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This is #TransDayOfRemembrance, the culmination of #TransAwarenessWeek
So, what are Trans Rights? Trans identified ppl across Europe have every human & civil right. They can't be fired or refused housing. On average there is just one murder a year in the UK & across Europe.1/…
And there have been no murders in Ireland.


Conflating their lives & mortality rates with those of prostituted people is dishonest. Unsurprisingly, trans identified males who work as prostitutes servicing men in North, Central & South America, lead short, dangerous lives. But that has nothing to do with 'Trans Rights'. 3/
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So... briefly our stories......
I never wanted to be trans, it took me until 44 to accept who i am, overcome my fears & guilt (my own transphobia)
Spent my life trying to repress, ignore and overcome these feelings – I could no longer do that, being me was one of the hardest things I ever did /1
struggled with being told was a boy all my life, earliest memories of this struggle are from around age of 6, being told i was a boy i could no longer dance the girls part in ballet with the girls. never danced again.. Always crossed dressed, always wanted to be a princess! /2 affirm Trans Kids
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Hello everyone ! We are @Nat_itsme_uk & @StubbornDogs taking over Neville’s twitter from 7-9pm. Huge thanks to Neville for the opportunity to share our experiences & issues. We want to help others learn about & challenge some of myths about being trans out there #Transtakeover Sam and Nat, TPB 2018
Its #Transawarenessweek why is this needed?

Hate crimes against trans people have quadrupled in 5 years 53% of young trans people suffered a hate crime over 12 months Most of the media has waged a campaign against us just like past anti-gay crusades…
we both want to stress that we can only talk from our own experiences. We’re both white professionals & have educational privilege. Trans people who are BAME & also face racism or other disadvantage may have quite different stories. Their voices also need to be heard & valued xx
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There is a Dani Laidley or Kirsti Miller in every @AFL club in Australia. Sadly 99.9% of us are to afraid to be there true selves.
The thing about many transgender people is that until they accept who they really are, they try to hide it. I did that by being a tough boy.
I was a good sportsman, a first-grade rugby league player for Wagga Wagga, and I represented Australia in the modern pentathlon, where you run, swim, ride, shoot and fence and Aquathon.
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So, it's #TransAwarenessWeek, and I'm going to do a Twitter thread about what a Gender Recognition Certificate is, why UK trans people want to see the Gender Recognition Act reformed, and my own experiences this week going through this nonesense myself.

Also, ways you can help.
The Gender Recognition Act of 2004 was a government created framework for allowing trans people in the UK to update their birth certificates to list their new name and gender, via a Gender Recognition Certificate.

This basically only impacts marriages and death certificates.
To be clear, you do not need a Gender Recognition Certificate to update your ID, passport, bank account, or to be legally protected as female.

You do not need one to use gendered facilities either. The Equalities Act is a separate thing that protects those rights.
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Here's a thread, posted without opinion or comment, for #TransAwarenessWeek Image
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The awareness part of #TransAwarenessWeek can't be understated. If I'd gotten to see any serious discussions or representation growing up, I know it wouldn't have taken over 30 years to realize who I was.

People need to see they're not alone, and that their feelings are real.
As I've said before, in the UK as a kid, culture had only *just* started to begrudgingly accept bisexuals were real. I didn't *know* about the actual scope of sexuality and gender.

So I just went with boy, even thought it never quite felt right.
Oof, that has an impact on you, when you're conditioned to think you're one way, and you keep trying to be that way and can't. You feel broken. And the people in your life who also don't have that awareness, they think you're broken too.
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As it's #TransAwarenessWeek and I have a bunch of books that need signing, I think today is going to be a chatting and signing stream.

Going live at 10pm UK, 5pm Eastern, 2pm Pacific. We're going to chat about trans stuff, about books, and a bunch more.

Depending how late it is when we finish signing, MAYBE we will do a run of Hades too. Maybe. I'm a bad judge of how long book doing takes.
Going live on Twitch in the next few mins.

Likely to be 30 ish mins of chatting / book signing, then some Hades for a bit.

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For #TransAwarenessWeek we'll be posting 10 #TipsForBeingTransInclusive for psychologists based on the British Psychological Society's guidelines for working with gender, sexuality & relationship diversity.… Image
Tip #1 Use language that is preferred by your clients, students, research participants etc. E.g. Use their preferred names and pronouns in person and, wherever possible, in documentation. Displaying your pronouns can also communicate that you're inclusive. #TransAwarenessWeek
Tip #2 Don’t make assumptions about a person’s gender, nor assume that their gender identity is ‘just a phase’ #TransAwarenessWeek
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THREAD: Yesterday, we saw negative narratives from my #TransHealthEthicsProject interviews with #trans folks re: #healthcare. Most had a mix of both pos & neg. What does good care look like? And what are some tips/guidelines for delivering it? 1/n
#TransAwarenessWeek #bioethics
Let's start w/Simon, whose negative experiences we saw yesterday, including being misgendered and outed by front office staff, especially when he sought Gyn care. I asked all participants to say what would be better--or in fact was better sometimes--than negative experiences. 2/n
Simon said "I think better responses are just, if they’re asking if you’re a new patient starting with
basic things rather than starting with a birthdate, because that kind of breaks it down. It seems
weird but if you start with a birthdate then we can start somewhere..." 3/n
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THREAD: Sunday, I tweeted re: trans folks' feelings seeking healthcare: anxious, humiliated; when it works, good. Here are some narratives that help explain. We'll do negative narratives today, and positives Tuesday.
Paul Farmer, public health advocate and a founder of Partners in Health (@PIH) says, “stories illustrate some of the mechanisms through which large-scale social forces crystallize into the sharp, hard surfaces of individual suffering.” #narrativematters #bioethics #meded
@PIH Of course, stories also remind us of the joy that folks can take in life even when suffering occurs. And trans joy is real.
But alas, today I'm going to tell you about how clinical encounters damage trans folks, how a source of help is too often a source of harm. 3/n
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THREAD: "What words or phrases come to mind when you think about seeking health care?" I asked #trans & #nonbinary folks in #TransHealthEthicsProject. This word cloud shows the overall sense of dismay. The individual responses are a gut punch. 1/n

#TransAwarenessWeek #bioethics
"Do I have to?
Will I die if I don't?
How much is this going to cost?"
"Embarassing. Humiliating. Judgmental."
"Anxiety. Being discovered. Not getting the care that I need. Not being believed. Becoming an experiment."
#TransHealthEthicsProject #TransAwarenessWeek
"Red fucking tape. Money I don't fucking have... difficulty paying for things, and always having to navigate a stupid sea of referrals and bureaucratic BS for getting a damn appointment."
#TransHealthEthicsProject #TransAwarenessWeek
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THREAD:#TransHealthEthicsProject interviews w/#trans folks are "thick" examples of barriers to care described generically in surveys. #doctors & #nurses often say "those patterns are terrible, but how can I know if I am doing it?" #narrativematters #bioethics #TransAwarenessWeek
I used a standardized array of interview questions across 15 hours of interviews with trans folks regarding their experiences seeking health care in the United States, both POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE, to give providers #narrative examples/guidelines on what not to do, AND what to do.
I did the interviews and my research assistants (@BreanneRBurton, Ren Czachor, Jake Richardson, and Harry Silvey) transcribed them so that no unknown persons would have access to the audio. While some participants gave permission to share audio, all permit sharing transcripts.
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THREAD: This summary of key findings from the "largest-ever study of transgender and gender non-conforming people in the United States" is essential reading for #medical and #nursing personnel. 1/n
“Finding doctors who will treat, will prescribe, & will even look at you like a human being rather than a thing has been problematic. Have been denied care by doctors & major hospitals so much that... I never reveal my gender history.” — Survey Respondent 2/n
Nearly 1 in 5 trans folks surveyed (19 percent) reported being refused health care care outright because they were transgender or gender non-conforming.

REIHELD NOTE: this is consistent across studies, & across US and Canada. Access to care is about bias, not just systems. 3/n
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🏳️‍🌈#LGBTVoices Celebrates🏳️‍🌈

Today’s Thread Topic: Transgender voters

Strict voter ID laws disenfranchise transgender voters, as 68% of trans people do not have identification that match their gender identity and/or name.

2/ There are 1.4 million trans people of voting age. All voters should have an equal opportunity to participate in the political process.
Voter i.d. laws & uniformed workers can cause obstacles for trans voters
3/ Once trans voters know their state's I.d. requirements they may still experience problems at the polls.
A few helpful resources are these Check off items on the #VotingWhileTrans guides for voters & poll workers/election officials
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Trans is beautiful.
Trans is natural.
Trans is authentic.
Trans is powerful.
Trans is honest.
Trans is enduring.

I am proud to be a woman, proud to be trans, and proud to be queer.

Tonight ends #TransAwarenessWeek, and it's because of other advocates I can say the above.
I don't know where I'd be without transgender pioneers, without the queer community and its advocates, without allies who are resilient and unapologetic in their support, and without my friends who have been my rock since coming out.
We sadly live in dramatic times, and I really wish we didn't. It would be much easier and funner to not have to worry about what next month brings with this White House. I would love to be "Charlotte, that interesting woman who, if you get to know her, also happens to be trans".
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In light of the #ONPC resolution stating that gender theory is "unscientific," here are a list of resources by medical professionals stating that sex and gender are distinct, and that gender has social aspects. #onpoli #TransRightsAreHumanRights #TransAwarenessWeek
I will also include excerpts from papers showing the link between accepting people's gender and reducing suicide among trans folks. @TGranicAllen's policy will materially contribute to the deaths of transgender people. Please feel free to share this with your MPP.
Pediatric Endocrine Society:…
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🏳️‍🌈#LGBTVoices Celebrates🏳️‍🌈

Today’s Thread Topic:

Binary vs. Non-Binary?


First, we need to understand the concept of being “gender binary”. Simply, it means viewing gender as two opposite categories of “male” (masculine)🧔🏾& female (feminine)👩🏻‍⚕️.

But what if you don’t fit into that mold?

@TransEquality: “Non-binary” is one term people use to describe genders that don’t fall into one of these two categories, male or female.

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I saw some ladies I follow doing this, but none of the men, so in honor of #TransAwarenessWeek, I'm offering a thread of cisplanations for any questions you may have for me about the trans experience or trans science or anything trans-related that I can answer! Ask away~
It was a huge relief. I couldn't wait to get that needle in my stomach as fast as possible, even though I was and still am pretty terrified of needles. But I still do it every week because it's so worth it not to feel dysphoria anymore.
I realize this refers to hormonal transition, because that's where my brain goes first, but in truth I had to do eight months of work *before* that, coming out to people, buying new clothes, etc., but I've blocked most of that out because it was not pleasant, I felt like a joke.
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