some of you guys don't even hold your friends accountable to the same degree as idols wtf is up with that? ("rant" thread)
please let your friends know if they do something that offends/hurts you or a group of people before you go online and attack someone else for doing something of the same nature. it's hypocritical.
if your friend refuses to listen or attempt to understand where you're coming from, then they simply aren't worth it :/ it's the same with idols who get defensive and don't see the error in their ways. if you choose to drop them that's valid.
i get that it could be stressful to call out a friend's problematic behavior especially if they're close to you, but that doesn't mean it should be ignored. start a conversation and try to get your point across.
if they genuinely apologize and understand why what they did was wrong and learn from their mistakes, that only makes things easier on you and prevents people from getting hurt in the future.
i honestly don't think the majority of people who claim to hold their faves accountable put that into practice with the people they surround themselves with irl and that is so backwards to me.
if i ever step out of my place and do some ignorant shit i'd definitely want my friends to talk to me about it. we should all be open to accepting criticism from each other like how we want/expect idols to accept ours.
too many mistakes are made out of ignorance and unless someone chooses to do something about it, that behavior will continue to go uncorrected.
by "do something about it" i mean start a 2-way conversation. calling out or "exposing" your friends on the tl *before* trying to educate them often has the opposite effect and can make it worse.
public call outs can seem like an attack or betrayal coming from a friend (especially if it's never been brought up before) and distracts from the actual message you're trying to get across to whoever needs to hear it.
people are generally more receptive to feedback in a 1 on 1 conversation vs. a public forum like twitter or tiktok where anybody is welcome to comment and express their opinions.
i wanna clarify again that i'm not talking abt those who purposely hurt/offend others, and deny the need to change their behavior. this is abt checking yourself and the people you know who might not have intended for their actions to be damaging.
i'd also like to believe that whoever's reading this thread wouldn't stay friends with someone who disregards their feelings and opinions like that in the first place. you deserve better!
i hope this all makes sense. i tried to keep this thread pretty general but it's still kinda long.

• • •

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