

it's not what you say it's how you say it

Tonality helps in

- Building comfort
- Establishing dominance
- Building that seductive vibe

Keep changing it

& talk in breaking rapport tonality
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