This is what wishful thinking looks like: there's no reason to assume that the Mink has less symptoms or got less sick etc: just like humans they got reinfected shortly after infection: and probably had more severe disease if anything.
So let's just imagine this was true: they are reinfected and mainly asymptotic carriers now: what does that mean? well, it means they will pass the virus on undetected: sooner or later a new variant and or strain will arise from that...Possibilities are endless here.
I think what many Drs don't seem to understand is that viruses aren't going to start being nice one day: just like the heart disease they treat and cancers etc: they don't start getting less severe just because you have 60-70% effective drug you can give SOME people.
They also seem to have a hard time understanding multiplication: so normally, a Dr treats one patient with one condition, moves on. Covid is not like that: where there's one patient there will be many more next week or tomorrow, until totally overwhelmed.
So lacking is this understanding of multiplicative dynamics in Covid that many Drs are fooled into thinking that because they've spent months seeing a steady stream of 2-3 Covid patients, that's how things will remain from now on: no more surges.
Until we hit that magic boom that will come sooner or later with uncontrolled spread: then, 10 come through door, then 20, then 50, and before you know it it's everywhere and everything is chaos.
I think this is something they need to start teaching at medical school. Teaching individual treatment, but also how to deal with multiplicative events such as this virus: by the time the hospitals are overwhelmed: it's already too late.

• • •

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25 Nov
South Africa has now hit a true exponential in cases: a massive increase in just 3 weeks from less that 1% positivity to 30% as new variant with significant changes becomes dominant: the variant is thought to be more transmissible and may completely evade vaccine protection: Image
At an emergency press conference recently held leading South African scientists accounted that they have intensified a new variant of concern, amid a paid rise in cases: the variant has significant changes in spike: Image
This variant is thought to be more infectious as well as better at evading vaccines protection: the new variant has been named: B.1.1.529, and is soon to be named using the WHO Greek alphabet system: Image
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25 Nov
Reinfection in Mink in less than 3 months after first infection: yet more evidence that there is no long-term immunity to this virus: Image
The most plausible explanation is that infection with Sars Cov2 does not create long-term immunity in Mink. The authors go on to give examples of how this applies to other animals: including humans: Image
"We concluded that the initial round of infection in mink was insufficient to confer protection against re-infection."

The same is true in humans: as many are now finding out for the 3rd, 4th, 5th time etc.
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24 Nov
So here we are Delta + which is more infectious by at least 10% is about to become dominant shortly: now accounts for 15% of cases: 1/6.

'New AY.4.2 variant of Delta makes up 15% of UK cases - does that mean you're more likely to catch COVID again?'…
I like Sky News now says will you catch it again? Erm, yeah, you can get infected by the same variant multiple times idiots.
Many in the low IQ squad still think that getting infected makes you immune: just like being infected with colds, RSV, flu etc makes you immune🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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24 Nov
1/School in Cumbria has cases well above 10% with 1 in 3 of the class infected: as outbreak consumes the school

A school in Cumbria reports that 27% of one class has been diagnosed as having Covid over the last 5 days.
2/This includes teachers and pupils.

The school also has a 'smaller number' of cases in other classes: meaning that the outbreak will intensify.
3/ 27% is well over the 'trigger threshold' for PHE action which is now supposed to be 10%: though this 10% can seemingly be applied in any way they feel like: 10% of a class, 10% of a school, 10% of a year group?
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23 Nov
1/A Vist from Ofsted Inspectors followed by a 'significant outbreak of Covid' In A Sussex Primary school

A school reports a reduction of 1/3rd in some classes due to a Covid outbreak following an Ofsted inspection after half term.
2/Unsurprisingly, the school reports being significantly down on staffing numbers as a result and then brags about keeping classes open: to those of us who live in the real world, we know that all that will happen is the outbreak will get worse.
3/British headteachers don't live in the real world, of course, they wait for miracles to happen and Covid to stop spreading through prayer alone it seems.
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23 Nov
1/More Than One Child Has Died Every Week From Covid

Since the start of the pandemic, the UK has recorded 113 child deaths: the equivalent of around four classrooms dying.

Since March 2020, this would equate to around 5 deaths a month on average, more than 1 every single week.

This chart shows just England and Wales deaths in young people and children up to the 29th October 2021 according to ONS data: more have died since

3/ 32 more have sadly died in England and Wales since then: death now happens at an increased rate from October and September which averaged around 10 a day or one every 3 days.

November there have already been 32 deaths: more than 1 every single day.

A 3 fold increase.
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