1/Time to get real. Most of what people perceive as ‘real’ the last five years has been a constructed stage play designed to tear the world apart. It’s a sham. People were duped. Don’t get fooled again. Here are just a few samples.
2/Kanye West wasn’t sincere in his presidential run. He was a GOP plant, run by Republican operatives, as we now know. He did this as part of a cynical psyop on the African American population, and was tight with Thiel, Musk, Candace Owens, Charlie Kirk, and Don Jr.
3/Brandon Straka was a former hairdresser and actor recruited to run the “WalkAway” campaign in mid-2018. He is now cooperating with DOJ and has provided “material” information. He was instrumental in the #Jan6 attack and is ratting on his accomplices.
4/Candace Owens, Lauren Boebert, Tomi Lahren, Melissa Carole, and Scott Presler were all actors listed on ExploreTalent\.com before their GOP star turns. Cassandra Fairbanks was on a site called leaseyourbody\.com selling tattoo space to advertisers.
5/Bitcoin is an instrument of financial warfare, now outlawed in several countries, created by an anonymous actor or actors. Beyond being a bad investment and a Ponzi scheme, it aims to assault the US financial system. It’s been shilled by Ron Paul and Ted Cruz in recent years.
6/Ted Cruz has known Peter Thiel for something like 25 years and they share a common network. Thiel funded the creation of Ethereum, the 2nd most popular cryptocurrency and the foundation for the NFT craze that is wasting the time of so many people right now.
7/Yesterday, Melania Trump announced her new NFT art project, something-something about children, and that it would be run by the Mercer-backed Parler network. This isn’t (just) a grift; it’s part of a coordinated assault on the global financial system, rooted in network effects.
8/Sinema is on the take from cryptocurrency interests; Manchin is getting paid by the coal industry and is close with Trump’s advisors. These two will consistently stymie the president’s agenda and make sure he fails. We give them too much credit in assuming they are democrats.
9/I could go on and on. There have been hundreds if not thousands of attempts to fool the public into believing all manner of things by way of weaponizing people’s cognitive bias. We must be less credulous, without being cynical. We’re going to find out many more things are fake.
10/The only tools that have been effective at rooting out these players are coordinated intelligence gathering and network analysis. Many of us smelled these fakes years ago and have worked very hard to raise awareness amongst the public and with government.
11/Those efforts have largely fallen on deaf ears, either because of entrenched cognitive bias, willful ignorance or complicity of people within government. We have a long way to go before we are out of this and many still want to believe very naïve things.
12/Intelligence analysts see the world the way it is—or at least try to—and not how they wish it was or would assume it to be. We are called to do this, without paranoia, fear, or prejudice, but accretion of evidence, and knowing that things often aren’t what they seem.
Melissa Carone. Thanks autocorrect.
13/“Person of the Year” Musk is more interested in reality-bending than his various ‘businesses.’ He spends most of his time denigrating US politicians, plotting with co-conspirators, and shilling fake financial scams like BTC and DOGE. More receipts.

14/Whatever happened to Bob (Mari-Lynn) Bland, Tamika Mallory, and Linda Sarsour, after they hijacked the Women’s March from the people who created it using lawyers from Skadden/Arps? They crashed it via links to Louis Farrakhan.
15/Kinda weird Bland is married to a defense contractor; not typical organizer profile. Teresa Shook created the event and went on to denounce these “leaders” as bad actors. And the Global WM organizer resigned in disgust. Yet no one wanted to see it.

16/One really must ask what would have become of the 2017 womens movement if it hadn’t been hijacked and crashed into the ground by people acting in bad faith. One of Bland’s “friends” is climate denier Breitbart writer Steven Capozzola.
17/Of course American exceptionalism makes us think this is all so ‘new’ and ‘unprecedented.’ 🙄 It all happened in Ukraine and in Russia first. Surkov orchestrating fake opposition and astroturfed operations to control all sides of debate. Theater.

And West isn’t crazy. Imaginative and odd, yes. But a performance artist. Like his pal Musk.
18/Brittany Kaiser pretended to be a Cambridge Analytica whistleblower. Instead she went on to run crypto-boss Brock Pierce’s presidential campaign in 2020. Pierce and Bannon arguably invented modern cryptocurrencies pre-Bitcoin. I called her out in 2019.
Peter Pomerantsev has a great here on Surkov and how he builds “managed democracy” by theatrically staging all sides of any debate.

Receipts on Bannon/Pierce/IGE.

• • •

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19 Dec
1/Let’s talk about @AOC for a minute. What is she going on about? Blaming the president for not passing BBB and whatnot? Nevermind these are strawman arguments she has set up here, does she not see how Congress works? Manchin killed this. What is to be done but try again?
2/It seems her former chief of staff @saikatc put forth a “plan” a year or so ago suggesting how Biden could pursue a “BBB” effort without Congress, by repurposing the Fed around regional development loans. thenation.com/article/econom…
3/Now AOC seems to be suggesting that Biden should be “blamed” for not following Chakrabarti’s “perfectly good” plan. A plan that may or may not be constitutional because it cuts Congress out of the power of the purse, and likely has many other monetary policy implications.
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19 Dec
Perhaps she would be more comfortable in the GOP or libertarian party. Just waiting for her to launch her NFT project and announce she is placing her assets into Bitcoin because ethics. 🙄
Product of a casting call.

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18 Dec
Apparently Brandon Straka has been cooperating with DOJ and the #Jan6 committee. He has been known to OSINT community for a very long time. Here are some photos I snapped of him in Baltimore in 2020. He knows a lot.
Here he is at the Schlafly Eagles summit in 2019, the organization run by the already-subpoenaed Ed Martin and tied in closely with CNP and Mike Flynn.
Straka is a former hairdresser from Nebraska. He seems to have been recruited in NYC a few years ago and ran some bizarre campaigns before he started WalkAway.
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17 Dec
As we enter the cyber war as declared by Russia today, I recommend folks acquaint themselves more fully with Messrs. Mavrodi and Malofeyev.

Malofeyev has been the principal advocate of parallel internet services to mirror popular, mainstream sites. You can thank him for Parler and various Russian parallel services that aim to give Russia digital sovereignty.

And Malofeyev had his own interesting cryptocurrency episode.

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16 Dec
One last plug before I go to bed.

If you want to get a really good picture of what's going on in the world, turn off the TV and the radio and listen to this series.

Eight episodes so far. Deep insights from leading experts you won't hear elsewhere.

I'm not asking for donations, or for you to buy anything. I've taken time out of my life to distill and share the most complete view that can be assembled from years worth of research.

I promise you, you will never see the world the same way after listening.
And once you have listened, please share with your friends, family, and colleagues who need to hear this. For all the noise, uncertainty, and chaos in the world, we humbly submit that this is pointing in the right direction. Voices of at least some clarity in the wilderness.
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15 Dec
💥 I have been telling people this was happening for about 13 months. Here's a major chunk of the story that's been revealed now.

And yes, we were the subject of a coup conducted by former and current military officers trained in psychological operations.
LOL: “When retired members of the military, especially senior officers, broadcast wild conspiracies, America’s trust in its military is somewhat eroded.” [somewhat] lol

This is a massive counterintelligence failure. We can never let people become radicalized like this.
Here's my mega thread from Feb 14 2021. We identified much of this network as far back as last fall and alerted media and government. Media didn't want to run stories because these old retired men might just be 'senile.' 🙄
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