The GOP will blame Biden, and they would be correct—but the GOP was just as eager to bring masses of unvetted people into the US. Ben Sasse and Mitch McConnell said they would be glad to have them in their neighborhoods, presumably out of sight, a few blocks over, nearer to you.
Even the Waukesha incident follows his pattern: GOP tries to beat the Democrats at criminal justice reform, everyone from Newt Gingrich to Trump and Ron Johnson are pushing jailbreak bills and bail reform. Post Waukesha? "Democrats did this!"
The Republican Party's official position was that Biden messed up the withdrawal from Afghanistan but we could definitely trust him to properly screen everyone coming over here and only a FREEDOM HATING BIGOT would disagree…
Here is what voting Republican gets you: accept masses of unvetted people into your neighborhood or you aren't a real red blooded American Patriot oh also if anything goes wrong it's the socialist-marxist Democrats' fault

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25 Nov
Hard to find a copy today but these are not only the best written articles and columns I've ever read, they constitute the basis of a coherent Middle American radicalism. Once you finish it, all of our most important political problems make sense ImageImage
Francis was a disciple of James Burnham, who also understood our political problems better and sooner than others. Francis quotes him below: Image
You can pretty much stamp each of these with today's date and they would be just as if not more relevant. The problem is that you end up frustrated that other people haven't read them
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22 Nov
Here's a thread on scumbags with huge platforms that demonized white people after the Rittenhouse verdict. If you're someone like the Waukesha killer, what might you conclude by reading them is the solution to white people? His social media shows lots of BLM media narratives.

According to the New York Times' @CharlesMBlow, the Rittenhouse verdict affirmed the "idea of taking the law into one’s own hands not only to protect order, but also to protect the order...central to the maintenance of white power and its structures."… 2/
According to @CasMudde, the Rittenhouse verdict means "White people now have the apparent right to travel around the country, heavily armed, and use violence to protect the country from whatever and whoever they believe to be threatening to it."… 3/
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21 Nov
Which is a better return for right wing benefactors?

-a donation to a think tank

-funding a meme conservative campaign in a laughably unwinnable district

-a major media outlet, prominent journalist, or politician ruined by a lawsuit for defaming Kyle Rittenhouse
Generally speaking lawfare is the frontier that the right needs to explore. Rittenhouse is just a relevant example of a possible opportunity. Jake Gardner’s family is also pursuing some kind of legal action
Peter Thiel destroyed Gawker by bankrolling Hulk Hogan's lawsuit. This is the way, brothers
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20 Nov
Thank you GOP official, Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, and House Republicans for supporting Kyle Rittenhouse
Somebody tell them that Kyle did what he did to defend tax cuts
Thank you Ronna for a single tweet that came after it was safe to do so
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20 Nov
So we need to talk about punishing journalists at places like the New York Times and MSNBC who lie about people like Rittenhouse. Journalists need to be terrified of reporting anything more than the most harmless, straightforward details about a case
They won't stop unless they feel afraid and the only way to do that is to professionally and financially ruin a few of them
If that sounds harsh consider that these people tried putting a way an innocent kid for life because he was at a riot that they instigated by lying about the Jacob Blake shooting
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19 Nov
Youngkin got elected on culture war issues about race and sex

So, Youngkin chose a guy with pronouns in his bio to do his comms who also served on the Georgetown Latinx Leadership Forum and supports virtually everything Youngkin's voters voted against

This is peak GOP
I'm not surprised by any of this, just the speed at which Youngkin is sinking the knife into people's backs, it has to be some kind of land speed record for the GOP
If Youngkin boots him, I'm sure he'll be able to land a job at the America First Policy Institute
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