1. If you are pregnant don’t get a new cat.
2. If you urinate frequently at night then there is a problem.
3. Diarrhea lasting for a day is a good thing.
4. Wet dream is not a spiritual attack.
5. Sleep paralysis is not a spiritual attack. Nobody is pressing your neck.
Diarrhea lasting for a day is beneficial for you and your entire body. It helps your body remove toxins and toxic materials out of the body.
Some drug metabolites, toxins etc accumulate in the body over time and stay in the body causing problems like bloating, stomach cramping and the likes, it takes diarrhea to clear them out of the system. Diarrhea is nature trying to take it course. Don’t rush for meds.
Wet dream is natural, it starts during purberty when the body starts making a hormone known as testosterone, this hormone is both present in male and females that’s why even females can have wet dreams just that it’s rare in females.
Wet dream is completely natural and not a spiritual attack, when you have wet dreams it doesn’t mean they have stolen your destiny, let nobody deceive you with that. Wet dream is your body’s natural mechanisms for removing old sperms so that new and healthier ones can form.
Sleep paralysis is not a demonic attack. When u sleep your body tries to protect u from harming yourself so it “deactivates” your ability to move so that when you wake you have the full control of your body back, it happens in split seconds you don’t even notice it but sometimes-
-there is a malfunction of this protective mechanism the body uses to protect you while you sleep. This results in what is known as sleep paralysis.
When this happens, you will be awake but you will find it hard to move your body and it may seem someone is holding you down or somebody is in the room. Nobody is holding you, it is your mind playing tricks on you. It is psychological.
You trying to fight it only makes it worse because when you start panicking you may now find it hard to even breath.
You are likely going to experience sleep paralysis:

1. If you’re depressed.
2. If you’re overly stressed.
3. If you haven’t had enough sleep for some time i.e sleep deprivation.
4. Sleeping on your back.
5. Taking certain medications.
If you experience sleep paralysis:

1. Try getting enough sleep & rest
2. Avoid caffeine especially when it’s close to bedtime
3. Minimizing the noise when u want to sleep
4. Take care of your mental health
5. Finally, don’t panic, just relax & smile, it will be over in no time.
If you are pregnant, don’t get a new cat and if it is possible get someone to take care of your cats. Domestic cats play an important role in the spread of toxoplasmosis (an infection caused by a protozoan parasite, Toxoplasma gondii), cats become infected by eating infected-
rodents, birds or other small animals.
When a woman gets infected with toxoplasma during or just before pregnancy, she can pass it to her unborn child, the woman might develop no symptoms but the child bares the grave consequences.
Toxoplasma can cause the abnormal enlargement or smallness of the child’s head, it can affect the child’s nerves and eyes, which can result in blindness. It can also result in still births and miscarriages.
Frequent urination at night is known as “nocturnal polyuria”. Nocturnal (night) and polyuria (excessive urination), as the individual may urinate normally during the day or even have reduced urine output during the day but at night, the urination is excessive.
Nocturnal polyuria can have other causes which are not health conditions like excessive alcohol intake, pregnancy, drinking too much water when it is close to bedtime, use of medications such as diuretics and the likes but
-most times, when someone experience “nocturnal polyuria”, it can be an indication of diabetes, congestive heart failure, enlarged prostate, overactive bladder, kidney infection or edema amongst others.
When you notice you urinate frequently at night (you wake to urinate 6times or more) it is important you run a blood sugar test. Diabetes is one of the most common cause of nocturnal polyuria.
When it’s not the case other test you can run include urinalysis, urine culture test, fluid deprivation test amongst others. The results from this test will determine whether or not there is an underlying condition and it would help in prompt treatment of the individual.
If you want to learn new things daily, get drug use and health tips you can follow me.
1. If you urinate frequently at night check your sugar level, you might be diabetic. Things like being pregnant, excessive alcohol intake especially at night can still predispose one to urinating frequently at night.
2. If you are pregnant, don’t get a new cat. New cats-
-can predispose you to toxoplasmosis which can harm your baby. It can result in miscarriages, stillbirth and giving birth to a blind baby. Don’t even change your cat food let someone else do it for you. Stay away from cats if you are pregnant.
3. Wet dreams are natural. It is not a spiritual attack. Nobody stole your destiny.
4. Sleep paralysis is not a demonic attack or possession but a malfunction of your body’s protective mechanism. Always get enough rest, sleep and naps. You will be ok.
5. Diarrhea lasting for a day is good for you. It’s ur body helping u and helping itself. Your body removes harmful and toxic substances through diarrhea. It is trying to tell you there is something here that is not supposed to be here. Don’t rush for meds. Allow ur body to work.

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