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🧵 Former CIA officer here. If I took classified intelligence - let alone Top Secret, Sensitive Compartmented Information about nuclear weapons - I would expect a visit from federal law enforcement. That’s the FBI’s job, to protect our national security. /1
We don’t know if the Top Secret nuclear weapons info was about the US arsenal or a foreign government - but this represents an enormous breach of our national security and if the latter, could compromise intelligence sources and methods and possibly lead to death of our spies./2
We don’t yet know why Trump took these Top Secret documents and refused to return them. But a question every American should be asking - after Trump’s actions on #Jan6 to retain power, how confident are you that he would not sell out our national security to benefit himself? /3
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HAPPENING NOW: Judge Metha holding pretrial conference re Oath Keepers seditious conspiracy trial now set for Sept. 26. Defense seeking to delay it due to House #Jan6. Haven't got to that yet. Discussing jury selection
Mehta re questionnaire: 'Brevity is better here….nobody wants to have a 2 week jury selection.' Also he says he thinks open-ended Qs about media consumption may be unhelpful (doesn't mention if they're improper).
Rhodes lawyer Linder says defense recently had a three-day 'work weekend' for several defense attys in Dallas where they worked on questionnaire and stipulations. Linder: 'We are making big striders to getting ready...I don't think we can realistically be ready in Sept.'
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HAPPENING NOW: Sentencing underway for Guy Reffitt, 1st #Jan6 defendant to go to jury trial, which ended with five felony convictions. Among those charges: witness tampering for threatening his own son. Earlier:
Judge Friedrich says she concerned that govt request for 15 years is far beyond what others have gotten. Judge: 'His decision to exercise his constitutional right to go to trial should not result in a dramatically different sentence.'
Friedrich: 'The government is asking for a sentence that is three times as long as any other defendant and the defendant did not assault an officer.' She acknowledges he was convicted of being in possession of firearm on Capitol grounds.
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On Nat'l Whistleblower Day, it’s important to recognize reprisal whistleblowers sometimes face, & fight to end it. Recent example: DHS IG repeatedly impeded & delayed investigations into whistleblower retaliation—which may have set the stage for #Jan6.…
P.S.: if "DHS IG" sounds familiar, it’s because Inspector General Ken Cuffari’s time at DHS has been rife with misconduct, including suppressing findings of sexual misconduct & domestic violence at the department, quashing investigations involving the Secret Service... (cont⬇️)
...leading up to the 2020 election, including one into violence at Lafayette Square in June 2020, and most recently, hiding knowledge of deleted Jan. 6th texts.
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Despite mounting evidence continuously exposed by @EpochTimes that some law enforcement officers engaged in brutal, unprovoked attacks against essentially peaceful #Jan6 protesters, every one of them has been cleared of wrongdoing. (Thread👇)…
However, several documents obtained exclusively by @EpochTimes show other officers were investigated for being friendly with protesters, 6 of whom were found guilty and disciplined for their actions.…
According to a Sept. 12, 2021, news report, the US Capitol Police Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) launched 38 internal investigations related to police conduct on #Jan6, 2021.

Many of the investigations were prompted by anonymous tips.…
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"The OIG Joseph V. Cuffari did not press the dept leadership at that time to explain why they did not preserve these records...

Cuffari also failed to alert Congress to the potential destruction of government records."

"In a nearly identical scenario to that of the DHS leaders’ texts, the Secret Service alerted Cuffari’s office seven months ago, in December 2021, that the agency had deleted thousands of agents’ and employees’ text messages."

"In the weeks before the attack on the Capitol, Trump had been pressuring both men to help him claim the 2020 election results were rigged and even to seize voting machines in key swing states to try to “re-run” the election."

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"one lawyer involved in the detailed discussions repeatedly used the word “fake” to refer to the so-called electors, who were intended to provide ... a rationale for derailing the congressional process of certifying the outcome."

“We would just be sending in ‘fake’ electoral votes to Pence so that ‘someone’ in Congress can make an objection when they start counting votes, and start arguing that the ‘fake’ votes should be counted”

"The emails show that participants in the discussions reported details of their activities to Rudolph W. Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer, and in at least one case to Mark Meadows, the White House chief of staff."

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"The Justice Department is investigating President Donald Trump’s actions as part of its criminal probe of efforts to overturn the 2020 election results"

"Prosecutors who are questioning witnesses... have asked in recent days about conversations w/ Trump, his lawyers, & others in his inner circle who sought to substitute Trump allies for certified electors from some states Joe Biden won"

"The prosecutors have asked hours of detailed questions about meetings Trump led in December 2020 & January 2021; his pressure campaign on Pence to overturn the election; and what instructions Trump gave his lawyers & advisers about fake electors"

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💥"There was no order"—Trump's own Defense Secretary testified that Trump NEVER ordered Nat'l Guard troops for #Jan6. Pathetic liar Trump claims he did & Pelosi rejected it. And the GOP & GOP propaganda media shamelessly blame Dems for Trump's terrorist attack/coup/insurrection.
💥“prosecutors have asked…detailed questions about meetings Trump led in December 2020 and January 2021; his pressure campaign on Pence to overturn the election; and what instructions Trump gave his lawyers & advisers about fake electors and sending electors back to the states”
AG Garland is on it >> Justice Dept received phone records of key Trump officials and aides—including Mark Meadows—in April. BEFORE the @January6thCmte hearings in June & July.

The DOJ criminal probe into Trump & his coup attempt has apparently been going on for months.
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I see that Ashli Babbitt is trending because of her racist fuck of a mother. So let me remind you who Ashli Babbitt was.
Ashli Babbitt never imagined she would survive fighting for regime change “over there” only to die fighting for regime change “over here.”…
The 14-year Air Force veteran who fought in both Iraq and Afghanistan was the only person shot by Capitol Police while trying to storm the Congress of her own country.
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HAPPENING NOW: Jury instructions & closing arguments about to get underway at Steve Bannon contempt of Congress trial. Looks like AUSA Molly Gaston will deliver the govt closing (at least 1st part). Earlier:
Bannon's lawyers just filed notice about House #jan6 committee's mentions of Bannon last night, including audio from @motherjones of Bannon predicting before 202 election that Trump would contest it even if he lost. Defense has said this could infect jury and wants some inquiry
That filing: Judge Nichols taking bench now
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I don't have time to break out everything I have dug up.
So here's a thread I'll add to w/items OSINT may want or investigators may need.

I have a spreadsheet w/ >600 items, most of it I've archived. It's all been sent to @January6thCmte's tip-line.
16 DEC 20
Bannons WarRoom Ep 590: 74 Million American's Want Answers (w/ VandenBerghe, Epshteyn, Posobiec)…
13 DEC 20
Sidney Powell: Trump Could Trigger 2018 Executive Order on Foreign Election Interference

Archive LInk:
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.@Liz_Cheney reveals at end of #Jan6thHearings #Trump called a #Jan6thCommittee witness we have not yet seen. The witness did not take the call but told their lawyer. The lawyer told the Committee. The Committee referred it to #DOJ. #USAG, is this enuf for #WitnessTampering yet? Image
Other shattering testimony:
- The 12/18 meeting #TFG held in #OvalOffice with #SidneyPowell, #MikeFlynn, #Giuliani, & aides was “unhinged”-loud screaming, name-calling, almost coming to fisticuffs.
- They were there to discuss draft order to seize voting machines in key states.
- It was revealed at 12/18 meeting that #Trump had named #SidneyPowell as special counsel to prosecute cases related to the voting machines. Supposedly gave her a “security clearance.”
#Jan6thHearings #January6thCommitteeHearings…
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Steve Bannon will testify before the #Jan6 Committee. I wrote this about him on January 20, 2021, the day after Trump pardoned him…
Trump was not an aberration. He was the fruition of white supremacy, misogyny, Christian fundamentalism, militarism and authoritarianism.

And Steve Bannon is the gardener tasked with pruning and cross-pollinating the poisonous blossoms.
Trump turbocharged white supremacist patriarchy.

Armed white supremacists who stormed the U.S. Capitol on #Jan6 had wanted to assassinate politicians. Much of their hate and threats were directed at female politicians. Text: Armed white supremacists who stormed the nation’s Ca
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Republican candidates aren't hiding that they tried to overthrow our government on #Jan6.

#MIGOV candidate (and coup attendee) Ryan Kelley said it explicitly at tonight's #MIGOV debate: Yes, I was in DC on January 6th. Yes, the FBI did raid my house.
But it's not just Kelley. Every single candidate in the #MIGov GOP primary debate tonight said that they believe the Big Lie conspiracy theory that the 2020 election was fraudulent.
Here's #MIGov GOP candidate @GarrettForMI saying that the 2020 election was "stolen" and that "they" turned Michigan into California overnight:
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Since he's trending, Brit Hume's viral #Jan6 tweet suggesting Trump rioters might have been "infiltrated by leftist extremists" is still up.

14.2K retweets 81.8K likes. Zero retractions.
Closing replies since these are now appearing every minute
Literally a new one every minute
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I say this almost every day: I moved to the U.S. in 2000. Over the past 2 decades, I've learned that many white Americans have a delusional amount of confidence in their government and its institutions.…
They are childishly naive in believing that institutions will save them/work for, not ever hurt them.

That stubborn belief in U.S. exceptionalism undergirds the refusal to see the fascism that Trump brought.
Black, Indigenous, and people of colour have no such delusions. They do not expect institutions to protect them because they are so often hurt by those institutions.
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#Jan6 Just a normal tour group climbing up in the trees around the capitol with rifles
"fastening spears onto the ends of flagpoles" like all the tour groups
My family and I went to the capitol building when I was 11, and this was before 9/11, and there's absolutely nothing normal about this kind of behavior anywhere near the capitol. I remember a time when it was extremely abnormal to consider this acceptable. It's only been 20 years
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Jan 2
Giuliani mtg w/ Meadows evening
Cassidy Hutchinson walked Giuliani out & he said to her,
“Are you excited for the 6th? it’s going to be a great day…
“Talk to the Chief he knows…
“We’re going to the Capitol”

Hutchinson went back to the office and asked her boss Mark Meadows what Rudy meant.

He looked up from his phone and said,

“Things might get real real bad on the 6th”

"I recall hearing the word 'oathkeeper' & the words 'proud boys' closer to the planning of the January 6th rally when Rudy Giuliani would be around." - Cassidy Hutchinson

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Cassidy Hutchinson, aide to Mark Meadows, has spoken to investigators on the cmte multiple times behind closed doors. In the absence of Meadows testimony, Hutchinson is key to understanding the scope of his actions.
@byamberphillips &…
“Video clips from her interviews have been featured by the panel during earlier hearings, but Tues will be the first time she offers live testimony at a public hearing.…

“Hutchinson was by Meadows’s side leading up to & during the Capitol attack
“& has told the cmte of strategy sessions held between the WH & Trump’s allies in Congress about whether they should encourage ‘Stop the Steal’ participants to march to the Capitol, & how to set up alternative slates of electors.
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Federal agents last week seized the cell phone of John Eastman, a lawyer who pushed false claims that mass voter fraud tainted the 2020 election & urged Trump & other Republicans to block Biden from becoming president.

- @DevlinBarrett
“Eastman’s lawyer, Charles Burnham, filed papers in federal court in New Mexico Mon asking a judge to order the cell phone returned to Eastman. It was seized pursuant to a search order when he left a restaurant last Wednesday —
“a day in which fed agents around the country delivered subpoenas, executed search warrants, & interviewed witnesses in a significant expansion of the criminal probes surrounding #Jan6.
That same day, fed agents conducted a search at the northern Virginia home of Jeffrey Clark,
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If you’re confused by army of white women celebrating the Supreme Court for overturning #RoeVsWade and praising Trump for “saving white life”:

I explain these footsoldiers of the patriarchy & tag team of white Christian women who helped build a theocracy…
In the U.S. White women are afforded an innocence that is both a reward and a leash that ensures they work diligently on behalf of a patriarchy upon which their own livelihood depends. And which they must remember will hurt them because nothing protects you from patriarchy.
Those same white and Christian women are rarely analysed, examined and pathologized in the way that Muslim women are, as I’ve written here… #AmyConeyBarrett #RoeVsWade
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🛡️#T3OccultAstrology SCOTUS SAYS NO ABORTION 6/24/22
All Planned
Moon sets up chaos throughout the day- peaks tonight
Violent Mars🟥Pluto will ramp up into July 4 during the #SatanicNewMoon 6/27 - 7/2
W/ Saturn🟥Uranus waxing and NO HOPE FOR THE WEARY, this builds into 2023
+1 Image
The promise made on the June 15 #SuperFullMoon by pro-abortion support group #JanesRevenge spoke of "increasing drastic measures" that might not be "so easily cleaned up as fire and graffiti."
📢This happens tonight!…
This may be the pivotal moment that sends what's left of our country into the planned chaos we all know is coming. The timing and configuration is just to perfect to be discounted as coincidence. #PriestKingsInControl
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