A recent post on the TL brought to mind a curious phenomenon that seems to be one of the factors that draw people into certain bābāisms: the production of apports. This caught my attention early on because I noticed that several votaries claimed to have received bābāistic apports
I have heard of three unrelated bābājī-s (one of them more of a low-profile vaiṣṇava ``magician'') producing apports. Shortly thereafter I first saw one such apport, I saw demo by a vaṅgīya magician Sarkar on TV where he produced an apport explicitly as a magic trick. When I
pointed this to the votary and he gradually de-bābāized. I subsequently had the occasion to watch Sarkar live on stage producing various apports as part of his magic show. For at least one public bābājī the introduction of video cameras allowed the capture of the whole palming
routine for sneaking in apports and then producing them quite like Sarkar. Apport production seems to distinguish some modern bābājī-s from their ancient counterparts -- their hagiographies do not mention apports at all or they are only a very minor aspect of their deeds.
Curiously, an Israeli gentleman told me about a Jewish bābājī who did similar magic. The Jewish bābā and his father had been interred by the Nazis. His father was killed but he made it through despite being wounded. He claimed to have suddenly acquired bābāistic capacities after
he met the ghost of his father. After that he claimed he could sense visits from various ghosts who occasionally brought him apports. The Israeli mentioned seeing some curious ones. The Jewish bābā also acquired he ability to do some ghost drawing/painting like Sarkar's magic.
However, he apparently lived a mostly low profile life doing some ``Chinese healing'', ghost communications for clients and from the compensation the Germans gave him for his ancestral shops that had been stolen.
This apport production seems to be a relative recent feature of modern Indian bābājī-s shared with western figures claiming comparable capabilities.

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The death of the CDS definitely seems puzzling. If it was an accident it is surprising for lesser nations ensure better transport safety for their leadership. If it was a deliberate foreign attack then it speaks for v.poor military intelligence, which is again surprising at this
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In real life the average person does not interact with a lot of people at the same time. Those one interacts with closely are either relatives or friends who usually have gone through a period of real-life acclimatization. Of course, there are love and friendships at first sight
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It appears that the H pakSha did not do its homework when it came to the pseudo-heathens -- navyonmatta poseurs. There are several things our tradition has taught which are good thumb rules 1. Charity is to be directed at the deserving not merely everyone who appears needy.
2. Like wise viShNusharman has taught us, do not befriend strangers right away. Observe for a long time & see how they shake out on issues that relate to your interests before reaching out. 3. Do not encourage people lacking in sattva who seek disruption of societal norms. 4. See
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Indeed there has been varying degrees of H influence on neo-West African iconogaphy. For e.g. here is a depiction of the West African deity Densu influenced by the tricephalic iconography of dattAtreya. The dog sacrifice for him might also be influenced @agnimaan @GhorAngirasa Image
by the canid companions of the said deity. In the African syncretism he seen as a consort of the watery goddess Mami Wata depicted below. The image on the right from Nigeria shows the H influence in the form of a tilaka ImageImage
Here is a related goddess from Sierra Leone with the tricephalic iconography transferred to her from dattAtreya & therocephalic convergence. This what your friendly Abes and their fellow travelers are seeking to erase. Image
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Any non-H, professing to be a heathen, who aligns with any of any of the ekarAkShasonnmAda-s or their secular mutations should be seen as an enemy, much as the unmatta-s themselves. No 2 ways about this.
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I came across some rather interesting work by a certain zoologist Müller from Basel who did meticulous experiments with homing in dogs that to my knowledge have never been repeated. He made several interesting observations: 1. Based on their behavior he classified the dogs into
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dogs that only some of them home. It suggests that keeping home range is important for αs. ωs tended to find street dog companions if available or human dwellings. 2. He found that the homers went through an initial phase of orientation at the unknown release site. Once that was
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