Sunday a.m.: that rare, dive into reflection h/t @TheRealSPK...
'Is the response to COVID19 a restriction on unnecessary travel, increased work from home, & masking up for the grocery store? Or...a massive economic reorganisation...'…
'that accelerates environ. destruction, exacerbates global famine, causes unnecessary deaths, erodes human rights & labour protections, instigates community fracture, destroys stored wealth, rapidly advances the surveillance state, & sparks a prolonged globalised depression?'
'Fear is distorting our perception of this threat. This is dangerous for democracy. It always has been. In calmer times we seek rational, informed debate. Where fear prevails, we seek psychological and social comfort.'
'We achieve these comforts through compartmentalisation and tribalism. We block out things we don’t want to think about and we appeal to those around us who agree with us. And so this COVID19 debate has become compartmentalised to minutiae.'
'Does HCQ work? Did the virus start in China? Is it the flu or something else? Should we wear masks? How accurate is PCR testing? Are non-maskers dumb? We take comfort in resolving these tangentially important data points...'
'rallying our troops around our domain expertise w/o ever having to think about the bigger picture. Many absolve themselves of any responsibility for intellectual inquiry w/ definitive statements such as “listen to the experts,” or my current favorite, “I believe in science.''
Which scientific consensus?
'That there is a virus we have not studied before and now we are studying it? That it is a coronavirus? That it does things that viruses do?....We are being faced with a series of behavioural & structural changes across our planet'
'a remaking of the economic map, and the mass erasure of human and environmental rights. What scientific consensus is driving that? “I believe in science,” is a highly problematic proclamation. It’s like some magical banhammer that is supposed to end all debate.'
'Did scientific consensus mandate we close down borders and small shops, but fly in temporary workers from global COVID19 hotspots to build tar sands and fracking pipelines? While Canadian oil workers sit at home collecting CERB? And environmental regulations are put on hold?'
'Or was it a series of policy choices made by politicians and rolled out with a smirking tip-of-the-hat to science and health authorities?'
'In our scale of virus threats, the deadliest of all viruses, the fictitious Andromeda Strain - the sentient alien virus that kills everyone it touches - will represent the absolute extreme of what a deadly virus could be.'
'At the other end of our threat scale, let’s put beneficial phages – viruses that regulate bacteria in our bodies and actually keep us alive.'
'So if our virus threat scale extends from “intelligently seeks out, attacks, and kills everyone on the planet” to “lives inside us and keeps us from dying” we can start to locate where exactly SARS-COV2 fits along that continuum of threats.'
'If we want to be generous with our use of the term ‘scientific consensus’ in the context of this specific viral threat, then let’s grant that both science and public policy should, in the face of pandemic threats, adhere strongly to the precautionary principle.'
'That is, where the science is unsettled, public policy should assume the worst might happen. if Sars-Cov2 were in fact aerosol Ebola, and everyone on the planet caught it, and we had no immunity at all, and the strain was the most aggressive of the identified Ebola strains'
'and we ignored the fundamental rules of how viruses work, and how herd immunity forms, well then, 5.4 billion of us would likely die. This is as close to the Andromeda Strain as we can get - if we squint with intention.'
An excerpt from:
'There's a Poison Goin' On, by @TheRealSPK…

• • •

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30 Nov
The Left's Covid failure: King's College Prof. of History

'the Left’s blatant disregard & mockery of people’s legitimate concerns (over lockdowns, vaccines or Covid passports) is shameful....'…
'Not only are these concerns rooted in actual hardship but they also stem from an understandable distrust of governments and institutions that have been undeniably captured by corporate interests.'
'As writers who have always positioned ourselves on the Left, we are disturbed at this turn of events. Is there really no progressive criticism to be made about the quarantining of healthy individuals, when the latest research suggests...'
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28 Nov
'Director of U.K. Statistics Authority the Office for Statistics Regulation (OSR), has written to Emma Rourke, Director of Health Analysis at the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to criticise the agency for a report it put out in October...'…
'claiming that: “Between January 2nd and September 24th 2021, the age-adjusted risk of deaths involving coronavirus (COVID-19) was 32 times greater in unvaccinated people than in fully vaccinated individuals.”'
'As James Wells, a statistician...pointed out when he wrote to the OSR to complain about the report earlier this month, this statistic uses data from January 2nd to September 24th 2021, which includes the bulk of the winter deaths at a time when almost no one was vaccinated.'
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28 Nov
Towards a Left critique:
'The Inquest will critically investigate and refute the untenable claim that once SARS-CoV-2 began to spread, there was little that could be done to stop it. This assertion is clearly contradicted by the experience in China'…
'This Inquest is necessary to break through the cover-up, falsifications, and misinformation that have been deployed to justify policies responsible for the avoidable deaths of millions since the initial detection of SARS-CoV-2.'
'The Inquest will gather and make available to the public the ample evidence of socially malign and even criminal indifference to human life.'
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28 Nov
'The suspended operation was not an isolated act. The Ottawa Citizen has revealed that no less than five propaganda or surveillance operations targeting the Canadian population took place in 2020.'…
'April 8, 2020: The Canadian army launches an “information operation” under the pretext that the pandemic could cause civil unrest which the army will have to deal with, i.e., suppress.'
'Late May-early June 2020: As part of their deployment to long-term care facilities in Ontario, the CAF spies on mass protests taking place in response to the police killing of George Floyd.'
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28 Nov
Super excited to participate, Scott. Just a few clarifying questions in the Tweets below, before we start:
1. Am I a person of color, descended from a subject in the Tuskegee Syphilis Study?…
2. Am I one of the largely black socialist union worker in Guadalupe striking to protest health-worker mandates because we're far-right, white supremacist, addled anti-vaxxers?…
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27 Nov
So, re: data & integrity:
Intriguing Op Ed by 🇨🇦 fmr MP, on finance, int'l trade committees, experienced w/ Pharma, his parents each contracted AIDs & died due to tainted blood supply. Asking: do we really want to be censoring off-message MDs, scientists?…
When, how, how fast & why did Society determine that doctors--not isolated cranks--but front-line clinicians & independent scientists by the hundreds & thousands--working on C19 were not just to be disregarded...
but actively silenced, censured as a threat to public health?
Again, not (just) country docs but whole associations headed up by eminent figures:

Dr. Steven Pelech, UBC, Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Covid Care Alliance w/ over 1000 MDs, virologists, vaccinologists, immunologists 'with serious concerns' re: C19 mgmt
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