1. We have 1,000 domain names with @GoDaddy. They call us a VIP client. We’ve never had a problem in 7 years. Then suddenly, on the eve of a key vote in Australia, they deleted our website opposing a draconian lockdown law — based on a secret complaint. rebelnews.com/scandal_who_fo…
2. The rules for domain names are clear. Our deleted domain KillTheBill.com.au had a “close and substantial connection” to what was on the website (a petition to kill the bill). And it doesn't infringe on anyone’s “personal name or brand name”.
3. We hired Australia’s top media lawyer, @JustinQuill, to engage with @GoDaddy quietly, giving them the benefit of they doubt that they had simply made an honest mistake. Here’s his letter to them: drive.google.com/viewerng/viewe…
4. They ignored Mr. Quill, and his second letter too. Someone very powerful must have pressured @GoDaddy into censoring a website petitioning @DanielAndrewsMP to drop his anti-democratic bill. But they won’t tell us who made the secret complaint. Gee, I wonder who it was!
5. So we’ve asked Mr. Quill to fight back. Not just for Rebel News and the great @OzraeliAvi, but for the 110,000+ Australians who signed that pro-democracy petition, whose voices have been silenced by @GoDaddy and their secret complainant: SaveOurDemocracy.com.au 👇
6. For people who don’t know @DanielAndrewsMP, the premier of the Australian state of Victoria, the most locked-down jurisdiction in the world, read this. He asked the Chinese Communist Party if he could join their Belt and Road colonization project. amp.smh.com.au/politics/feder…

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More from @ezralevant

25 Nov
1. Justice Adam Germain banned Artur Pawlowski from leaving the province. He said he did that to stop him from telling his story to the U.S.

What a pleasure to see that bigoted little tyrant slapped down by the Alberta Court of Appeal today.

Help us at FireTheJudge.com.
2. Germain did something else that was positively Soviet. He ordered Pastor Artur to renounce his views and rebut himself any time he criticized the government's lockdown policy. He compelled him to have a struggle session against himself -- even after a church sermon.
3. Today the Court of Appeal stayed that Stalinist ruling, too. What a disgrace Adam Germain is. You can probably guess that he was appointed to the court as patronage by Jean Chretien -- Germain was a failed Liberal politician. #loser
Read 4 tweets
30 Oct
1. 28% of firemen in New York City are about to be let go because they won't get vaxxed. I'm sure that'll do wonders for "public health".

I wonder if someone being rescued from a burning building cares if their fireman is jabbed.
2. 24% of sanitation workers in NYC are about to be fired for not being jabbed. I remember the garbage strike in Toronto; how all the parks were turned into dumps. The rats are going to love it -- "it's for your health".
3. 16% of ambulance/paramedics are about to be sacked. No worries. I'm sure adding on ten or twenty minutes to 911 calls won't cause any problems. #PublicHealth
Read 5 tweets
20 Oct
1. A fair report about our legal challenge to Trudeau's elections police.

There were 24 books published during the 2019 election. 23 were pro-Trudeau. Mine was the only critical book.

And so mine was the only one investigated, prosecuted and fined.
2. You can seem my lawyers' appeal of their censorship here: thelibranos.com/libranos_book_…
3. Elections Canada's police are obsessed by the cover art on my book (see below). They say it's mean (I think they all actually look really good). But how is a difference in artistic opinion a crime, punishable by a large fine?
Read 7 tweets
17 Oct
1. Saskatoon Police published photos of 15 people with the explicit statement that they "were found to be in violation" of the law.

That's a lie. They haven't been charged, let alone convicted. Since when do police act as judge and jury?
2. I'm putting aside the larger fiasco here -- this isn't a real police operation, it's a politically-motivated hit job against the enemies of @cooper_chief and his partisan masters. Cooper should be fired for that alone.
3. But Saskatoon Police have got ahead of themselves. By publishing photos and shaming 15 people before any charges are laid, let alone anyone is convicted, the police have defamed them. They've identified them and said they're guilty -- before they're even charged.
Read 7 tweets
16 Oct
1. This is a snobby, factually-inaccurate, sullen editorial by Postmedia -- the largest recipient of Trudeau's media bail-out. It's clear that whatever hack was ordered to write it doesn't have a clue about who the three victims of this compelled speech order are.
2. Chris Scott is the owner of a diner in rural Alberta. The Pawlowski brothers run a church in Calgary. They were found in contempt of court for opening their facilities during the lockdown in the face of a court order. The word "vaccine" appears nowhere in that court order.
3. Even in Justice Adam Germain's compelled speech order, which the National Post has clearly not read, the word vaccine appears only in the judge's own political rants. It simply has nothing to do with opening the church or the diner. So why is the headline about "anti-vaxxers"?
Read 9 tweets
16 Oct
1. We have received more than 5,000 requests for help at FightVaccinePassports.com. Most are from people who are in a union but the union bosses won't fight against forced vaccines. They're effectively company unions, yellow unions, siding with the bosses against the members.
2. Look friends: you're about to be fired. Firemen, pilots, nurses, teachers, police etc. All the hard-working people; the people who kept the world going these past 18 months. And now they're going throw you out. Why not wildcat strike first? Seriously, what do you have to lose?
3. Why make it easy for them? Why let them downsize you on their schedule? Why not work-to-rule, like the Southwest Airlines staff did?
Read 5 tweets

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