If you've stumbled across my Twitter after seeing my response to Al Jazeera, welcome.

I'd like to take this opportunity to further quantify my comments about ASPI, a US gov't + millltary equipment manufacture org with influence over government, media & now social media. ImageImage
ASPI is funded by the only real winners of armed conflict, the millltary industrial complex. ASPI's sponsors don't only benefit if they successfully sell you the next war, they profit now from China Threat Prevention spending encouraged by their own China Threat Inflation reports ImageImageImage
The US gov't funding of ASPI accompanies a billion dollar+ propaganda (or counter-influence as they call it) initiative. It helps deflect issues away from home, like with the ironic push on China forced labour stories, funded w/US forced labour profits.

If you'd like to read more about the wider coordinated forced labour narrative, which has resulted in damaging industries ethnic minorities in China heavily rely on, leaving them unemployed, see this thread below.

Brian Berletic and I did a reaction video to a CBC presentation that was based on these alligations. You can find highlight clips in the thread below and a link to our full reaction video.

Here is another thread that looks more specifically at ASPI's forced labour claims.

ASPI also pushes Chinese foreign influence stories, while ironically being an American foreign influence operation that has totally infultrated Australian politics & policy making, while not always being eagerly forthcoming about their affiliations.

Critics of ASPI's reports are usually ignored or attacked for questioning their work, much like you saw with their new piece. People are disincentivised from calling them out, but some of us are out here. Biostatistics professor Dr Gilmour is one of them.

In regards to intimidating people, one of the authors of the report I was included in, joked about using the name of terrorist org ETIM, responsible for killing people all over China & Syria (under the TIP banner), to silence his critics.

Nathan Ruser of ASPI and one of the authors of the new report on me has had it out for me for a while. This tweet is the exact moment he blocked me. I simply pointed out his conclusion was formed in part by clearly fabricated/faulty information.

If you'd like to see more of Nathan Ruser's faceplants, see this thread below. Had Nathan been able to do the same to me, he would have certainly done so by now, but he can't address any of my arguments so he has to reduce himself to superficial theories.

Another ASPI staffer actually went to uni with an ethnic minority from Xinjiang. He totally wrote him off, because he knows that he's involved in a disinformation campaign that directly impacts his old friend. He threw him under the bus for his career.

Back onto actual content, here is another thread from GreyFox on one of their more recent reports.
By this point, I'm convinced you'll appreciate, even if you don't agree with all my points, that there are counter arguments out there you haven't been exposed to. This is intentional. Ideas like these would never be explored in traditional western media.

Now for a bit more about me. The HK riots were the catalyst for me to first start asking more questions, then eventually to speak out. I do NOT profit from what I do, on the contrary, I go through great personal expense to do this, financially & time wise

If you'd like to hear me discussing my ideas in more depth, you can watch this video of me debating/discussing China with a mainstream media journalist who was banned from China:

You can also check out my interview with the amazing @RaniaKhalek here where I discuss Hong Kong and Xinjiang.

If you're looking for something a bit shorter, check out my 12 video/excerpt where I talk about the military industrial complex and war propaganda.

I'm fascinated by "human rights" activists, or worse, politicians focusing on alleged human rights abuses overseas when there supposed to have power to fix them home, but don't & still suggest others adopt their supposedly more accountable political system
You're literally drone striking the crap out of overseas kids running to greet their father returning home while the guy who told you this is what always happens is in prison and you're busy searching satellite images to find Chinese human rights abuses.

And your crappy journalists who keep pushing lies or half truths that excuse interventions that kill millions of people just laughed it off when they're ready to say "oopsies" yet again, over and over, without ever introducing honesty the next time around

I have much more I could say about ASPI, but I'll leave it here. This thread is long enough and I have a big dedicated ASPI piece coming soon. I'll finish by attaching my old pinned thread which is full of historical lessons we're failing to learn from.

Here's a new response I provided to a China outlet asking for my opinion on the NYT article that seems to have been coordinated with ASPI, on the ironic topic of coordinated propaganda. I was likely dropped for the same reasons Sketchers has long been.

I'm not surprised by the coordination between ASPI and the NYT. ASPI regularly colludes with MSM. In a slip up, ASPI's Uyghurs for Sale report was released on Feb 28, 2020 and referred to a WAPO article that wasn't even published until the next day, as discovered by @cowestpro. ImageImageImage
Most of the dishonest behaviour ASPI engages in is convoluted in layers of ambiguity, however their damage control, after messing up their coordination with WAPO (likely a timezone oversight), provides a clear as day example of fraud. They changed/now lie about the published date ImageImage

• • •

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3 Jan
Coincidentally, a few weeks ago in a Shenzhen based Turkish restaurant a Uyghur family who lives here got talking to us because they had a baby the same age as ours. They were driving a Tesla

I don't get what's going on here though? Is Isaac worried about Uyghurs in Teslas? Why?
Not being facetious, I'm genuinely curious what the angle is here? I've seen people get offended at Uyghur areas being modernized or even at dental treatment/programs in the past... Does the idea of a Uyghur in a Tesla offend some sort of a fantasy about them traveling by camel? ImageImage
This is why I asked this question, to try and wrap my head around this. I'm not sure I'll get an answer though, because even acknowledging my tweet would require them to reconcile their belief that China uses American-style manual labour to pick cotton.

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19 Dec 21
How many names does he have? Why didn't an IPAC country accept him from Turkey if he felt unsafe there? Was it because he was arrested multiple times? Or it wouldn't have been as useful enough a story? What was he arrested for? Why aren't you taking more Uyghurs from Turkey then? ImageImageImage
Is it because just like in 2011, you still don't really actually believe these "escapees"?

Do you not find it ironic that IPAC is looking for evidence of Uyghurs in camps while one of your member countries LITERALLY built and kept Uyghurs locked up in European camps? ImageImageImageImage
Can't find any pictures of the camps that The Netherlands kept Uyghurs locked up in, but I did find an image of Norway's camps taken by a brave anonymous photographer.

Have these European Uyghur camp operators ever opened themselves up to foreign journalists? If not, why? ImageImage
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18 Dec 21
For months, no journalist was willing to react to Tursunay's "concentration camp" survivor story holes. Finally, a reaction, and from someone who pushed Tursunay's story while winning the Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting!

Thank you for stepping up to the plate Alison.
Alison asked for my reaction to the ASPI article. I gave it, while proactively recognizing she wouldn't like it, inviting her to ask any specific question she'd like. Her showing up on Xinjiang seperatist/extremist shows helps put into perspective the aggressive/dishonest reply. ImageImageImageImage
What's even more remarkable & facetious about the whole thing is that while falsely stating I didn't answer her question, my very real reply & invitation to ask anything else she'd like was a response after her very real 5-month long deflection/real refusal to answer a question. ImageImage
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28 Nov 21
A YouTuber with 784k subs (@laowhy86), long suspected of disingenuously parroting "I hate the Chinese gov't not the people", caught fabricating douyin videos & an escape from China story, was found to have been desecrating local unmarked graves in Taiwan.

Evidence suggests Matt was always ill willed towards Chinese people. Shortly after 100s of millions of Chinese were pulled out of extreme poverty & as China began making headway against the pandemic, a frustrated Matt wished they'd be pushed back into poverty to adopt his ideals.
Here are the details of when Matt used a fabricated/altered douyin video as hard evidence (as he claimed) of China committing a genocide.

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26 Nov 21
This poor little girl isn't creeped out by two foreign men filming her in her village, who contrary to what they say to her, think her ethnic clothing is stupid, she's upset because she has to tow the party line & dance every time cameras are rolling, except this time of course.
Maybe she didn't realize exactly how much of a serious, totally not creepy, hard hitting filmmaker SerpentZA was. He should consider showing people some of his work on the road more often, to put his subjects at ease.
Here they are in my city, Shenzhen. I'd be creeped out/ask what they're doing if I caught them filming my children outside their school. I'd be furious if I found out they were filmed to be used as b-roll footage of them talking about childhood sexually. WTF is wrong with them??
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23 Nov 21
Guys, a new line of human rights sneakers just dropped. ImageImage
The cold weather is coming, pick up a pair of special edition prism snowden boots. They'll help keep your toes warmer than a XKeyscore server room.

Financing available for anyone with a financial credit score of 680 or more. Image
A new pair of Assange Jordan's just dropped. ImageImage
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