His wife have tried severally to see if he could stop smoking weed but it didn’t work. Most times he goes out to smoke with friends, they have a joint were them guys smoke. So one day as he was smoking in the joint, the joint was busted by the NDLEA, it looked like a set up-
-because none of his guys were caught, he was the only one that was grabbed by his neat suit.
Femi was the bank manager of one of the biggest banks in the country. He started smoking while he was in the university and since then he couldn’t stop it. Maybe he never really wanted to stop.
That faithful day was like other days, he left his office to come and smoke some weed before he can continue with what he was doing in his office. The only difference here was, he was at the complete mercy of the NDLEA…
They grabbed him tightly and were taking him to their bus, he kept crying and begging them, “please don’t take me away, my wife is pregnant, I am the only one taking care of my aged parents”… they wouldn’t hear him, then he brought out his ATM card and gave it to them-
-(they had prior knowledge that he was the bank manager of XY bank.)
He told them, “here is my pin, you can take as much as you can from my account, please have mercy on me.”
At that point he was weeping heavily, he would lose everything if they took him away.
He would lose the office of the bank manager, his reputation would be ruined, he might not get a job ever again, he might end up in jail, his wife was pregnant with their first child after many years of childlessness, his aged parents might die from such news.
There was so much to lose that taking all the millions in his acct were the least of his worries. He will definitely make them & more so far he still has his job. They agreed and took the ATM card and pin and went their way, withdrew as much as they could and enjoyed themselves.
From there he went back home to his pregnant wife, he didn’t branch to the office, he went back to the most important person in his life, his pregnant wife.
He got to her with tears in his eyes, she knew he went to the joint to smoke, he fell in her arms and she hugged him and held him tightly. She wasn’t mad he went to smoke, she just held him.
He looked at her and said, “from today, I will never smoke again”. And funny enough, he never smoked again.
That day, his entire life flashed right before his eyes and from there, from that day, he started walking a new path. His wife gave birth to a boy and they have been happily married ever since.

• • •

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14 Nov
1. Semen does not cure pimples
2. Sperm doesn’t cure pimples
3. Semen does not cause increase in breast size
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5. Semen doesn’t make u glow. It’s not coconut oil
6. Semen doesn’t give u smooth skin
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These things are myths. They’re scam.
They’re things peddled by manipulative individuals to get girls to do their bids. There is no way spraying semen on your face will cure your pimples or make your skin to start glowing. Those things are baseless.
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Having a poor self-esteem or self image is really a terrible thing. Having poor self-esteem impacts negatively on your self-worth. People with poor self image of themselves can easily be manipulated, abused and used.
Love yourself more will you.
Love yourself more.
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Sperm do not cure pimples.
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1. Drink a cup of warm boiled water this morning.
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3. Eat at least one egg today.
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5. After workouts, banana can help in quicker recovery.
Benefits of drinking warm boiled water early in the morning:

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2. It helps in detoxification of your system.
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When you eat at least an egg a day it makes you feel fuller for long, as such it may help prevent you from “over eating”.
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Milk, dairy products, magnesium or calcium supplements can make antibiotics like ciprofloxacin ineffective. Magnesium or calcium supplements might decrease how much antibiotics your body absorbs. This in turn reduces how effective the antibiotics is which can make it ineffective.
You are not to take antacids (eg mismag) with your antibiotics or within the period of taking your antibiotics. If you take the antacid first, take your drug(s) in next 3hrs at least. If you take the drug first, take the antacid in 2hrs time. Taking them together will result in -
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