I have taken a break from speaking about actions which would be available to global developed societies if they wanted to reduce their GHG emissions.
There are several. It wouldn't be hard. It's just unthinkable.
2. If the urge strikes you to tell me people won't do this, please do not hit send on the tweet. The endless repetitions of that response have nearly forced me to quit this line of discussion. I cannot express the weight of the feeling of futility I carry. I actually care.
3. I already got it.
Fuck this. Lemme go catch my breath.
Y'all are beating me to death. I know you feel all-knowing, but I can't bear the weight of your collective certainty.
4. OK, where was I.
Our problem can be expressed as a problem of our value system. At its base we live in a system of kill everything so a quarter of humanity can be comfy. That's a values choice and 100% voluntary on a societal level.
Humans are about as individual as ants.
5. Well, we have more autonomy than ants. But we don't do well alone, we're a social animal. And our societies are based on this value system which says, Gee sorry we poisoned everything but look at all the toys.
And, basically, everyone in America says, "OK, fair trade-off."
6. But in a less philosophical and strictly physical sense, the problem is energy. We have an ecological crisis going on at the side where we convert energy for our use. Reminder: I know it sounds pedantic, but energy cannot be created. All the energy we use is already out there,
7. In some form or other, and after we pass it through our machines it continues to be still out there in some form or another. If you see a car going down a gravel road in a cloud of dust, that is a cloud of kinetic energy, which picks up particles of Earth off the ground,
8. throws them into the air, and continues to be in the particles of Earth to suspend them above the ground in defiance of gravity. It's all energy. Pretty soon it soaks into the air, and there's not enough to keep the dust in the air, and the dust settles in my living room,
9. But all that energy is still out there.
When it's in the air we mostly measure it with a thermometer, and act like this thing called temperature causes all three crises, and - it's energy. It's there as wind, too, and your thermometer can't see it.
It's in your hair.
10. Human hair is not wired into the human temperature control (internal thermal energy control) system. On average, every person on Earth has more energy in their hair than their grandparents did.
That's where that "temperature" is. Everywhere.
It's excess energy.
11. What do we do about excess energy? It cannot be destroyed. How can a hot place ever get cold?
Energy dissipates. It is the nature of energy to always move from higher to lower concentration, greater or lesser pressure, temperature... Your beer gets warm and your pizza cold.
12. In the case of a planet, much of the solar energy it receives bounces off. That's why we can see them: solar energy bouncing off. But. Atmosphere figures in there.
Back before photosynthesis, Earth's atmosphere was very carbon and hydrogen heavy. Strongly reducing atmosphere
13. And it was hotter'n blue blazes.
Life came along, sucked up a bunch of that energy, wound it up in complex molecules made out of the hydrogen and the carbon, spit the oxygen out into the air, and poof! Donald Trump.
Where Poof=couple billion years.
Maybe we could do better.
14. The critical point in that above synopsis is that while the energy still existed, because energy must, it was bound up in complex molecules and too busy holding them together to do anything else. You certainly couldn't measure it with a thermometer.
We've got to do that. Life
15. Developed society contains too much kinetic energy. The excess energy drives excess activity. We're doing the wrong things. In energy terms, physics terms, global ecosystem terms, atmospheric terms, biosphere terms, we're doing the wrong things.
16. When a contained system holds a high level of energy, that is a dangerous condition. High levels of energy need to be dissipated gradually to prevent over-stressing the involved matter.
Say 👮is driving 60 mph. That speed is kinetic energy. Lots of kinetic energy.
17. Say he runs into a bridge abutment. All that matter releases all that kinetic energy virtually instantaneously. Most of that matter crumbles into unrecognizable shapes in the process. Nobody walks away.
Say, instead, he puts on the brakes, eases down,
18. Converts all that kinetic energy into heat and dissipates it into the atmosphere, and by the other end of the same bridge he's sitting still just pretty as you please, no muss, no fuss, no damage.
We need to do that.
Or we're going to do the other thing.
The energy is real.
19. As far as physics is concerned we're just blobs of matter. When we're in the car at a mile a minute the energy is in our bodies just as sure as it's in our cars.
That's why it doesn't pay to use bridges instead of brakes.
So - how do you get rid of excess kinetic energy?
20. You slow down.
I'm going to start a new thread.

• • •

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26 Nov
Climate justice. Environmental racism. White supremacy. Genocide. Slavery. Climate change. The Industrial Revolution. Ecosystem collapse. It's all one thing.
It is a historic fact that the same people who invented the Industrial Revolution were the ones who came over here and
2. Killed almost all the people who lived here, and their children, in an ongoing holocaust of Biblical proportion, cut down the forest, plowed the prairie, killed everything the people who lived here were living on, turned it all into money.
Couldn't have done it without 🚂🚂
3. It is an absolute literal fact that the Industrial Revolution powered a significant portion of the genocide.
And we didn't just kill all the people. We killed the land. We're still killing it - land dies slowly. It's tough. There are two and half billion years of life there.
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25 Nov
If I never read or was told another word Lauren Boebert said it would be a week to soon.
We - Democrats - never tell our story. We're too busy jumping up to defend ourselves from their lies. Which spreads their lies to a wider audience. Some of whom believe them.
Ignore them.
Ronald Reagan got elected on the platform, "Government sucks."
In all the years since, one thing no Democrat before Joe Biden has stood up and said, "Government is a good thing. It's supposed to be here, it's supposed to make your life better."
We still won't say it.
3. There is no specific program on Biden's agenda more important than "Government is a good thing."
But we're too busy with point-by-point refutations of Lauren Boebert and *ucker Carlson.
And the rest of the MFM (the last word is Media and the first compound word a swearword)
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24 Nov
"Slow down," I say, and it seems trivial. Everyone* responds, "Yes, we need to reduce consumerism..." or whatever.
No, I mean: slow down.
2. The nations of the world could all get together at a real, we're-actually-scared conference, and agree.
🔹 Reduce all surface speeds 5 mph / year until nothing goes faster than a running horse
🔹Apply analogous energy throughput limitations on air and sea traffic worldwide
🔹Plant all lands freed up as a result of 1🔹 and 2 🔹 to complex locally adapted ecosystems / food source
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24 Nov
.@ClimateBen tweeted this last night.
I'd like to add to it by mentioning the sources of the emissions to which he refers.
2. This tweet is in the same thread.
Record CO2 emissions.
Anybody wonder why?
3. The BIF (Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework) aka (Big Industrial Fuckup) highway project, by itself, will be one of the largest increases if fossil fuel use as well as non-fuel based emissions in the history of the nation.
Biggest new concrete manufacturing in 70 years.
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22 Nov
In the first place, climate change is a values decision.
It is a scientific fact that we know all the things we do which cause it. We know that, on this entire burning planet, about a quarter to at the most a third of the people who live here do the things that cause climate heat
2. and the other two thirds, the ones who aren't causing it, they're all getting along OK.
But we look down our noses at them, and burn their fields, and flood their gardens and their homes, with out energy and its outputs.
We literally do all this on purpose. Now that we know.
3. There is no question whether or not humankind could survive without pouring all this energy into the ecosystem.
Two thirds of us are today.
We're just too fucking proud.
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21 Nov
I took a video of my hand driving today. It's uploading, just a short, probably be up by the end of this thread.
I had a dead tree down in my way, too big for me to move with my unaided body strength. I needed to get it into the creek. And my slip, which I had a rocky start with
yesterday, was still out in the Winter Pasture. These names are historic, from when G had about a hundred Angora goats and this was a fiber farm. I knew her but just as a friendly acquaintance. Long road to here.
But I digress.
3. I got a late start. A local church, where our adopted family goes, gave away a Thanksgiving meal free to all comers, out of a little kitchen facility which our family member owns.
Advertised it in the paper, all comers, free food, no speeches no hassle, drive by pickup.
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