In preparation for Thanksgiving, I posted a few threads summarizing HOW to help a family member out of their EXTREME belief. I summarized how I've helped get people out of cults for the last 45+ years.

Most people appreciated the tips, but some did not. A few of their comments:
"No. That is not my job. I am NOT their therapist"


"F that. Confrontation is important"


"some people aren’t worth trying to save"


"it is an awful lot of work to do. I'm not up to it"

I want to be clear about something. You don't HAVE to do anything!

I concurrently get asked EVERY DAY how we "deprogram millions of people in the country."

And you know how we do it?

Close personal connections (and the approach I outlined in my the tweet attached below).

This is the rub my friends.
Many of you (understandably) don't want to interact with your families anymore, but the best agents to facilitate breakthroughs are...well...YOU.

So this is the paradox. :)

You are free to do as you wish, but you have more influence than you know.

One more quick thought...
It's completely understandable to feel frustrated, but there are strategies you can learn to sidestep conflict & redirect.

Our culture (especially our political culture) does NOT engage like this! Conflict is instead prioritized so it makes sense people don't know how to do this
But there's hope! I've worked with many people whose families were convinced they were "gone" but there's ALWAYS a way.

As always, if you want to get a FULL comprehensive picture and learn my Strategic Interactive Approach, my books are a great resource.…

• • •

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25 Nov
One of the best ways to AVOID hot topics and concurrently build rapport are conversation starters!

I've compiled some fun ones you can use at the Thanksgiving table today:
-What does your PERFECT day look like?
-If you could instantly become an expert in anything, what would it be?
-If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
-If you had a time machine for just one day, what would you do with it?
-What is your best memory over the last year and why?
- If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you choose and why?
-What’s one thing you can’t live without?
-What’s your favorite movie of all time? Why?
-What about your favorite book? Why?
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24 Nov
Are you getting together with family this Thanksgiving? Are you WORRIED because some of these family members have extreme/irrational beliefs?

If you're interested and invested in learning HOW to help these family members OUT of these extreme beliefs, this thread is for you! 👍

1. Start with YOU. Do your homework. Research cults and mind control. My books are a great comprehensive guide, but my website is also filled with fabulous (free) information.
2. Realize that helping a person will be a process requiring patience, effort, flexibility, & love. Arguing or debating doesn’t work. Criticizing the leader, doctrine or policy makes people feel persecuted. Assisting people to reevaluate requires a different communication toolkit
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22 Nov
Joe Rogan recently did a podcast with Alex Jones & others and said the media response to the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict is proof of a "left-wing cult."

I want to first say to @joerogan that I WELCOME this conversation! I've been on Joe's show before & enjoyed the discourse.

I would love to know the CRITERIA that Joe is using to make this assessment.

When studying cults, we look at several factors to make this determination. We look at the leader, the structure of the organization, and how individuals are treated (see my influence continuum)... Image
We also look at the specific set of methods and techniques leaders and groups use to determine if they are indeed controlling peoples' minds. This is what my BITE model speaks to... ImageImageImageImage
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19 Nov
Undue influence isn't JUST about cults.

Undue influence is any act of persuasion that overcomes the free will & judgment of another person.

An area of undue influence of particular concern to me is the undue influence of children exerted by a parent...against the OTHER parent.
Experts in the field refer to this as "Parental Alienation." Common behaviors include:

-Bad mouthing the parent to the child.
-Encouraging a child to call the targeted parent by their first name.
-Sharing inappropriate information (even if it’s true) about the targeted parent.
I became more familiar with this topic from Dr. Amy J.L. Baker. Dr. Baker has a PhD in developmental psychology and is an expert on parental alienation. She has authored or co-authored 9 books and 120 articles and provides training to legal and mental health professionals.
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18 Nov
I often get accused of being a "liberal activist" because I've said Donald Trump is a cult leader, but the people who say this don't know my work.

Today, on the 43rd anniversary of Jonestown, it's important to remember that Jim Jones & the People's Temple were a LEFT WING CULT!
Jones studied and promoted racial harmony, Marxist theory, praised communism, and other ideas that today we would construe as "leftist."

But ideology isn't the thing we should look at. We should look at the BEHAVIORS of the group and how the leader acts.
And on EVERY one of these fronts, Donald Trump fits the psychological profile of a cult leader and shares traits with Jim Jones.
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18 Nov
Today is the anniversary of the Jonestown Massacre.

On this day, 43 years ago, 912 people (including 300+ children) died from drinking cyanide laced fruit punch because their cult leader ordered them to.

See that sign in the background? Let's take a closer look...👇
This sign hung above where Jim Jones used to sit when he would lecture. A malignant narcissist, Jones saw himself as a modern-day Jesus who said the government was trying to "crucify" him. 🙄

But I see this sign as a reminder for something else. I see it as a reminder for TODAY.
Though we might think we've learned these lessons, I'm not sure we have. Today-as in Jonestown-we have large swaths of our population that are being swayed by a malignant narcissist cult leader.

So today, on the anniversary of this very sad event, here is my ask:
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