looking at the metaverse and it's so funny because one of THE big things that made secondlife skyrocket in value for a little bit was the promise of it being a place where your college and business could deliver shitty virtual conferences and stuff and

this is exactly that
you say "virtual conference" once every 10 years and venture capital people will come running to give you shitloads of money
i suppose facebook's real promise here is that "unlike secondlife, a bunch of furries can't come in and fill the sky with 3d penises" which of course is a big boo from us but a big thumbs up from every corporate shithead
what really sucks is i'd actually like VR spaces of existing libraries where you could create instances where it's just for you and a couple of friends and you could just chill there, peruse the libraries contents together, but that's much more a Public Service than corps want

• • •

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24 Nov
alright, the sales are rolling in, so you know what that means - time for a game sale rec thread. will be rolling in from steam, gog, and itchio's when it starts.

as ever, i focus primarily on older, obscure, and weirder games that wouldn't get as much attention.

so, onwards!
Forklift Load ($2.69) - exactly what it looks like, and not at all. you're an AI forklift in a future where humans have disappeared. help other AIs as you puzzle over this strange, serene world. for fans of nier:automata, shenmue, and euro truck simulator. store.steampowered.com/app/1392490/Fo…
An Airport For Aliens Currently Run By Dogs ($16.99) - a loving comedy adventure, where you and your fiance, the last two humans, are stranded across space. and you need to make your way back to them through this airport for aliens, currently run by dogs. store.steampowered.com/app/1246250/An…
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24 Nov
hey weird that not only manchin and sinema but also like literally every republican never gets investigated for corruption and tax evasion and white collar crime, even when it's super obvious and dems have all the power to do so. must be nothing
the "magic wand" is "how would you like the IRS and the feds in general to check your tax filings a second time just to make sure everything's hunky dory"

people get weird about this cuz "that's blackmail!" when it would just be literally finally enforcing already existing laws
i suppose the thing would be "but if you threaten this and don't follow up on it just because you get their vote, that's bad" - so get their vote and then investigate them anyway after it passes, i'm cool with that
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23 Nov
mostly i just been screwing around with what fighting games are on the ps now service and boy that virtua fighter 5 release is disappointing huh
especially when like. virtua fighter 4 on the ps2 was one of THE big deals in various modes and replay value, right? i'm not imagining that?
i've also given the power rangers fighting game a try and it's alright, but i just don't like the 'weight' of the characters, especially during jumps. not BAD, just not my style
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23 Nov
one thing i love about garou: mark of the wolves is that there's all these characters and designs people have understandably fallen in love with but there's also like "hey remember kevin?" and the reaction will be "who?"
possibly followed by "oh, the cop :/"
it even applies to the final boss, kain, which is extra funny because SNK bosses are usually super memorable and have a fandom all their own. kain is just 'oh, right, that guy existed'
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23 Nov
playing a lil olliolli and while i do feel some frustration in constantly mixing up which thing i do to land on the ground and which i do to grind, messing that up probably feels somewhat accurate to how real life skaters feel when they completely brainfart before landing
also it's incredibly funny to fuck up and eat shit RIGHT in front of the crowd cheering, waiting for you
very satisfying game when you get the hang of it. it's like there's a design doc of "what would it be like if those fingerboard tech decks actually felt anything at all like skateboarding" and popped out this
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3 Sep
hey if you're planning to do spooky projects for halloween - stories, games, comics, albums, w/e - and want/need some photos for inspiration, reference, direct use, i got your back on the cheap cheap cheap
see above, continual cheap cheap cheap
the photos have been used in 2mello's Atmospheric Horror Music volume 2, the IF game SNACK RUN BLOWOUT, j. kyle pittman's The Dearheart EP and more, if you're looking for practical examples of the photos (and great shit to listen to and read)
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