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THREAD: I have once again collaborated with @EpochJoe64 on a @CapitolPolice whistleblower story. This one has to do with an unexplained order that former USCP Lt. Tarik Johnson received from Capt. Ben Smith in the days preceding #Jan6.
This was an order that violated equipment protocols on multiple levels. Receiving the order to collect helmets, Johnson was told to have his officers bring them to his office. Johnson said in his 23 years on the force, he had never experienced this.…
Dept. protocol requires a one-for-one exchange of replaced equipment, “from tie tacks to bullets,” Johnson told me. There is also the matter that all equipment is to be returned or exchanged at the USCP Property Asset Management Division building - not to a superior officer.
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In the immediate aftermath of former Senate Sergeant at Arms Michael Stenger’s death on June 27, 2022, conspiracy theories began flying on social media. Last night I had the opportunity to speak with one of Stenger’s close friends about the final months of his life.
In Stenger’s only Senate testimony following #Jan6, he famously said in his opening statement:

“Investigations should be considered as to funding and travel of what appears to be professional agitators.” (February 23, 2021)
Stenger was one of the only high-ranking J6 figures to insinuate there might have been such an organized assault on the Capitol, rather than a riot spontaneously instigated by Trump’s speech at The Ellipse. That’s all the conspiracy purveyors needed.
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Inside the Ukrainian counteroffensive that shocked Putin and reshaped the war | Dec 29, 2022

The 2 bridges were targeted with #US -supplied #M142 #HIMARS which have a range of 50 miles - and were quickly rendered impassable.
- @kokoomus #WEF papukaija ImageImage
@kokoomus #WEF-#YGLs-#lobotomia
- Kun Isä-#Schwab'sta aika jättää, #orvot päästetään #sijaiskoti'in.
#DOJ VIDEO Shows #Capitol Police Holding Open “Upper West Terrace #Doors” On #Jan6 , While Over 250 Individuals Walk Into The Capitol
@kokoomus #DOJ VIDEO Shows #CapitolPolice Holding Open “Upper West Terrace #Doors” On #Jan6, While Over 250 Individuals Walk Into The Capitol | By Patty McMurray | Mar 1, 2023
Watch the incredible video here:
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🚨BREAKING🚨 Former Vice President Mike Pence plans to join the GOP presidential nomination race, launching his campaign with a video and a kickoff speech in Des Moines, Iowa, on June 7. Source familiar with his plans has confirmed. #2024Election Image
The move comes as his ex-boss, former President Donald Trump, claims a majority in most national polls. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, currently in second place, will now face another high-profile contender in the field. #2024Election Image
Pence's challenge will be to redefine himself to GOP voters, many of whom know him primarily as Trump's VP. His conservative stance on social and economic issues is expected to set the tone for his campaign. #MikePence
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1/8 The Stop the Steal movement was itself stolen. On 2020-11-04, @KylieJaneKremer of @america1stwomen (WFAF) started a Facebook group Stop the Steal. It became a movement. Within 22 hours, the group gained >300,000 members. 2.1 Million more joined its waiting list.…
2/8 A week later, the Stop the Steal (& #StopTheSteal) was controlled by twice-convicted felon Ali Alexander. He turned it into an evil parody of #MAGA & his personal cash cow. Ali’s speeches had violent & racist undertones. His events invited troublemakers & White nationalists, Image
3/8 although Ali Alexander is a black man born as Ali Akbar. WFAF parted ways with Ali.
Ali announced his Stop the Steal rally on #Jan6, a permit for which he received by misrepresentation. He promoted it by falsely claiming support from Trump & @GOP speakers he never talked to. Image
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The politicized indictment of former President Trump was the latest in a yearslong effort to target him that began with the 2016 Clinton campaign’s false Russia collusion plot.

Trump is dealing with at least 3 more ongoing investigations.…
In addition to the #NewYork case, there’s a case in #Georgia being pushed by a local prosecutor, Fani Willis.

There are also 2 federal cases involving special counsel Jack Smith: one about Trump’s alleged wrongdoing on #Jan6, and the other about Trump's handling of documents.
A quick word on pardons before we dive in: only the 2 federal cases are subject to presidential pardons. The New York and Georgia cases are subject to pardons from the respective governors of those states.
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For 2nd day in a row, GOP lawmakers hit Garland for proposing only 4 new DEA agents as Fentanyl deaths surge. But AG says real no. is 131, counting agents OK'd this year but not yet hired. Garland: 'The budget math and the actual math doesn’t always add up.'
Democrats are pointing out that across-the-board cuts GOP would impose government-wide as part of debt limit extension would actually slash spending by about 22%. Garland says: 'It would be devastating for our efforts to combat drug trafficking. Totally devastating.'
Garland says that would lead to 11,000 jobs at FBI being eliminated.
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1/This is a week that could be the end of the beginning of accountability for Trump. Atty/client privilege was once again ruled inapplicable bec of crime/fraud exception resulting in atty Evan Corcoran testifying at Jack Smith's grand jury about classified documents.
2/Corcoran's testimony may be key to proving Trump obstructed the investigation. Plus, we learned another atty, Tim Parlatore, testified in Dec. Meanwhile, T said he'd be indicted in NY (but wasn't) and called on his cult to protest, which is what caused Jan6.
3/He didn't ask for peaceful protest. Then T threatened death & destruction if he were indicted, & today he is holding a rally in Waco TX, home of the militia movement, which seems like a call to arms & violence to me, much like what led to #Jan6. Watch out because there's more.
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@HouseAdmin 1/ The USCP had no intelligence about the Jan6 "insurrection"/#Fedsurrection/#Demsurrection because it watched only Trump supporters, who neither planned nor committed the violence. This is why the intel was negative Image
@HouseAdmin 2/ The email from Sean Gallagher to Schumer aide Kelly Fado was not legit intel. It was an attempt to falsely link Trump to the #Jan6th Capitol attack. It contained information which had already been investigated by @FBI and found negative for threats.…
@HouseAdmin @FBI 3/ The Special Assessment of Jany 3 was not legit intel. Deeply partisan, it looked like a product of Democratic party. Highly unusual, it was not distributed. cc @JudiciaryGOP…
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URGENT: @RepBryanSteil, @RepJoeMorelle - A coalition of journalists, investigators, and #Jan6 defense attorneys have come to learn the @HouseAdmin committee is in possession of at least 100 boxes of documents left behind by the now-defunct @January6thCmte. ⬇️ 1/4
It is imperative the American public, J6 defendants, and their attorneys have immediate access to these documents. With your resources, these files can be quickly digitized and uploaded to a public server, or at least made immediately available to J6 defense teams. ⬇️ 2/4
As with the 40,000+ hours of unreleased video, American citizens’ lives and liberty may be dependent upon the contents of those boxes. (Can we please do this the easy way?) ⬇️ 3/4

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Jake Angeli Chansley aka Qanon Shaman lists his boss as Free Arts of Arizona (see Greg's tweet below)
Now check out FAofA's mission.
Traumatized Children!
If you've been following the connex btwn Deep State and child abuse in AZ you'll understand…
Here are Free Art of Arizona's listed partners.
They are all about orphans, refugee kids, unaccompanied minors.
Arizona is a major hub for child trafficking. See Dave Farnsworth articles, Peterson baby mill, McCain, backpage, etc
3/4 Free Arts for Arizona servicing traumatized children apparently managed Qanon Shaman Jacob Angeli Chansley?! Weird enough but here are their corporate sponsors (archive
Microsoft, Boeing, Gannet, etc
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@SeditionHunters. Couldn’t you have posted a more flattering photo of me? Even @FBI showed me better #Jan6 photos of myself than this one. And why can’t I have one of those fun hashtags? Like… #NoHaircutBecauseHeWouldntWearAMaskGuy. 1/4 ⬇️ Image
Anyway… some better photos are included, below. Feel free to choose whichever you like best, and update your website at your convenience. Thanks!
-Steve Baker - 2/4⬇️ ImageImageImageImage
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🟥🧵👇 When @TuckerCarlson releases his cherry picked vid this week to support a false narrative? Watch this video & remind yourself this was #Jan6th & when watching look for the long shot of the crowd trying to barrel through the doors.


And if that still leaves you unsure? Here's a playlist from YouTube from reporters & some on the ground videos made by peopJan6thle there -- to remind you of what really happened.…

And if you need even more convincing, here's a well-organized video list from @propublica of many of the videos from Parler that were dropped that day -- mostly by people that were participating in the #insurrection.…

#DemCast #jan6th #TuckerCarlson

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1/ #OPSEC STOP ALL CONTRACTS w/ #Palantir (Boldend) - Peter Thiel, FB #Fascism #DarkMoney

THIEL - Musk, Koch #KochNetwork Milo, Ton-That, Giesea, Thiel protégé, Cernovich, Breitbart & T. $ startup “White Nationalist Hate Group” & Palantir pushed by Flynn…
2/ “Pence again spoke at #HF DC of #KochNetwork

#Koch & White Nationalist Hate Groups Bankrolled by #DonorsTrust prominent conservative #DarkMoney fund favored by #GOP - #Koch Mercer & Devos biggest known backer of 2 #WNHG #Fascism $ #Jan6 #DISCLOSEAct…
3/ Koch advocacy group courts far-right Republicans it vowed to thwart
Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP - Koch family political network - #KochNetwork)
recently invited two politicians who tried vigorously to overturn the 2020 presidential election…
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Researchers found that more than half of Republicans believe the U.S. should be a strictly Christian nation, either adhering to the ideals of Christian nationalism (21%) or sympathizing with those views (33%). h/t @inpoco…
According to the survey half of Christian nationalism adherents and nearly 4 in 10 sympathizers said they support the idea of an authoritarian leader in order to keep these Christian values in society
The survey also found correlations between people who hold Christian nationalist views as well as anti-Black, anti-immigrant, antisemitic views, anti-Muslim and patriarchal views.…
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Having clients who entered in the East, we focused on the video record on that side of the building and have documented how there was actually very little violence. Various USCP witnesses have testified about a lack of shared intelligence and best estimates suggest #Jan6 #Jan6th
...there to have been perhaps 25% of the USCP staffing one should have expected. USCP rank and file were left in the dark and management seems to have had little presence or exerted almost no observable managerial leadership throughout the day forcing...
mid-level supervisors like Lt. Tarik Johnson and Lt. Anthony Warner to take filed command. Prior to the coordinated push through in the NE and East at ~1:57 documented here (that also documents Oath Keepers escorting speakers to a licensed event)…
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Proud Boys trial drama: defendant Joseph Biggs' lawyer Norm Pattis proposes 'simple & elegant' solution that he withdraw from case in part due to his bar suspension related to Alex Jones case. Patiis also cites 'irreconcilable differences' with co-counsel Dan Hull
Judge Kelly says he is inclined to let Pattis go but not until another conflict issue with Hull is resolved. Hull gets up calls what Pattis said a 'complete falsehood.' Judge cuts him off. Hull keeps talking. Judge: 'Mr. Hull, take your seat, sir!' Hearing recessed may return
Court back in Session. Prosecutor Jason McCullough says a defense attorney for Biggs, Dan Hull, did get confidential information from another Proud Boy who's now cooperating with government & pled guilty, Jeremy Bertino. Prosecutor: 'It is not a nothingburger issue.'
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EXCLUSIVE: A top US Capitol Police commander failed to respond to repeated urgent calls to evacuate Congress on #Jan6, causing the loss of precious time that might have prevented the shooting death of protester #AshliBabbitt, a former USCP commander said.…
The delay caused by the radio silence from the Capitol Police Command Center was so urgent that the veteran lieutenant forged ahead with the evacuation anyway, saying he feared lawmakers would be injured or killed if he didn’t lead them to safety.
In a series of exclusive interviews with @EpochTimes, former Lt. Tarik K. Johnson detailed allegations that Assistant Chief Yogananda Pittman failed to respond to multiple urgent calls for help.

“I begged for help all day on Jan. 6, 2021, and I feel I was largely ignored.”
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At DC federal court this morning...Still in jury selection for Pelosi desk-sitter Richard Barnett....Proud Boys trial jury is chosen but we're in a semi-hiatus as defense lawyers argue, again, for change of venue based on juror bias...also lawyer issues to work through
Carmen Hernandez, lawyer for Proud Boy Zachary Rehl: 'We're getting smacked with the media attention out of Jan.6 committee right as we’re starting trial...This case is a perfect storm of those prejudicial aspects.'
Hernandez: "I have never, never experienced the level of prejudice and ill-will toward a set of defendants....It’s completely out of whack with what we consider due process and fair trial rights...This is worse than anything I have ever experienced."
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The day after an attempted Coup in Brazil, Musk just restored Ali Alexander's Twitter.

Here's Ali on Jan 5, 2021 leading a chant of "Victory or Death"

This ends badly 1/
2/ After being banned from Twitter after #Jan6, Ali Alexander moved his civil war incitement to Telegram.

Ali is an absolute liability for any platform that hosts him.

3/ Stop the Steal architect & civil war inciter Ali Alexander has plans to get a bunch of attention on Twitter.

Don't be rage farmed.

You can *not participate* by never Replying & never Quote Tweeting him.

Screenshot if you must & use a #TruthSandwich.
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I'm not an expert on Brazilian Pentecostalism & defer to those who are, but I know that the recent election there had many similar features to what I discuss in Charismatic Revival Fury & #Jan6: spirit. warfare invocations, Manichean declarations by Evang/ Pentecostal leaders 1/3
against left-wing opponents, & conscious stoking of these forces by #Bolsonaro and his family.… I also know that the apostolic network model discussed in our series (whether you call it #NAR or not) has really taken hold among Evangs/Pentecostals there. 2/3
As we are watching events unfold with rioting and storming of govt buildings in #Brasilia, one of the crucial analytical questions going forward is: what role did relig leaders play in instigating this and what were the theologies they used in doing so? #ChristianNationalism 3/3
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BREAKING: pro-#Bolsonaro rioters breach Congress, Supreme Court & Presidential Palace in 🇧🇷#Brazil.

Ex president promotes a stolen election lie & has been close to Trump.

He skipped inauguration of his predecessor & flew to Florida.

By: @peterbmillard…
2/ What does this remind you of?

🇧🇷#Brazil is yet more proof that the "stolen election" lie is poison for Democracy.

3/ Appalling footage is surfacing of pro-#Bolsonaro rioters dragging and beating the police protecting 🇧🇷#Brazil's capitol.

This is very, very bad.

And looks extremely orchestrated.
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1 - Good evening! When I asked in my first tweet on Wednesday’s tweetstorm, who was left out of the @January6thCmte final report, hundreds immediately responded, “#RayEpps” Good guess, as he too was left out of that report. But, he was interviewed…
2 - That @January6thCmte’s transcript of #RayEpps’ interview is finally released. The most damning moment being when he was asked: “So it looks like, around 9 a.m., your nephew texts you: “You and Jim be safe.”…
3 - And then, at 2:12 p.m., on January 6, you text back: “I was in the front with a few others. I also orchestrated it.” #RayEpps then proceeds to explain the special relationship he has with his nephew…
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