List of English words of Nahuatl (Aztec) origin:

* Avocado (āhuacatl)
* Cacao (cacahuatl)
* Chipotle (chilpoctli)
* Chocolate (xocolātl)
* Coyote (coyōtl)
* Guacamole (āhuacamōlli)
* Mole (mōlli)
* Taco (tlahco)
* Tequila (téquitl)
* Tomato (tomatl)
List of English words of Quechuan (the main language family of the Inca Empire) origin:

* Coca (kuka)
* Cocaine (kuka)
* Condor (kuntur)
* Jerky (ch'arki)
* Llama
* Puma
* Quinoa (kinwa)
List of English words of Arawak (one of indigenous languages of the Americas) origin:

* Barbecue (barbakoa)
* Buccaneer (buccan)
* Canoe (canoa)
* Guava (guayaba)
* Hammock (hamaca)
* Iguana (iwana)
* Maize (mahis)
* Potato (papa)
* Savanna (zabana)
List of English words of Tupi-Guarani (one of indigenous languages of the Americas) origin:

* Capybara (kapibari)
* Cashew (acaîu)
* Cougar (guaçu ara)
* Jaguar (ja' war)
* Macaw (macavuana)
* Maraca (maraka)
* Piranha
* Toucan
List of English words of other indigenous languages of the Americas origin:

* Cannibal (karipona, means "person")
* Chinook (ts'inuk)
* Geoduck (gwideq)
* Manatee (manati, from a word in a Cariban language meaning "(woman's) breast)
* Poncho (pontho, means "woolen fabric")
List of English words of Persian origin:

* Caviar (from Pers. khaviyar (خاویار), from خیا khaya "egg"+ در dar "bearing, holder")
* Pakistan (From پاکستان; the Persian word of "Land of the Pure)
* Shah (from Old Persian 𐏋 χšāyaþiya (="king")
List of English words of Arabic origin:

* Albatross (الغطّاس al-ghattās, "the diver)
* Alchemy, chemistry (الكيمياء al-kīmīāʾ)
* Arsenal (دار صناعة dār sināʿa, literally "house of manufacturing")
* Gazelle (غزال ghazāl)
* Lime (ليم līm)
* Saffron (زعفران zaʿfarān)
List of English words of Japanese origin:

* Anime (アニメ)
* Karaoke (カラオケ, "empty orchestra")
* Kamikaze (神風, "divine wind")
* Karate (空手)
* Manga (まんが)
* Tsunami (津波, literally "harbor wave")
* Tycoon (大君 ("taikun"), "great prince" or "high commander")
List of English words of Chinese origin:

* China (秦)
* Chopsticks(筷子)
* Feng shui (風水, from feng, wind and shui, water)
* Ginseng (人參)
* Gung-ho (工合)
* Kung fu (功夫)
* Monsoon (滿水)
* Tai Chi(太極, "Great Ultimate")
* Typhoon (颱風)
* Wok (鑊)
* Zen (禪)
List of English words of Turkic origin:

* Cossack (from Turkic "quzzaq" which means "adventurer, guerilla, nomad)
* Janissary (from Turkish yeniçeri, which means "a new soldier")
* Kiosk (from Turkish "köşk")
* Shawarma (from Turkish "çevirme", which literally means "turning")
List of English words of Russian origin:

* Bolshevik (большеви́к)
* Cosmonaut (космона́вт)
* Kompromat (компрометирующий материал)
* Pogrom (from Russian: погро́м; from "громи́ть" gromit "to destroy")
List of English words of Sanskrit origin:

* Avatar (from Sanskrit अवतार avatāra, which means "descent")
* Cheetah ( from Sanskrit चित्रस chitra-s "uniquely marked")
* Juggernaut (y from Sanskrit जगन्नाथ jagat-natha-s, which means "lord of the world")
List of English words of Malay origin:

* Durian (from Malay duri ('thorn') with noun-building suffix -an, thus durian means 'thorny')
* Gong
* Rambutan (from Malay rambūtan; rambūt ('hairy') + noun-building suffix -an.)
* Orangutan (from Malay ōrang ('man') + hūtan ('forest'))
List of English words of Korean origin:

* Bibimbap (비빔밥)
* Hanbok (한복)
* Hangul (hangeul 한글)
* Hantavirus (Hantan-gang 한탄강)
* Kimchi (gimchi 김치)
* Korea (Goryeo 고려)
* Mukbang (meokbang 먹방)
* Soju (소주)
* Taekwando (taegwondo 태권도)
List of English words of Hindi & Urdu origin:

* Bungalow (rom बंगला banglA and Urdu بنگلہ banglA, literally, "(house) in the Bengal style")
* Dungaree (from Hindi डूंगरी (ḍūṅgrī, “coarse calico”)
* Loot (from Loot لوٹ लूट, meaning 'steal')
* Nirvana
* Thug (from Thagi ठग,ٹھگ)
List of English words of Hebrew origin:

* Cherub (from כרוב kerubh 'celestial hierarchy angel')
* Golem (from גולם golem, 'shapeless mass' )
* Jubilee (from יובל yobhel 'ram's horn')
* Leviathan (from לויתן liwyathan 'sea monster, whale')
* Rabbi (from רב rabh 'master')
List of English words of Dravidian origin:

* Bandicoot (from పందికొక్కు, pandi-kokku 'pig-rat')
* Jackfruit (from ചക്ക Chakka)
* Pariah (from Tamil paṟaiyar (பறையர்) or Malayalam paṟayan (പറയൻ), "drummer")
List of English words of Hawaiian origin:

* Hula
* Kahuna
* Mana
* Taboo (kapu)
* Ukulele
List of English words of Afrikaans origin:

* Aaardvark (literally "earth pig")
* Apartheid (literally "apart-ness")
* Hartebeest (modern Afrikaans equivalent is hartebees)
* Meerkat (literally "lake cat")
* Springbok (literally "jumping buck")
List of English words of Bantu origin:

* Banjo (mbanza)
* Chimpanzee (from Kivili ci-mpenzi)
* Gumbo (ngombo meaning "okra")
* Macaque (makaku)
* Mamba
* Zombie (from West African. Either from Kikongo - zumbi "fetish", or Kimbundu - nzambi "god")
List of English words of West African (non-Bantu) origin:

* Cola (from Temne 'kola', or Mandinka'kolo')
* Jazz (from Mandinka 'jasi', Temne 'yas')
* Mojo (from Kongo “moyo” meaning “spirit”)
* Tango (from Ibibio 'tamgu')
* Yam (from Fula 'nyami', Twi 'anyinam')
List of English words of Philippine origin:

* Yo-yo (from Ilocano word yoyo)
List of English words of Māori origin:

* Haka
* Kiwi
* Waka
List of English words of Romani origin:

* Chav (from the Romani word chavi meaning child)
* Lollipop (from the Romani "loli phabai", meaning red apple)
List of English words of Hungarian origin:

* Coach (kocsi)
* Goulash (gulyás)
List of English words of Polish origin:

* Kevlar (from the name of Stephanie Kwolek, Polish scientist)
List of English words of Yiddish origin:

* Bagel (from Yiddish: בײגל, romanized: beygl)
* Glitch (from rom גליטשן, glitshn, 'slide'; cf. German: glitschen, 'slither')
* Klutz (from קלאָץ, klots, 'wooden beam'; cf. German: Klotz, 'block')
List of English words of Czech origin:

* Howitzer (from houfnice, a 15th-century Hussite catapult; houf meaning crowd or band)
* Robot (introduced in Karel Čapek's play R.U.R. from the 1920s)
List of English words of Spanish origin:

* Alligator (from el lagarto, "the lizard")
* Mosquito (literally "little fly")
* Salsa (from salsa, "sauce")
* Tornado (from Spanish tronada, "thunderstorm", influenced by tornar, "to turn")
* Vertigo
List of English words of Portuguese origin:

* Bossa nova (literally "new trend" or "new wave")
* Breeze (from Old Spanish and Portuguese briza 'northeastern wind')
* Caramel (via French and Spanish, from Portuguese caramelo)
List of English words of Swedish origin:

* Moped
* Ombudsman
* Orienteering
* Tungsten
English words of Norwegian origin:

* Fjord
* Ski
* Slalom

English words of Danish origin:

* Flense
List of English words of Greek origin:

* Sarcasm (‘flesh-eating’, with the idea that a caustic remark tears the skin. It’s a sibling of ‘sarcophagus’, once made of stone believed to consume the flesh of any dead body it encountered)
List of English words of German origin:

* Antifa (short for "Antifaschistische Aktion" (anti-fascist action)
* Blietzkrieg (literally "lightning war")
* LSD (from German abbreviation of "Lysergsäurediethylamid")
* Pretzel (Brezel)
* Rucksack
List of English words of Dutch origin:

* Booze (from Middle Dutch busen (="to drink in excess")
* Gin (from 'jenever')
* Iceberg (from Dutch ijsberg (literally ice mountain)
* Yacht (from Dutch jacht, short for jachtschip (literally "hunting ship")
List of English words of French origin:

* Boudoir (from the French for 'pout')
* Dandelion (a mangling of the French ‘dent de lion’, ‘lion’s tooth’, named for the plant’s jagged leaves)
* Heyday (from the French 'm'aidez!', 'help me')
List of English words of Italian origin:

* Influenza (Italian for 'influence', as the virus was thought to be caused by the influence of the stars over human life)
* Jerusalem (a mangling of the Italian 'girasole', sunflower)
List of English words of Latin origin:

* Remorse (from the Latin for 'biting hard', referring to the bite of regret that eats away at you)
* Pavilion (from the Latin 'papilio', a butterfly, because a large tent was thought to resemble the stretched wings of the insect)

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When Cristopher Columbus arrived in 1492, it's estimated that 5 million to 15 million people lived in North America.

The number declined sharply to fewer than 238,000 by the late 19th century. #genocide #ThanksgivingDay
Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas but Leif Erickson first landed on Canadian shores almost 500 years before Columbus arrived in the Bahamas.

Erickson was converted to Christianity by King Olaf I in what is now Norway.
Columbus Day is a national embarrassment for the US.

No country should ever celebrate genocide.

Christopher Columbus is a man who created disposition and genocide of millions of Natives in America.
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Today the UN marks International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

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We must start from the home if we are to fight discrimination and injustice against women.

If a woman cannot be safe in her own house then she cannot be expected to feel safe anywhere.

#NoToDomesticViolence #ViolenceAgainstWomen
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So to all soup lovers, enjoy this thread.

What is it?

A rereshing Azerbaijani cold soup made with yogurt, water, cucumbers, and spring onions. In order to prepare it, yogurt is combined with water that has been boiled, then left to cool. Popular on hot summer days.
Kufta bozbash is a traditional Azerbaijani meatball soup.

The essence of this soup is in the flavor of the köfte (meatballs). Ground meat (usually lamb) is mixed with finely chopped onions, rice, dried mint, and dried lime flowers.
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