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◼️Rockefeller, Nazis, The UN, & Genocide

◼️Rockefeller & MASS MURDER

◼️The Rockefeller Foundation is the prime SPONSOR of P.R.for the U.N.s’ DRASTIC DEPOPULATION program

◼️Think the #Globalist GENOCIDE ended after WWII?

◼️WORSE than we thought


◼️Dave explains WHO #DeepState is (Big Pharma, Bill Gates Foundation, Clintons Foundation & Zuckerberg Foundation)

◼️Covid is a last ditch effort to get everything the Globalists want. DEATH SCAM

@OrtaineDevian @HB04920973


◼️The #IlluminatiAgenda

◼️GENOCIDE: TOXIC AIR, WEAPONIZED DISEASE organisms (#ChineseVirus) anti-fertility compounds introduced via VACCINES & other means of external transmission

◼️If the disease doesn’t kill us, the vaccine will~well played DS

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#MoralQuestion #ISeeDeadPeople

What would your #USGovernment do in a pandemic for #NationalSecurity?

Take out a building?
Take out prison?
Take out a hospital?
Take out a shelter?
Take out a city?
Take out a state?

What would the oligarchs & kleptocrats do to out-#survive US?
On 9/11, scrambled jets were given orders to shoot down full passenger jets as necessary - don't think these discussions aren't taking place in earnest. #StephenMiller & #JaredKushner are in on the talks, so you know they're about #homicide and #genocide. They're real life Nazis.
"Jared Kushner, the president's son-in-law and top adviser, and Stephen Miller, a senior policy adviser, took the lead in writing President Donald Trump's error-riddled address to the nation about the coronavirus outbreak."…
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48:02 Dr Debra Birx says “when we added Abbott Labs ( Abracadabra ) 2 weeks ago

For states that want to do surveillance &contact tracing 😳

@realDonaldTrump @POTUS
Trump and Coronavirus Task Force Brief From White House | NBC News (Live... via @YouTube
.China forceable removal of people they thought tested positive! 😳

was this a way to silence the protesters in Hong Kong❓ #GENOCIDE…
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Genocide does not require hands-on killing: “Guns are not necessary. Mass death camps are not necessary...[H]olding back necessary supplies & aid for political purposes constitutes genocide & has led to some of the most tragic moments in human history.” 1/
“We’ve seen it with Stalin, with Mao, with Pol Pot, with the British Empire in India, in colonies around the world.

In the United States with the systematic eradication of the Native People.” 2/
“What we see coming at this moment is a textbook genocide, a targeting of individuals for purposes of political retribution.” 3/
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Underground Tunnels Between France And Britain In Usage From 1994 The Crown (Queen Elizabeth) funded the underground bases as well. Linked to Child trafficking as well Connect the Damn Dots It’s all Global #FEMACAMPS #DUMBS #SatanicChildritualabusers #Globalfascism #Babylon
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Donald Trump Approves of Vaccinated RFID Chip Implant and Will Become a Standard in the New World Order Era.

The RFID chip will not be hated People all around the world will be desperate to have one It will be trendy, cool, in must-have and be forced into civilians
On the RFID chip is your virtual wallet. (In the NWO there is One World Virtual Currency) On the RFID chip is your personal identification. The RFID chip has GPS built-in and will be used to track your location and activities. #Smartcities #DEADLYVACCINES #Sayno #MARKOFTHEBEAST
New Corona virus #Vaccine ready for the #NWO #Genocide #Depopulation #Agenda2030 😉 💉
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Every year, a #Genocide of muslims is conducted, sometimes in small scale and sometimes large, irrespective of the party in power.
A constant phenomenon to please the majority community.
The year has just started and Dehli has already seen a Pogrom against Muslims


Muslims, living in midst of the Hindus, were butchered by their Hindu neighbours who colluded with the Hindu mob brought from UP as per the plan to conduct a pogrom with full support of Delhi Police.
Muslim pockets in the Hindu areas were identified and attacked.


Now , I would like to issue a #WARNING to Muslims in Uttar Pradesh to take a cue from what has happened in Delhi and prepare for a possible wave of attack.
The subhuman gutter-bred narcissist has only one target , that is to destroy the livelihood of Muslim in UP.

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FM 39.4 (FEMA camps) as the issue of medical martial law and decided under the Obama administration. Thanks to Obama, the United Nations can unilaterally impose a state of “medical martial law” and assume control.
In fact, the smoking Resettlement regulations (ie FEMA Camp Army regulations), known as FM 3-39.401-5 states that foreign troops will eventually occupy FEMA camps referred to as resettlement (Death)camps. The coffins will come in use for the dead bodies.
Army document, FM 3-39.40 1-5, speaks clearly to the fact their is absolute intent to use foreign military assets to imprison American citizens.
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The CHEAPEST form of DRUG which serves as aphrodisiac for the inferiority complex laden majority community and gives them a high, is the BLOOD OF MUSLIMS and it will remain so in the future as well , because MUSLIMS have FORGOT HOW TO PAYBACK .

Delhi2020, amidst the ongoing protests against #NRC and Delhi elections and ministers chanting “goli mari salo ko“, Muslims were protesting to save the “democracy and the constitution” with a fear that they might soon be without an identity, and an anticipated event happened

Muslims in the HindutwaRashtra have been forced to be a Recidivist.
Hyderabad, Jammu, Calcutta, Nellie, Bhagalpur, Gujarat, MuzzafarNagar, Delhi, these are just a few names out of many which have witnessed planned #Genocide by the Government and falsely termed as Riots.

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No logical progressive would defend these violent, segregationist, assimilationist policies.

These people aren’t progressives. They aren’t even “leftists.” They’re a virulent strain of people so anti-American that they’ll cheer #GENOCIDE committed by America’s adversary, #China.
… but who are these folks — the “Justice Center — who are de-platforming #Uyghurs who dare mention #China’s mass detentions of some 3 million+ people?

The “Partnership for Civil Justice” is registered at this address. Are these the people sponsoring this event? (2/3)
@ProfZWolfe, @SobelLaw, @HeidiBoghosian, @CarlPCJF, are these “Liberation Fridays” events sponsored by @ThePCJF?

If so, why not reach out to me so we can discuss civil justice & actually liberating those people who are arbitrarily detained in #China’s #ConcentrationCamps???
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(1) .@POTUS .@DevinNunes .@ODNIgov .@GOP .@SenateFloor .@seanhannity .@TuckerCarlson .@RonWyden

The #FBI's use of human shields & proxies for their domestic #terrorism ops, coordinated through #FusionCenters across America make the fundamentalist, Middle Eastern imams jealous.
(2) Once someone has been extrajudicially watch-listed, the #FBI #InfraGard #JTTF work with LARPs hired by private contractors to stalk, harass, assault, intimidate & smear innocent "targets."

This is a now a nationwide protocol, targeting hundreds of thousands of Americans.
(3) This program - once again, in part coordinated thru #FusionCenters, is a "joint operation" perpetrated with the collusion of #DOJ #DHS #FBI #InfraGard #JTTFs #LEIUs #NSA #CyberCommand & even US Military.

The #AI-supported #PreCrime protocol is a total farce ....
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VVC's open letter to us 👇🏼 lol
First secularize the issue, then play the "Mai bhi Kashmiri Hindu hu" card.

How low can you go.

Premiere showed a different thing. How do I know ? Because my "chote Dada ji" was part of this thing.

The movie was a completely whitewashed version
Here are some of the replies to VVC 👇🏼

Our #genocide was used for the marketing of the movie and then it was blatantly reduced to Bollywood masala.

Hum 30 saal pehle bhi Khandit the aur aaj fir Khandit hue hai.


Yes, you will find many Kashmiri folks thanking him because

"Doobte ko tinke ka sahara hota hai"

So, don't judge those who are okay with the movie. For past 30 years, not many people even knew we existed.

But, I won't side with the folks who like this secularized BS.
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OK. Here we go. #ICJ Provisional Measures Order #TheGambia v #Myanmar #Rohingya #Genocideconvention Judge Sebutinde - not on the bench.
- Background of application - omitting procedural history etc.
Reference to #Rohingya group that self-identifies as Rohingya; prima facie jurisdiction need not be definitive as to merits of the case - art 36(1) ICJ Statute & Art 9 Genocide Convention - this needs to be satisfied first
Parties to GC - no reservation to art 9 by Myanmar but to art 6 & 8; no reservations of Gambia; “dispute” exists where hold “clearly opposite views” re performance/non-performance of obligations;one party maintains dispute, other denies it. Therefore compromissory clause comes in
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Rosalind Peterson Presents at 2007 UN Session on Global Warming:

On May 21, 2007, Rosalind Peterson, lifelong Redwood Valley, California resident, was invited by Kiyo Akasaka, Under- Secretary General of the United Nations, to address this Conference during both a workshop,
, held on September 5th, and a round-table session, held on September 6 2007 at the United Nations. Rosalind was invited to address this conference due to her research and work in the agriculture field relating to climate change, global dimming, and the effects of man-made clouds
and experimental weather modification programs on agriculture.

In addition, she addressed such topics as the negative affect experimental atmospheric programs are having on agriculture crop production and tree health. Other issues addressed included global dimming, produced by
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The #ICJ will announce its ruling on #Gambia’s request for provisional measures against #Myanmar on Thursday, in the case alleging #genocide against the #Rohingya. A few thoughts about what to look out for in the Court's ruling in this thread. 1/12
The threshold question is whether #Gambia established all of the required elements to allow the #ICJ to grant provisional measures (prima facie jurisdiction, plausibility of claims, link between PMs requested and the rights at issue, urgency, and risk of irreparable harm)? 2/12
#Myanmar has tried to muddy the waters on jurisdiction and admissibility, but it is hard to imagine the Court not finding that it has prima facie jurisdiction here. Myanmar will have a second chance to make jurisdiction and admissibility arguments at the case's next phase. 3/12
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Cankpe Opi wokiksuye, remembering Wounded Knee. On this day Dec 29 1890, the US military murdered over 300 Lakota, mostly women and children, at Wounded Knee Creek

#WoundedKnee #NeverForget #Genocide
Spotted Elk's band of Miniconjou and Hunkpapa, whom were Ghost Dancers, had left Thatanka Iyotake Sitting Bull's camp after he was assassinated on Dec 15 to seek refuge at the Pine Ridge rez (prisoner of war camp #334)

#Genocide #WoundedKneeMassacre
They were intercepted by the 7th cavalry. On the morning of Dec 29, the 7th opened fire. 20 soldiers were awarded Medals of Honor for "extraordinary heroism on 29 December 1890, while serving with 7th U.S. Cavalry, in action at Wounded Knee Creek" #RescindtheMedals
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1/ Fascistizing HK in 2020

(h/t @XinqiSu)
Via my formidable autotranslate skills🤪

#HongKong Educ secy #KevinYeung:

- #HKers are Chinese; we will punish problem teachers severely
- schools use improper biased teaching materials to mislead the mind…
@XinqiSu 2/ #KevinYeung (last yr he suggested HKers switch to Mandarin)

- 123 cases of teacher "misconduct" (incorrect views)
- 74 investigations completed; follow-up actions on 13 of them
- students who hv bn caught up in mass arrests will be threatened: "the consequences can be v srs"
@XinqiSu 3/ #KevinYeung

we have rec'd many complaints that teachers have made inappropriate comments on personal websites & we need to know if they hv done similar things on campus. Process usu takes > a mth to complete.

#antifascism #antiCCP
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@ContactIbuka En cadeau de Noël, un magazine français ouvre ses pages à 2 négationnistes du génocide des Tutsi au Rwanda. Avant-dernier thread pour démonter les ressorts de l’article de Judi Rever.

Partie5⃣: #Kagamé maître du monde
Si après tous les efforts de Judi Rever, vous croyez encore que le #génocide des Tutsi a été mis en œuvre par le gouvernement intérimaire hutu power, c’est pour une seule et unique raison : Paul Kagamé vous contrôle, à votre insu… ou pas.

Comment ?
➡️#Kagamé Superstar

C’est entendu: le monde vénère M.Kagamé tel ces idoles intouchables (MLK-Gandhi-Jésus) consacrées (postmortem) par les élites occidentales.
Rever le dit: "Kagamé est bien vu du monde entier parce qu’il a fait croire qu’une majorité de Hutus a tué les Tutsis."
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1. Unpleasant as it may be for many, the current trajectory of the war in #Syria will require the US to work with the #Damascus government to keep the country from becoming an even worse terrorist breeding ground. When we overthrew Saddam we destroyed the military too. The result
2. was #ISIS and chaos on a massive scale. #Geneva process when accomplished will create a democratically elected Syrian government. It will still have to fight the terrorists that #Turkey & Qatar finance & arm.

#SDF is not a separatist force. They are a loyal opposition force
3. Loyal to Syria that they fight to defend. The goal of a federal Syria is the principal part of SDF's ideological thinking that ties them to Abdullah Öcalan. The federal system is not the PKK's ideological creation. It's America's. Local governance brings stability in diverse
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Day 2 #Gambia v #Myanmar #ICJ begins, w/#ASSK up first. She declares #genocide is a crime, applied by #ICTR to #Rwanda but not to #Kosovo or #Croatia by #ICTY or #ICJ, because of a lack of dolus specialis.
Gambia has put fwd 'Incomplete & misleading factual picture'. Situation in #Rahkine is 'complex & not easy to fathom'. (same rhetoric as we have heard for years)
Complexities go back for yrs. Claims conflict btwn Arakan Army w/5000 fighters & the #Myanmar Army, w/Arakan Army seeking independence. The conflict has led to displacement & security measures such as curfew & checkpoints, applied to all regardless of background.
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Ok folks - Day 2 of the #ICJ #Gambia v #Myanmar provisional measures hearings going to start - important as no submissions yet by Myanmar so, first formal indication of their legal strategy. [I’ll be away on an interview for a bit so hoping we have other “live tweeters”?? :)]
Agent of Myanmar: #ASSK takes the floor as minister for foreign affairs (is this the first time an agent doesn’t have a legal background); #genocide convention “wholeheartedly” signed by Myanmar; not applied to Kosovo or exodus of Serb population from Croatia. No Specific intent
Incorrect factual situation presented to court; though suffering of innocent people. #Rakhine state background - internal armed conflict; Arakan army seeks independence; displacement & conflict, affecting civilians
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Here we go. Commencement of provisional measures hearings at the #ICJ: first up, the appointment of the two #judges #adhoc - biographies of Navanethem Pillay & Claus Kress - chosen by #TheGambia & #Myanmar respectively. Art. 31, ICJ #Statute.
Priority of request of indication of provisional measures prioritized over all other cases, balanced with opportunity for parties to be represented. 3 hours per party Tuesday & Wednesday, after which reply on Thursday for each. ICJ Procedure.
No entering into merits of case, stick to requirements for provisional measures.
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#Turquie: #Génocide culturel

Les #turcs ne ce sont pas contentés de massacrer les arméniens, elle a également voulu détruire toute trace matérielle de la #civilisation arménienne

#THREAD monuments arméniens médiévaux détruits lors du Génocide et dans les années qui le suivirent
Le monastère de #Horomos avant 1965 et en 1998 🇦🇲

#Turquie #Armenie #GenocideArmenien #GenocideCulturel
L’église Saint Sauveur d’#Ani, 11e siècle dans les années 1910 et 2000 🇦🇲

#Turquie #Armenie #GenocideArmenien #GenocideCulturel
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And *because* France isn’t one, could *this* be why .@ClarenceHouse (and the (so–called) “Royal Protection Squad” – hand-in-glove w/MI6 (i.e. the SIS, etc., ad nausea) had to wait until Diana, Princess of Wales, was in France until the .@RoyalFamily
2/ had Whitehall itself issue the assasination directive to their .fr counterparts (… — “The Murder of Princess Diana: Revealed: The Truth Behind the Assassination of the Century (Unabridged)” by Noel Botham) — only reclaiming (through subsequent anonymous
3/ (but traceable) purchase / via @Sothebys) the items both Diana and Dodi Al Fayed had consulted (being already owned by Dodi’s father) — *because* Dodi Al Fayed ~ through his being related #Khassogi ~ consulted them in the first place?

I.e. WHAT could Dodi — and Diana — have
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