Here's a nice one for you. @UTAustin has suspended a research study on anti-racist education after rightwing criticism and a Title VI complaint. The details are extremely damning.…
@UTAustin What was the study? The researchers had 200 white pre-K children watch professional videos related to anti-black racism. The goal was to study whether/how they affected the kids' attitudes toward racism.
@UTAustin It's an important question, regardless of what you think of anti-racism efforts. For instance, @mattyglesias wrote just this week about a study showing that this sort of thing can have a major downside. This is research we should all support!…
Not Mark Perry. He's the UMich prof who filed the Title VI complaint against the study. You may remember him from the 200+ other complaints he filed with OCR, all targeting what he considers anti-male discrimination in higher ed.…
Perry says that UT Austin study violates the CRA because the anti-racism program is only offered to white kids and is therefore discriminatory. The researchers explain that they're simply being guided by their research question and politics shouldn't get in the way.
And anyway, researchers target specific populations all the time without incident or complaint. For instance, the OCR also prohibits age-based discrimination in education, but Perry does not seem concerned that the study is limited to 4-5 year olds.
@UTAustin, faced with the complaint and bad press in rightwing media, has suspended the study pending OCR's investigation, if indeed it launches one. In the meantime, the researchers warn that the delay is undermining the quality of their findings. UT Austin doesn't seem to care.
@UTAustin This sort of thing is very, very bad. Even if you loathe anti-racist education, you should be able to see that. Liberals and the left are just as capable of filing spurious OCR complaints as their counterparts on the right. It's a terrible road to go down.

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23 Nov
Two South Carolina reps have just pre-filed what is the most extreme, absurd, and flat out destructive anti-CRT bill I have come across in any jurisdiction in the country to date. Bar none.…
The bill would prohibit any school (public or private), university, non-profit, state agency, contractor or sub-contractor, or private business that receives state funds from "promoting, engaging, or treating" individuals in relation to the following concepts:
Note well the inclusion of terms like "political belief" and "culture". Under this bill, it would illegal to make, say, a Nazi feel guilt or discomfort because of their beliefs.
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20 Nov
Duke’s student senate continues to embarrass itself by refusing to recognize a student chapter of Students Supporting Israel — and for the most patently absurd and pretextual reason possible. If necessary, ⁦@DukeU⁩ must intervene.…
For those unwilling to click, the gist is that the student senate is accusing SSI of “singling out” a student in an offensive and unwelcoming way. How so? By posting this to Instagram.
Scandalous stuff! The sheer gall of SSI, inviting its critics to have a conversation. How dare they.
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15 Nov
Late last Friday, after about one week of debate, North Dakota became the 56,618,877th state to pass an anti-CRT law covering K-12 schools. I want to talk about it real quick.…
The ND law is unique in that it specifically targets (what it takes to be) instruction related to Critical Race Theory. Most of the other anti-CRT bills are both grander in scope and more jumbled (e.g. by targeting a laundry list of "divisive concepts").…
Why this approach? According to Janne Myrdal, who sponsored the bill in the senate, CRT is "a political ideology…It is an ideology that if we can indoctrinate it into our children young it would have a political consequence on our children later.”…
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13 Nov
For whatever reason, this week-old tweet is getting a lot of attention today. I think more and more people are starting to appreciate how dangerous these bills are and how sloppily they’re written. The threat is very, very real.

Anyway, last night this one became law.
It was passed by the House on Thursday. On Friday, by the Senate. Late yesterday evening, the Governor signed it into law. The entire process, from conception to enrollment, was eight days. The purpose of the special session was COVID relief, by the way.…
Said one state Rep: "If we can do something to reassure parents that in public schools we are not having a political agenda, then I think that we should do that. The fear and the outrage are very real, even if I may believe that fear and outrage was manufactured."
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12 Nov
As promised to @Noahpinion, I'm going to run through some of the recent work (2019-present) on the claim that university makes students more liberal and/or that faculty are responsible. I'm focusing on post-2018 because I cover the older research here.…
@Noahpinion For those uninterested in reading it, the gist of the above piece is: a) student ideological ID changes very little; b) attitudes change a bit; and c) what change does occur is due to peers, not profs.

With few exceptions, subsequent research bears that out. Here's a round-up.
@Noahpinion Rauf 2021: Network effects rule everything around me. Students rarely change their political ideology in college, but when they do, it is driven by their peer network's diversity (e.g. is it all lib? con?) and density (e.g. how tight knit is it?).
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11 Nov
StandWithUs continues its assault on academic freedom with a new Title VI lawsuit. This time, it is against Hunter College, with SWU claims has violated the civil rights of its Jewish students by allowing for the creation of an anti-Semitic atmosphere.…
At issue is a May 2021 end-of-year class meeting on Zoom. During that class, a number of students changed their background pictures to the Palestinian flag and their Zoom names to "Free Palestine - Decolonize." You can read about it in SWU's complaint.

Some of the students then began to read a manifesto, which the professors on the call did nothing to prevent. Some students also made controversial comments in the chat, like about how Israel is a "white supremacist" state.
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