1./ Should #EddieRemayne regret his portrayal of Lili Elbe? Yes, but not for the reasons @PeterTatchell from the Gender Stasi suggested. Truth is 'The Danish Girl' is full of unheeded warnings about the dangers of today's uncritical acceptance of gender identity ideology.👇
2./ The movie not only is steeped in ridiculous gender stereotypes, it avoids all the difficult questions about Lili Elbe's conviction 'he' was really 'she'. Take, for example, Lili going to a sex show in Paris to discover how to pout and pose like a woman.🤮👇
3./ That was symptomatic of how Lili embraced not some deep inner feeling of being a REAL woman but a sexualised stereotype of a woman. Lili was born Einar Andreas Wegener. Funny how Einar didn't use a peasant working woman as his examplar but a "sex bomb". Plus ça change.👇
4./ The movie also ignored many of the more bizarre elements of Lili's biography, published in 1931, based on "her" diaries. In those Lili described a strange divided self in which Einar was not just a different sex but a different personality. Mental health issues perchance?
5./ Tragically, when Lili chats with a female doctor they agree that even by 1920s standards Lili is an old-fashioned stereotype of a woman who longs to be controlled or "tyrannised" by "lords" and is utterly submissive and "coquettish". What does AGP stand for again?
6./ The film also skips over the fact Lili sought refuge with charlatans at the Magnus Hirschfeld clinic in Berlin who said she could achieve happiness thru castration and having a "neo-vagina" constructed. "Her" surgeon would become a leading Nazi medic.👇
7./ Hirschfeld and the other dodgy doctors (like Herr Gohrbrandt) would convince Lili she could have a womb transplant, something never attempted before and which was, in an age before antibiotics and knowledge of organ rejection, fantastically dangerous. It killed her.
8./ But before that they'd experiment on Lili by surgically implanting slices of ovary. These implants we know now are utterly useless but Lili was convinced they were not only making her female but making her younger. They were doing neither. Delusions?
9./ The worst thing about the movie is that it ignores the obvious signs that Lili was quite frankly mad. When she visits Dresden to have her final operations she finds her way to the clinic by telepathy and shouts out to the cab driver when she is convinced she's there. Mmm.
10./ After her castration "she" was convinced she'd achieved a menstrual cycle. It manifested, she said, in err...nose bleeds every month.🙄 What Lili needed was support and tolerance. Instead, she got ideologically driven medics who fuelled her delusion. Sound familiar?👇
11./ After her menstrual nose bleeds Lili, said "A complete revolution in my character began". Formerly she'd "been imperious". Now an impulse to obey and submit unconditionally "has seized hold of me". Welcome to a full-blown sexualised fantasy of S&M.
12./ So feel ashamed if you want to Eddie about portraying Lili Elbe. But the real problem isn't that you weren't "trans". It's that you censored the mental fragility and internalised homophobia that drove so much of Lili's self-destruction; and thereby validated the same today.

• • •

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18 Nov
1./ It's #TransAwarenessWeek; the new global festival of religious belief; a Gender Identity X-mas that celebrates performative "kindness" that's not to be confused with the similar but totally different Spring festival of #TransgenderDayofVisibility.🤷‍♀️👇
2./ It was David Hume who argued all religious systems require belief in miracles and vice versa. "I never read of a miracle in my life that was not meant to establish some new point of religion”. So what miracles might be at the heart of this newly established faith?
3./ Hume argued a miracle is immune from Reason (or dull facts). So this week will climax with #TransgenderDayofRemembrance, a sombre kind of Kumbh Mela when facts will be scattered to the wind to support a claim immune to Reason and rich in sacrificial religious overtones.👇
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1./ Where did the idea of 'Gender Identity' come from? We're told we've to rewrite our laws, give up rights and teach children it's a FACT. Yet the history of this idea is -to say the least- chequered. Not least when it comes to kids. Let's start with this colourful character.👇
2./ In the late 18th Century the Chevalier d'Eon embodied a perennial debate about why some men are 'feminine' and some women 'masculine'. A spy, and great "swords-person" d'Eon claimed to be a woman. S/he certainly seemed to contemporaries to be ...a bit of both.👇
3./ In the early 20th Century gay rights pioneer Havelock Ellis coined 'Eonism' to describe what we'd now call trans. Like other pioneers, he imagined a third sex. Here's Ellis, a gay man, with Edith Lees, his lesbian wife. They'd an open relationship (to no one's huge surprise).
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15 Nov
1./ How BAD is the science employed by the trans lobby? Terrible, if we're to judge by the UK govt's recent study into Conversion Therapy which argues for an affirmation only model for "trans youth". It's only the latest in a tradition of awful, pseudo-science trans research.👇 Image
2./ The tax-payer funded report makes huge claims but was based on interviews with a grand total of 30 people. Remember how much the trans lobby complained about that BBC article based on interviews with "just 80" lesbians? Maybe lesbian experiences count for less at Oink News?👇 Image
3./ The absurd thing is the UK govt is taking seriously a report that opines on "Gender Identity Conversion Therapy" which examined only 4 previous studies, none of which were conducted in the UK. Incredibly, the report interviewed only SIX trans or "non-binary" people. Six?👇 ImageImage
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4 Nov
1./ A thread on what we should do about Conversion Therapy. We know the govt is rushing to present a ban as a rainbow-wrapped gift for next year's LGBTQ+ gobal jamboree. Despite that are there some things we can salvage from its mess of a proposed Bill?👇gov.uk/government/new…
2./ Anything that protects vulnerable Brits from charlatans like this disgusting creep 👇is to be applauded. As President of the Association of Evangelicals, Ted Haggard promoted "reparative" therapy claiming the Bible says gay sex or gay desire are inherently sinful.
3./ 30 million evangelicals worldwide took Haggard at his word until he admitted he'd been shagging a rent boy for 3 years; often while smoking methamphetamine. Maybe the drugs explains how dumb he appeared when tackled by @RichardDawkins on evolution.
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3 Nov
1./ Liam Hackett embodies everything that's gone wrong with the LGBTQ+ movement. He was able to contribute to the intimidation of @Docstockk because British institutions amplified his barefaced grifting. Here he is in a document produced by Parliament itself (bottom right).👇
2./ Yep, the House of Commons produced this guide -at our expense- of LGBT pioneers for distribution to schools and lauds a man we know is a serial bully of a feminist and mother...as some sort of mentor figure and example. And how ironic reads the boo hoo about him now. 🤮👇
3./ His charity, Ditch the Label.."shared their experience and knowledge to help UK Parliament understand the issue of bullying" What can possibly explain this lack of child safeguarding or basic research on the part of Parliament? Take just two seconds to guess.👇
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2 Nov
1./ It's great to see journalists defending Caroline Lowbridge's shocking piece on the sexual harassment of lesbians. It's been defended by the @BBC, quite rightly. Those demanding it ignore this issue are asking the BBC to cover up a scandal. No wonder #Savile comes to mind.👇
2./ What's so disgusting is the majority of those signing the letter of complaint to @BBC know full well this scandal is real. As @ALLIANCELGB have pointed out the concern of lesbians about a minority of transwomen has long been an open secret. 👇
3./ So YES it's fair to compare this cover-up to the Savile case because in both managers at the BBC were pressured to keep quiet. Fortunately, the BBC has now courageously found its voice. The complainers though are morally as bankrupt as Savile's disgraceful enablers.
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