Not only are currency systems affected by politics, they're also heavily affected by psychology.

Mainstream economists are trying to cast Turkey's currency crisis as Erdogan's foolish idea that lowering interest rates can reduce inflation, but the actual catalyst...

...for the recent rapid devaluation is investors and speculators closing their Lira positions in response to the *perception* that lowering interest rates will cause inflation.

This is why it's very deceptive to treat economics as a "hard science" like chemistry.

Much of economics is built upon the assumption that all phenomena can be understood rationally, but humans rarely behave rationally, especially when it comes to hers dynamics like panic selling a currency.

An example of this is the Asian currency crisis, in which...

...the currencies of multiple East Asian countries collapsed after Thailand's currency failed due to a lack of foreign currency reserves.

Some of these other countries had no economic problems at all, but simply because they were in the same region as Thailand, panicked...

...foreign currency traders, as well as institutional trading desks, some of which have automated orders to sell at certain prices, led to a chain reaction which destroyed the savings of millions of people.

Turkey has in common with Thailand a major lack of foreign...

...currency reserves, which illustrates how the system is rigged to force everyone into paying "tribute" to the US dollar.

Either you have to follow the monetary policy the market perceives as "correct" or "orthodox," or purchase large amounts of USD, EUR, GBP, RMB, etc...

/6 shore up the value of your currency if the global forex markets don't like what you're doing.

Needless to say, holding large foreign currency reserves is essentially means you "assume the position" to be abused by major economies, since the value of your reserves...

...will continuously erode in the face expansionary monetary policies. It's like the carrot and stick, except that the carrot is actually a stick painted to look like a carrot.

As long as a fiat regime is imposed, you can't peacefully transition to a gold standard...

...because people will continue to try to spend the inferior fiat money instead of the money they know will hold its value.

This monetary order was imposed through military force, and it can only be overthrown by military force.

Bitcoin's not going to do it...

...for the same reason gold can't peacefully overthrow fiat - no one is going to use it as the main means of exchange as long as inferior monies are still in circulation.

The only way to stop the theft of inflation is by illegalizing interest, which would render...

...fractional reserve banking (the main avenue of creating fiat currency) unprofitable.

It doesn't matter if Erdogan's monetary theory is right or wrong, because it's all a game of smoke and mirrors anyway.

You don't even need to control enough capital to conduct...

...a Soros-style speculative attack on a currency if can hold sway over the media and academia and manipulate the minds of investors.

Every country that doesn't bow to the dominant theories and globalist norms is pushed into the arms of the IMF, which is patiently...

...waiting with conditional loans designed to restructure national economies into compliance with the liberal world order's agenda.

Anyone too obstinate to fall into line will suffer economic privation until they are removed either by a public voting with their stomachs...

...and genitals, or an ambitious faction within the military establishment looking to capitalize on the dissatisfaction of the masses to augment their personal power.

The only practical alternative right now is probably commodity barter contracts like those used by...

...some oil producing countries, Iran in particular. Transitioning to such deals means almost certain excommunication for the liberal order, which would also result in economic asphyxiation.

The only practical solution to win this war and to escape from this slavery...

/15 faith, asceticism, patience, and military struggle, which is actually precisely what Islam enjoins upon us.


• • •

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26 Nov
One of the scary thinga about ayah which states

(و لا تطع من أغفلنا قلبه عن ذكرننا تبع هواه و كان أمرره فرطا)

is that it is the heart that remembers Allah, not the tongue. So it may be that we remember Allah with our tongues, but our hearts are closed to his remembrance.

What makes this even more disturbing is the hadith

اذا كان احدكم في الصلاة فإنه يناجي ربه

"When any of you is engaged in prayer, he is holding intimate conversation with his Lord..." [Muslim 551]

We've all had conversations with someone who was not focusing on us...

...instead checking their phone and clearly not paying attention, and it's very rude and unpleasant to deal with such a person.

Yet it's very easy to fall into similar behavior in salah, to recite the remembrance of Allah with our tongues, while our hearts are closed to it.

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15 Nov
What is actually the problen with preventing girls from going to school?

Formal educational level is strongly correlated to divorce, and divorce is strongly correlated to (generational) mental illness, criminality, and more divorce.

It's a straightforward issue.

This doesn't apply of to religious education, but education designed to build up the formal labor force.

Still, many of the women of Islamic history who memorized Quran and books of fiqh, mastered Arabic grammar, etc. would be considered uneducated by "modern" standards.

This also doesn't apply to traditional vocational training, which is how most medical knowledge was passed down in the past. Again, highly qualified female doctors and midwives would also be considered "uneducated" by "modern" standards.

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15 Nov
Whoever wants to #Stand4Uyghurs must know that there are Muslim mujahidin who are fighting to liberate our brothers and sisters in Turkestan, but they are tortured, killed, and prevented from the path of Allah by rulers the kuffar have allowed to rule over the Muslim lands.

These mujahidin are often labelled as extremists, terrorists, or khawarij by the servants of traitors seeking to hold onto the scraps the enemies of Allah have given them at any cost.

It is without a doubt an obligation to come to the assistance of Muslims who are imprisoned, tormented, and forced away from their religion.

Thus, it also becomes obligatory to remove whatever impediments stand in the way of fulfilling this obligation.

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25 Oct
Why does the liberal state promote mixing of men and women?

Because it depends on continuous centralization of power into its institutions.

These institutions (academia, medicine, political, legal, and financial systems) are aggregates of relationships.

Relationships act like capacitors in their ability to store value. This value may take the form of direct credits and debits, or it may be more abstract forms of social capital. For example, "company culture."

Relationships are based on trust, and this trust enables value generating interactions.

The US dollar facilitates trade because people trust that it is widely accepted as a form of payment.

Family members support each other because they trust that love and care...

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