Dysfunctional economics when some one is happy to pay avg 250k$ for a starter and 600k$ for a larger house, where you bring your own: water, gas, power, security,trash collection svcs. It makes sense only if viewed as transactions between 'rentseekers'.
This is neither a reality nor a sound financial investment for most. There is little to no value that can be extracted post investment into the asset till u sell. For the non rent seekers/privilege club members this money should be put to productive use

When the only productive use is for one's family to sell a family home post departure of the head of house hold, the battle is already lost. Middle-class dreams are no longer made in DHA, instead take your cash and invest into favorable destinations legally. LTV & life =better
All this is all cash, since the avg person can't get a loan and the unit economics doesn't justify an asset whose rental yield is pathetic its literally an asset most won't fund. Its a long term lock in creating no economic activity. As dead as they come.Why is the market hot?
Simple. The dou numbery, all cash no tax, political gains converted to cash, illegal money, the patrons of society, the scions of the circle jerk clubs, all parking money into real estate has f-d it up for everyone else. Atop govt amnesties to the same criminal class.
Till its regulated, order is restored, amnesties and chances to the crooks of the land withdrawn to stop cleaning up ill gotten wealth in amnesties, the outcomes for avg ppl will remain: inflation, thankless jobs, power/gas outages, bills, caring for ageing parents &
Telling lies to self, that it will get better soon. We continue to believe that, because if we dont, we burry our hopes n dreams the same way the ruling class has buried the future of our children in debt. When jokers lead us in parliament & on the international circuit,
The only thing we can be expected to win at, is a circus act.That is precisely what this is, 1 big circus.For all those thinking those in charge know what to do, remember that their power base is clowns. At its best we may get a laugh out of it, but to be taken seriously we must
Move away from being in charge of clowns. Till we do that this entrapment under debt & the rules of the few will continue to stunt our national development. Root of most evil is bad governance & misplaced nationalism. It fuels the fire of incompetence. Wont change overnight.
Its a tough spot & current economic realities are making it tougher. We need stable economic hands vs what we think stable hands mean. Opening the economy & fixing policy to do biz easier is our only hope. If only the babus in charge understood. @rebootdude @babushka99 @Huk06

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6 Oct
EI/EQ for the Win.

Emotional intelligence in business, or the ability to understand your emotions and others, is crucial regardless of what industry you operate in.

Emotional intelligence represents the intersection of emotions and general mental ability.
We generally suck at it in our business ecosystem. Hence the emotional well being and work cultures are rigid, boring, toxic, political and lack empathy. Impacting our national output, lowering productivity and self satisfaction.

How many people do you know that love their job?
Per a study, EI/EQ is linked to higher salaries if you got what it takes. researchgate.net/publication/31…
EI includes the ability to use emotions to increase motivation & focus, it also includes the ability to detach from very powerful short-term emotions when needed to better focus
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5 Oct
FOMO is real.

You will be History:
1) If you are in a business that still uses a fax machine
2) If you are in a business that has no price transparency
3) If you are an incumbent only because no one will compete with you
4) If you have scale & winning only due to legacy scale
So how does FOMO become real.

Foreign Origin Money Orchestration. (WTF?)

The min Foreign Money comes to our shores as it is now

1) Incumbents will feel the pain & die
2) Labour force will be disrupted for the worse(short term)
3) Scale effects will be 100x
4) Weeks not Years
Lets un-pack it.

No real money has come to Pakistan in years besides industrial projects, any one who had any edge, dominance, market leader position is typically because there was little to no competition. From Airlines to Bus services, to Branded grocery stores.
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5 Oct
For every solopreneur or CEO, manager, worker bee that complains that they are drowned in stuff. You cant fix what you cant measure. Heres a simple thing to do, during the day or day end measure your effort vs roi across activities
2) Unplanned
3) Outside the box/1off
List down the things that you plan on doing during that day before hand or as they happen. For things just show up on your schedule, put them in the unplanned box, things that you think are out of the box/one offs capture them too. Do a day end Roi on the time u spent vs output
Do this for a few days a week, a month a few months. Patterns will emerge,you can now get to your benchmark state. What do you do most of the day? Why are 50% of the things unplanned? How many one offs are really one offs? Why are planned things not more structured.
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4 Oct
Old Business, low/new & simple tech, industries & niches that are ready for innovation to break monopolies and save FX
1) Hardware supplies
2) Medical Test/Test Pricing-transparency
3) Comparative/List pricing Services
4) Consumables/Bread Basket Pricing
1)The hardware space in PK operates on a the investment, import and master distribution of the few. A dozen key agents who control and monopolise the industry. How you ask? They control the supply from import to price fixing to distribution and retail. It is the game of the few
At its core,the importer imports,does dodgy stuff to evade duties,as we barely make any hardware tools, nails, pipes,connectors etc.Most of this money leaves the shore via "hawala" or most of it is under invoiced when paid with banking channels. Or both.
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1 Oct
Of Airlines, Nationalisation, Privatisation and History. Pakistan, Bangladesh & India
Across the border the Salt to Software empire of TATA is likely to take over Air India. Established by J.R.D. Tata, who was India’s first licensed pilot, the airline originally flew mail in the 1930s between Karachi in then-undivided, British-ruled India and Bombay
Orient Airways Ltd was an airline established in 1946 with its base in Calcutta, Bengal, British India. The airline shifted operations to the newly independent state of Pakistan in 1947, and was rechristened as Pakistan International Airlines in 1955.
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10 Sep
Dollarized Talent Wars, Local Talent, HR & Culture, Saiths & Traditional Firms, Technology Horse Power & How to not go out of Business.

1)Industry Celebrates Funding Wins
2)Tech/Most other Talent sees $$s
3)Saiths asleep @ the wheel
4)People waiting
5)HR Folks have no clue
External funding is testament to two things if not more.
1) Validation of Local Markets
2) Validation of Local Talent

Talent comes in 4 Categories
1)Export Variety
2)Ppl who wish they were export variety
3)Top flight returned talent that has reverse culture shock
4)Boston Univ
The talent spread is multilayered:
Folks working in/for:
1) Mushrooming freelance/exporter crossover space
2) FMCGs/Local Large Cos
3) In house tech @ Saith Orgs
4) Large back offices
5) Startups(funded)
6) Startups (boot strapped)
7) Traditional companies
8) Banks
9) State orgs
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