Climate justice. Environmental racism. White supremacy. Genocide. Slavery. Climate change. The Industrial Revolution. Ecosystem collapse. It's all one thing.
It is a historic fact that the same people who invented the Industrial Revolution were the ones who came over here and
2. Killed almost all the people who lived here, and their children, in an ongoing holocaust of Biblical proportion, cut down the forest, plowed the prairie, killed everything the people who lived here were living on, turned it all into money.
Couldn't have done it without 🚂🚂
3. It is an absolute literal fact that the Industrial Revolution powered a significant portion of the genocide.
And we didn't just kill all the people. We killed the land. We're still killing it - land dies slowly. It's tough. There are two and half billion years of life there.
4. So now I guess what we do about the genocide is 🤷 and all the white people keep everything.
About that environmental racism. The part where we put all the poison that comes out of our factories where the black people live.
The problem is the poisons. Quit making them.
5. Black people in America were dragged here in chains, and when they finally got let loose that was all the got. The white people kept all the good stuff. That's an entire tale of humanity at its worst, and not over yet. White people still treat black people like shit.
6. That said, if we didn't make the poisons the poisons wouldn't be part of the "like shit" because they wouldn't exist.
Now: here's the hard part. I remember this from when we, collectively, agitated for and got the Environmental laws, under Nixon and a Democratic Congress.
7. We made laws that said, You can't dump your poison in the creek.
But you can go on making the poison.
See, here's the deal: once you got it, it's going somewhere. Making laws about where to put it can't work. It's going somewhere.
But the problem is, making the poison is part
8. Of the deal. You can't make the plastic without the poison half. You take these molecules, and you apply energy in various ways to them, and they separate into component smaller molecules, and the half of that spilt we want, we keep, and the part we don't want is poison.
9. What we here in Missouri call and Arkansas guarantee: if it breaks in two you got both pieces.
Whether you want them or not.
Fire is splitting molecules. Smoke is parts the fire didn't use.
The CO2 in the atmosphere is the part of the coal / oil / methane we didn't use.
10. Environmental racism is this year's version of what we did in the 70s: "You can't put that poison there!"
It's going somewhere.
Lots of it went all the way to China. Now we can all pretend Europe (not to be confused with: white people) have got it *down* and our emissions...
11. Are all in fucking China. How dumb I look?
Never mind. I don't want to know.
12. The Industrial Revolution is and always was the ultimate White Supremacy.
It's a matter of record that, given an informed choice after experiencing both lifestyles, most people of all races chose the indigenous American people's societies over the European ones.
13. I will state without reservation that my small life with dirt and donkeys is more pleasant and physically satisfying than almost any person in what would popularly be thought of as better circumstances, more privilege, more wealth.
I'm winning this game. If I die here I won.
14. The way we live, with the machines, the speed, the modern life - every single aspect of this modern life was thought up by one person for the express purpose of making himself more wealthy than other people.
From the first sewing machine. From the first spinning machine.
15. From the beginning it's been, fire the help, put in a machine, sell shit cheaper than the next guy, put him out of business, speed up my machine to serve his customers, round and round, and here we are.
16. And from the first, the next guy with a machine was going to hire all the people the guy before him made unemployed, except he didn't need that many, so he creamed off the best, paid them shit, worked them to death, poisoned them, and it's been that way.
17. The Luddites were right. The people who lived here before the white ones showed up were right.
Climate change and ecosystem collapse are the living, dying, proof.
18. And just as sure as we ain't going to give the land back to the descendants of the people we stole it from, we're committed above all else to building machinery that will let us continue to do all the things we have done since we invented it.
19. Climate Justice. The people of the Global South would like to have a word with you. We keep talking about population, which kind of points a finger at the large numbers of brown people who mostly don't cause climate change, but meanwhile a few white folks are burning the 🌎🌍
20. There is some kind of bizarre hallucination that "Climate Justice" means bringing the poor unfortunate people who aren't killing the world up to where they can do it too, and then...
Y'all, Earth can't support ¼ of us living this way.
Climate Justice is we go to Africa
21. with our hats in our hands and we say, "Will you teach us how to operate donkeys in an efficient economy please?"
And in return we forgive 100% of their debt to white people.
That's climate justice.
22. At the correct energy and speed level of an economy, all the people could provide enough food, shelter, clothing, for all themselves to live warm, well fed, comfortable at home, safe, and not work too hard or need much money.
No slaves, no excess people. Balance.

• • •

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27 Nov
Apocalypse Amish.
Over the years since I got off the renewable energy bandwagon I have mentioned the Amish, in positive ways, numerous times.
The problem with doing that is, many of the same people who acknowledge the reality of climate change also feel a powerful antipathy
2. toward religion.
And the Amish do what they do because of religion, it is impossible to deny.
So religion is why they do it.
I'm not interested in why they do it. I'm interested in what they do.
I'm not a church person myself. I choose to define myself by what I believe,
3. Rather than what I don't believe, but the reason I never tried to join the Amish myself is because I couldn't believe, and I wasn't going to lie about believing, and that's one of the rules.
So, I'm not trying to sell some religion. I never bought it and I don't have it.
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27 Nov
@flyovertruth is an old Twitter friend and was replying to one of my tweets.
Twitter chose to hide this tweet behind a banner.
I find this choice objectionable. Image
I believe Twitter tries to minimize negative speech re: billionaires.
I think the existence of billionaires is a clear failure of our socio-economic system and ways of social organization.
We're looking at the wrong White Supremacists. The ones on the street with the banners, those people are product. Their economic constructs, made by and for the service of the richest people in the world, the real white supremacists. The ones preserving the sanctity and permanenc
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25 Nov
If I never read or was told another word Lauren Boebert said it would be a week to soon.
We - Democrats - never tell our story. We're too busy jumping up to defend ourselves from their lies. Which spreads their lies to a wider audience. Some of whom believe them.
Ignore them.
Ronald Reagan got elected on the platform, "Government sucks."
In all the years since, one thing no Democrat before Joe Biden has stood up and said, "Government is a good thing. It's supposed to be here, it's supposed to make your life better."
We still won't say it.
3. There is no specific program on Biden's agenda more important than "Government is a good thing."
But we're too busy with point-by-point refutations of Lauren Boebert and *ucker Carlson.
And the rest of the MFM (the last word is Media and the first compound word a swearword)
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24 Nov
"Slow down," I say, and it seems trivial. Everyone* responds, "Yes, we need to reduce consumerism..." or whatever.
No, I mean: slow down.
2. The nations of the world could all get together at a real, we're-actually-scared conference, and agree.
🔹 Reduce all surface speeds 5 mph / year until nothing goes faster than a running horse
🔹Apply analogous energy throughput limitations on air and sea traffic worldwide
🔹Plant all lands freed up as a result of 1🔹 and 2 🔹 to complex locally adapted ecosystems / food source
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24 Nov
I have taken a break from speaking about actions which would be available to global developed societies if they wanted to reduce their GHG emissions.
There are several. It wouldn't be hard. It's just unthinkable.
2. If the urge strikes you to tell me people won't do this, please do not hit send on the tweet. The endless repetitions of that response have nearly forced me to quit this line of discussion. I cannot express the weight of the feeling of futility I carry. I actually care.
3. I already got it.
Fuck this. Lemme go catch my breath.
Y'all are beating me to death. I know you feel all-knowing, but I can't bear the weight of your collective certainty.
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24 Nov
.@ClimateBen tweeted this last night.
I'd like to add to it by mentioning the sources of the emissions to which he refers.
2. This tweet is in the same thread.
Record CO2 emissions.
Anybody wonder why?
3. The BIF (Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework) aka (Big Industrial Fuckup) highway project, by itself, will be one of the largest increases if fossil fuel use as well as non-fuel based emissions in the history of the nation.
Biggest new concrete manufacturing in 70 years.
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