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#PublicHealth & the #ChinaVirus Outbreaks


Gender "Fluid" + LGBT + Anti-Testosterone (Strong, Aggressive White Men are Bad)

Where have All the Cowboys Gone ?

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In the year 1775 in England, a surgeon named Percivall Pott published his work as “Chirurgical Observations”. In it he described Scrotal Carcinoma, a malignant cancer of the scrotum. What was interesting was that he observed that this cancer was seen mostly in chimney boys.
He wrote that the fate of chimney sweeps seems to be singularly hard as in their infancy, they are treated with brutality, starved with hunger and cold. They are then thrust up narrow, hot chimneys where they are buried, burned & often suffocated.
And then on reaching puberty they suffer from a painful and fatal disease.
He described in detail squamous carcinoma of the scrotum. Here’s the text where he described the lesions. (Photo)
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"Every unsolved problem allowed to fester undermines a battered public health system just at the moment we need to be rebuilding trust, not fear. We need information that’s fast, accessible, responsive. That’s the cornerstone of trust."… @JoanneKenen
Listen, here's the thing: These vaccines are MARVELOUS. Like, so much better than expected. And they are marvelously safe!

But the troubles with our system both predate #COVID19, and have been exacerbated by it.

And this vaccine story illustrates ALL THE TROUBLE.
I try hard to be clear about
- where I get my data
- how I interpret it
- why I do what I do

.... both online, in the media, and in my clinical practice.

But my patients frequently tell me I am not the norm? (!)
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Honored to be interviewed along with @EthansLaw2 and @JohnWoodrowCox on our uniquely American epidemic of #gunviolence, and how to help keep kids safe.

This movement is about policy, but it is equally about education and community norms. 🧵…
Firearm injury is the 2nd leading cause of death for American kids (2020 stats pending; it seems that #covid19 will be #3).… (great piece by @StrohCunningham et al)
So - this is important - when we stop kids from getting parents’ or friends’ guns, we prevent much more than unintentional (“accidental”) deaths.

Homicide & suicide are much more common, even in kids. And most of those, too, are with someone else’s gun.…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 06/02/2021…
From Tragedy to Hesitancy: How Public Health Failures Boosted COVID-19 Vaccine Scepticism…

#PublicHealth #COVID19 #vaccines #skepticism #LessonsLearned
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Wie könnten evidenzbasierte #Tabakpolitik und #PublicHealth Maßnahmen aussehen, die den Gesundheitsschutz von Tabakkonsumierenden ernst nehmen? Zentrale Erkenntnisse vom Webinar #rauchfrei2030 organisiert von @HeinoStoever @FrankfurtUAS zusammengefasst: #THREAD 👇
Hintergrund: 100.000+ Tote durch den Konsum von Tabak pro Jahr, alleine in BRD. Vergleich von @HeinoStoever: „Als ob jeden Tag ein voll besetztes Flugzeug abstürzen würde.“ Schadensminimierende Alternativen könnte Gesundheitsrisiken (und Todeszahlen) deutlich reduzieren.
Die gesundheitsbezogene Evidenz zur Schädlichkeit unterschiedlicher Produkte für Raucher*innen wurde in der Gesetzgebung der #Tabakpolitik jedoch weitestgehend nicht berücksichtigt, berichtet Berthold Wigger.
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1/ Joining some wonderful people from what I am seeing as a diverse group of researchers at the #EditorialBoard of @PLOSGPH; journal has given itself the tall order of “addresses inequities in public health and makes impactful research accessible to all… (1/n) #Threads
2/ In words of @paimadhu "the journal will amplify the voices of underrepresented and historically excluded communities and prioritize equity, diversity, and inclusion at all levels"; I am highly skeptical of this,
3/ yet I am thrilled that a #PublicHealth journal would give itself such a vision; #Knowledge #Science #Evidence all reproduce the same kind of social hierarchies that drive unfair accumulation of resources in our society
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Generally speaking #infrastructure is defined as the basic #physical systems of any #business, #region, or that of any #nation... including #transportation systems, #communication #networks, #sewage, #water supply & #electrical #grid systems. #BuildBackBetter #logistics #stimulus
Various types of #infrastructure #construction based projects typically drive the bulk of conversations amongst those of us vested in the arduous process of "progress" moving forward.
#Highway improvement, #street & #road maintenance & #bridge building commonly take center stage.
Mass #transit, #airport & #airways, #municipal #WaterSupply, #waste management along with waste #Water #management,
#power generation & #transmission, #HazardousWaste removal & #storage ALL must be considered while addressing basic underlying societal frameworks. #sustainability
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Will we EVER learn about #PublicHealth?
3rd wave “expert” committee is nearly-ALL #Pediatricians (to keep Devi Shetty’s non-#evidence-based assertion on #children will be entirely affected), #AllMale #Manel, nearly-all #clinicians headed by #PrivateSector #Cardiologist
I request this committee members:
- Please QUESTION Devi Shetty’s credentials to lead this
- Please hold to account #Manel #AllMale membership
- Please include #RuralHealth #CommunityHealth #PublicHealth
- Expertise is NOT only CLINICAL; also social; include grounded voices
Unfortunately no time & bandwidth; but putting this out there
We need:
- campaign for a DIVERSE expert committee including #Citizen #CommunityEngagement #Dalit #Adivasi voices
- Devi Shetty’s position as Chair is NOT tenable; appoint a #PublicHealth expert in his place
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1/4We’re stuck in a variant vs vaccine loop. Current UK border control=bandaid solution til IP barriers around max vax production are removed. Indian vax export ban (due to domestic crisis) causing knock-on shortages. Even @BillGates has u-turned to support #IPwaiver @chrischirp
2/4 @Dominic2306 damning revelations on No 10s total lack of #COVID19 strategy further demonstrates why a “wait & see” approach is deadly during outbreaks. @IndependentSage also concerned around #AZ efficacy against #B16172 as some Indian #HCWs testing + after 2 doses @skynewsSam
3/4 @IndependentSage continues to step up & fill the gaping hole in Gov leadership during the largest #publichealth crisis of a generation- pushing for better #globalhealth policy on borders, reforming #TTI vaccine access etc but the UK is risking making the same mistakes again!
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Di dalam kajian saintifik,

Satu perkara yang perlu diingatkan adalah

“Statistical association is not necessarily a causation”
Kami menggunakan Bradford Hill’s view points untuk establish the causation. Ada 9 points iaitu:
1. Strength of association
2. Temporal relationship
3. Dose response relationship
4. Biological plausibility
5. Consistency
6. Specificity
7. Coherence
8. Source of evidence
9. Analogy
Sebab itu di dalam kajin saintifik, kami tak boleh melihat HANYA SATU KAJIAN. Kena ada banyak kajian supaya semua points di atas dapat dijawab.
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I am so pleased to join a great group of leaders from @MayoClinic @PennMedicine @Flywire to discuss how innovations from #COVID19 are making us rethink the future of #health.

Virtual event by @usnews, starting now!…
Kevin Mahoney @PennMedicine on what they’ve learned: Went from how do we treat patients only in the hospital to talking care of patients no matter where they are. This is going to be a new way of providing care from now on. #HealthcareOfTomorrow
Exactly the right approach: @mayoclinic they quickly adjusted to the needs of communities and individual patients = local, specific approaches. -- Rita Khan #HealthcareOfTomorrow
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(1/4) This @CochraneLibrary review is based on modelling and observational studies. In other words, LOW level of evidence. The #Covid era has trashed well-established standards and practices. What does this mean? cc @RecheckHealth @CatherineRiva Cochrane review - only observational data and models = low l
(2/4) Throughout this crisis, public health authorities put the world in stand-by without knowing if that would make sense. Instead of quality studies to assess the effectiveness of non-pharmaceutical interventions, we are left with low level of evidence. #evidencefreepandemic
(3/4) In less than two years, clinical medicine and a robust evidence-based approach indeed seem to not count anymore. But there is a good reason why #publichealth policies need solid evidence. It's because all interventions come with downsides. #GIJNHealthGuide
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The issue with #ayurveda practitioners is that they consider everything #scientific - an attack
An attack on tradition, an attack on culture, an attack on the nation, when, #ayurvedic practice itself, is an attack on #science and #publichealth.
There is a #sanskrit phrase...
...for this, "Kupa manduka" [frog in the Well] - that imagines the Well, to be the whole world and, therefore, becomes pompous. "It is a term of derision for intellectually complacent, 4 some1 who thinks he knows everything ther is 2 know".
This destroys scientific temper!
@jobanmodhaa is prototype 'Frog' in "Ayurvedic Well" and any attempt at saving him frm the Well, wud B considered an 'attack' on his home. Nw, him being a teacher, wil impart this insecurity 2 his students of #Ayurveda & V will be left with nothing, but a well full of frogs.
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We have been waiting to cross FOR SIX HOURS @WhiteHouse @VP @SenFeinstein @SenAlexPadilla @RepSaraJacobs. @CBP is a rogue agency, they're doing a work slow down. This is unreasonable.
First, we were subjected to the false hope posted on the @cpb's web site. Image
Our progress to enter through the Ready Lane follows:… on 5/8/21 21:05
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Apparently, we're all waiting on @NYGovCuomo to declare this as a requirement. Perhaps he'll take action if @NYCMayor suggests it first.
I expect @PSC_CUNY will continue to take up this fight, but it doesn't have to be a fight if those in leadership would simply do the right thing.
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Powered exclusively by #VOLUNTEER efforts, @iamwillproject locally engages in promoting a #ContinuumOfCare spectrum, while advocating for #CommunityHEALTH.

@iawpfoundation #IAWP Image
Helping to #bridge the gaps between progressive #healthcare providers and those individuals seeking primary #medical services & professional #supportive healthcare #resource referrals, @iamwillproject creates #Testing & #LinkAge to #Care connection opportunities. #Outreach! #IAWP
A spark ignited in the #spring of 1972 & #trails have been ablaze ever since. #IAWP effectively expands consumer #HealthLiteracy by freely disseminating plain language #healthcare information & facilitating #complimentary skill building. #SelfCare #CommunityHEALTH @iawpfoundation
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1/3 In today's @Daily_Express I argue it's time to end #criminalisation and #coercion in managing #Covid19. We must return to the old ways of doing #publichealth - #inform #support #consent - they serve us well...…
2/3 #Vaccination doesn't only change what we can do - it changes the decision space. Let's think beyond emergency response, and build the trust and support needed for #ResidualCovid - new trade-offs.
3/3 and apologies to @adph should have said local authorities working with (not under) PHE. End.
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New Fully Funded Opportunities #opportunities


1.) Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) MEXT Scholarships 2022 for undergraduate and research study in Japan (Fully Funded )

2.) Atlas Corps Applications are now open!

Atlas Corps is accepting applications now for the 12-18 month In-Person U.S. Fellowship with program start dates in late 2021. Priority deadline is May 16.

Apply now at
3.) Ban Ki-moon Global Citizen Scholarship Program 2021 for Young Africans. @bankimooncentre…
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Without data, we are just spitting in the wind.

Which is why this thread is so important. Once again, @AndrewMorral @RANDCorporation @Arnold_Ventures fill a long-standing void on #gunviolence. THANK YOU. 🙏
With accurate numbers, we can figure out who to help and where.
With accurate data, we can measure whether our #gunviolence prevention work actually makes a difference on a population level.
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March 2021, UN: "the disruption to #health services provision & access & the rising #food insecurity could lead to additional 253,500 – 1,157,000 #child #deaths & 12,200 – 56,700 #maternal deaths, globally."

#Lockdowns #SavingLives #SouthAsia #Genocide Image
"As a result of these disruptions in South Asia, #child #mortality could potentially increase by 18–40% & maternal mortality by 14–52%, over the next year."

1996, Albright: "We think the price is worth it."

2021, #Bourgeoisie, #together: "We think the price is worth it." Image
"Across #SouthAsia [], an estimated 89,434 additional #stillbirths are anticipated as a result of reduced coverage of essential *SRMNCH services.

...unsafe abortions are also expected to increase [] by more than 50%."

[*Sexual, Reproductive, Maternal, #Neonatal & Child Health] Image
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