I’m going out for the evening. I’ll be keeping an eye on what they do with Bitcoin. If they do start coming down towards those lows again with aggression I will look to cut my long. However, I think the storm has been weathered and they’re just trapping more shorts atm
For what it’s worth Thursdays are usually reversal days. I’m slightly cautious about there being a full on reversal today. All I’m looking for them to do is shift it out of this zone a little bit. But i do think we’re at the bottom.
The only place i think they could potentially come back to is this green vector. There is still the possibility they sweep the lows of this range to get this. I’m not fudding - we just have to be aware of the possibilities
Should know more by end of the New York session which is in around 2 hours time
Again this green line is proving to be a key level. It’s obviously under this line is where they want to build most of their positions. We need them to take this line out! $btc #bitcoin
They are so quick to dump but so slow to pump 🙄
Me watching this chart:
Tokyo 🧐
Realised earlier that this green line should actually be a bit higher. They’re now hovering above it. You can see it’s now the mid point of the asian session (white box). Wouldn’t mind if they just stayed that way for a bit before the full send 🙌
Small update: …fuck this green line

Bigger update: Everything still looks fine. W still looks good on the 4 hour and larger timeframe. I am awaiting the short squeeze which we may have to wait until tomorrow for due to this options expiry thing (not my strong area)
Quick update. Just be careful. Options don’t expire until tomorrow so we might not get our move until then. I’m seeing a small M pattern on the 1hr with two green vectors at the top. And a green/red vector reversal pattern on the 15m. Could get a small retrace before we go up
Nothing major, just another lesson to learn. Here’s not a place to long atm. You can see they’ve halted here. Why? Because it was the high they set for Monday. We are at the top of the range. Expecting some consolidation below here before they blast through it upwards to 64k
I’m not cutting my long. I think they’ve already shown their intention.

The last time NYC had the day off we were at a high of 52k and the next day they came back and crashed it to 42k.

I’m thinking the opposite happens tomorrow and they take us upwards. Potentially to 64k
I think they come back to around the previous daily high which sits at that green line we all know and love. Then bounce upwards from there. Expecting some fireworks tomorrow. $btc
Also confluent with that being the area where the 50ema will be positioned.

Rise up, retrace and retest 50ema on 1hr, then bounce (50ema is the one with the purple cloud around it)
By the way. You see how knowing these levels can help you from fomo’ing in? I didnt know for certain it was going to drop slightly, but there was a good chance because that level was a key area

The indicator is SpacemanBTC Key Level.
Monday High proves to be the turning point. Back to the green dotted line. Would like to see them just consolidate there. Is also where the 50ema is on the 1hr $btc

Nothing to worry about imo. Just normal. Asia setting it up for tomorrow
Also, forgot about options expiry. Max pain for options expiry for Friday is under 58k. Thanks @Cryptopoulp1

• • •

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25 Nov
My Weaknesses: A thread

1/ As much as I’m able to call the tops and bottoms of Bitcoin I find that I struggle with Altcoins. Partly because I try to keep my eye on too many. It means I often get a poor one-time entry or else get too greedy when thinking of where to take profits
2/ Then I get annoyed because a) sometimes I’m stuck in a losing position for a bit without wanting to add to it cus I’ve already gone in big and b) when price retraces from highs I’m left feeling like I didn’t take enough profit
3/ To sum it up I can usually call the direction right on Altcoins but my entries and exits are usually poorly timed due to FOMO. Something we all suffer from. I’m fine with these things on Bitcoin but that’s because I literally know that chart inside out. I watch it 12 hrs a day
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25 Nov
You know the way I called the top 3 times this month at:
✅$64k and

Well I think I just called the bottom at 56k ✅ When 90% of CT was speaking FUD about 53k!

Talked you through the move from start to finish once again. I hope you learned a lot. Image
Do you remember when I outlined to you straight up WHY were weren’t going to 53k?

53k was FUD. You should unfollow any account that was telling you we were going there.
I try to show you my thinking process throughout the whole move. I don’t just draw a squiggly line on a chart. I give reasoning and projections with high probabilities.

I want people to learn along with me - seems many of you are doing that and it makes me very happy!
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Feel like Michael J Burry in the Big Short - longing Bitcoin whilst listening to metal music and watching everyone around me panicking.
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24 Nov
I feel $Alice will finally fly when they're done pinning Bitcoin down.
omg they're sending Alice even though they're dropping Bitcoin. She will really fly when they reverse Bitcoin!
After nearly fully retracing that move earlier I think they might be about to send her again… I took some profits earlier and re-longed $alice
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24 Nov
My portfolio has just hit a high that it hasn’t seen since May 😭

After May i vowed to learn what happened and why my portfolio cut in half in the space of a week. I did not know much about the markets at that time
Then I started learning. Paid for courses and signals. All useless. Got rekt even more. Portfolio was going down even further to 25% of its peak value. Lost a lot of my hodl I had built up over the years through panic selling and funding futures that got liquidated eventually
Then I found out how the markets truly work in July-ish From a dude spilling the truth for free on YouTube - @Tradersreality

Now my portfolio is back at about 60% of the high in May after a lot of grinding and readjusting of what coins I really should have in my portfolio
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24 Nov
Honestly, I don’t know whether to be scared or excited right now. MM has us all on the edge of our seats. Whatever happens next is going to be huge.

My bet is on the upside. The only true question for me is will they do a big fake out to the downside first.
November 2017 vs November 2021

Something gives me the feeling that those who are scorning Plan B will have their mouths shut
If something like the above does play out then make sure to take profits on your Alt positions as Bitcoin Dominance might come into play and fully wreck them
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