Women are amazing. In the vacuum created as traditional media abandoned women’s issues, women stepped up, and many have become expert ‘citizen-reporters’. Thanks to @tribunaltweets @StopfordianR and the tweeters #AdrianHarrop #FtP #FitnessToPractice @gmc
The lamentable tantrumming doctor has showed no insight, no remorse, no accountability for the impact of his actions on the women he intimidated and threatened. It will be a whitewash if he isn’t severely sanctioned #AdrianHarrop #FtP #FitnessToPractice @gmcuk
Last weekend, accompanying Prior (a chirpy Scouser) at a Trans Day of Remembrance, #AdrianHarrop made sure he was wearing his “t*rf repellant” badge. This alludes to spraying uncooperative women with a noxious, possibly corrosive chemical. Great imagery on #IDEVAW
Lest we forget the epidemic of male violence that is the context of #AdrianHarrop’S tweets please support actionaid.org.uk/our-work/vawg/… on #IDEVAW
The use of ‘humour’ to allude to threats of male violence against women is in the warp and weft of the culture. This is far from the worst example. But it should be unacceptable for a practicing GP #AdrianHarrop #IDEVAW

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27 Nov
Some things I know:
1. Men’s sexuality has evolved to prime men for instant reactions to stimulation (including thoughts, feelings, sensations) and has been selected for the ability to reproduce many times with many people.
2. This is not like women’s sexuality
3. Women’s sexuality has evolved to allow us to choose to invest time and resources in a mate, to reproduce relatively few times. This is different to men’s sexuality.
4. The dance between the drivers of men’s and women’s sexualities, gives us culture
5. The drivers of male sexuality mean men are more vulnerable to develop paraphillias.
6. Male orgasm is a huge reinforcer of behaviour, and can push men along a pathway to develop paraphillias.
7. Men must learn self-restraint over their sexuality
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17 Nov
Important FTP Hearing had been going on: today was day 3. Every complaint, and every witness must be thanked for their persistence and bravery in stepping forward to protect the public #FitnessToPractice #AdrianHarrop
In a remarkably arrogant and narcissistic move, #AdrianHarrop was interviewed by @VICE *and gave them a copy of the legal bundle, including witness statements and personally identifying information* #FitnessToPractice
The charge sheet shows that #AdrianHarrop ADMITTED and it has been found PROVED that he waged a campaign of harassment and intimidation against individuals that he has political disagreements with. This is extraordinary behaviour in a medical professional #FitnessToPractice ImageImageImageImage
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4 Dec 20
Have just received notice from school that @LeedsCC_Help are offering FSM ‘hampers’ of food to help families like mine over Xmas. This is another example of people trying to help and getting it very very wrong
Families like mine have very specific needs for our food. And I plan my ‘budget’ very carefully. I don’t have a car, or a chest freezer, so I have to plan the pantry storage, too.
I don’t want factory farmed meat in my Christmas hamper. I plan my money carefully to eat less meat, but better quality and better farmed meat, with more protein and less water per lb and per £.
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4 Dec 20
Interesting juxtaposition of tweets in my timeline.
Exhibit A. £385000 awarded to Hull’s transgender community hulldailymail.co.uk/news/hull-east…
Exhibit B. £160000 desperately needed to keep a BAME Women’s service running, in Hull uk.gofundme.com/f/safe-shelter…

Population of Hull was 260000 in 2019.
White population 89.7%, 233000 people, so BAME population 10.3% or 27000 people. Female BAME is 50% of that, or 13500 women.

What are the numbers for Trans people in Hull?

Facebook support group has 385 ‘likes’ facebook.com/TPSGhull/

This support group appears to support 6 individuals at a time, with ‘hair and make-up advice’ and peer support hulldailymail.co.uk/news/hull-east…
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13 Sep 20
The other important anniversary for U.K. feminists happening today: it’s 3 years since the assault on Maria McLachlan, at Speakers’ Corner, in London #MariaMcLachlan
Maria was standing with a group of women, waiting for instructions of how to get to the secret venue where a feminist event to discuss proposed GRA Reform, was being held. They were being protested by a rowdy group of trans activists #MariaMcLachlan
The trans activists were chanting; Dr Julia Long was singing through a megaphone. #MariaMcLachlan, whom had never attended a feminist event, and simply wanted to understand the arguments surrounding GRA Reform, decided to take a picture of the crowd of transactivists
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7 Sep 20
What’s described here isn’t going to break down the sex-based oppression of women. It’s just going to confuse this kid, and isolate them from their peer group
Raising girls, in struck with the gendered differences in clothing that are offered to children. It’s beyond pink and blue. Boys clothes encourage activity, they’re made of fabrics, patterns, and colours that stand frequent washing and resist damage during play
Their shoes are more practical for playing football and climbing trees, and they are designed to keep the entire foot dry on wet days! There are subtle nods to subjectivity: superheroes and sports themes that encourage them to feel able to impact their surroundings
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