"40 Psychology Hacks to Get Things Done"

1. Find your biological prime time.

It’s the time when your mind is naturally most focused.

Once you know when you work best, schedule some uninterrupted work time accordingly.
2. Tackle the worst task first.

Also called “Eat the frog“, this will give you a sense of relief and energise you for the rest of your tasks.
3. Divide big tasks into small tasks.

Doing this will not only make the task more concrete and actionable, but it also makes it seem smaller and easier to start.
4. Mute notifications.

Any incoming notification from your phone or computer will easily distract you and raises inattention and hyperactivity.

Once distracted it can take you up to 23 minutes to focus again.
5. Use the Pomodoro Technique.

Working in sessions prevents burnouts and increases efficiency.

Work on just one task for 25 minutes, then take a 5 minute break and repeat.

Make a bigger break after 4 sessions.
6. Chew gum.

Gum increases the flow of oxygen keeping you more alert and maintaining longer focus
7. Apply the spider technique.

Learn to not pay attention to distractions with the spider technique.

If you get easily distracted by people entering the room, try to ignore them by maintaining the focus on your task.
8. Have a “Stop Doing” list.

Write down time-wasting habits you want to stop and write down things you should do instead.
9. Have a “Distraction” list.

Make a list of all the things that pop up in your mind other than the work you’re doing, and dedicate time to them once you’re done.
10. Use sticky notes as reminders.

Visual reminders will help your brain to memorise and keep the focus on the right things.
11. Schedule a time when you read your email.

Setting a specific time will keep the rest of your day email free and thus improve your focus.
12. Unplug.

Turn off mobile phone, close your email and route your office calls to the voicemail to avoid distractions.
13. Schedule 1-2 hours just for yourself.

Having a scheduled block of uninterrupted work time, will allow you to fully focus on your tasks.
14. Start your day with a rich breakfast.

It will give you the right energy and improve your concentration.

Vitamin B rich food, healthy carbohydrates and low-fat protein is the way to go.
15. Drink 2-3 litre of water per day.

Being well-hydrated will give you more energy and improve your mental clarity.
16. Get enough magnesium.

Magnesium improves learning and memory.

Try some pumpkin seeds, cacao or sesame seeds.
17. Drink coffee strategically.

Drink coffee between 09:30-11:30 AM and 1:30-5:00 PM when your natural cortisol level drops.
18. Eat enough fibres.

Fibres keep your energy levels uniform and help you to be more alert.
19. Make verbal commitments.

Telling others about your commitments will give you an extra kick of motivation to not break them.
20. Stop multitasking.

Multitasking reduces your efficiency and performance.

Your brain is fully efficient if only focusing on one task at a time.
21. Avoid visual distractions.

Avoid crowded places, places where a lot of people pass by, and any kind of blinking notifications, since our mind is naturally attracted by them.
22. Cross off things from your To-Do list.

Every time you cross a task off your list, the “happy chemical” dopamine gets released, giving you the motivation to move to the next task.
23. Create an inspirational board.

Put up a board for quotes, pictures, goals or something you love.

It will make you feel inspired and remind you about your goals.
24. Less is more – watch your working hours.

Working more than 50 hours per week, will produce no greater results than people who work less.
25. Have a positive attitude.

Besides boosting your energy level, it will make you more proactive, curious and rise your performance.
26. Make a To-Do list.

Writing things down will help you to get an overview and help you prioritise your tasks.
27. Set a deadline for each task.

Having a deadline and limiting the time frame for each task will allow you to focus and get things done faster.
28. Do everything that takes less than 2 minutes, right away.

This will free your mind and keep your To-Do list lean.
29. Delegate and follow the 70% rule.

If 70% of something can be done by someone else, just delegate it.
30. Set a weekly goal.

Weekly goals keep you motivated and focused during your week.
31. Plan your day ahead.

Starting the day with a clear plan in mind reduces stress and helps you to focus on the right things.
32. Use waiting time for small tasks.

Such gaps are great for answering quick emails, reaching out to somebody or read the news.
33. Learn speed reading.

It’s a challenge for the brain to perform better, thus it improves memory and the ability to build focus.
34. Ritualise the end of each project.

Once a project is done, update your To-Do list, sort and file the related documents in order to start the next task with a clear mind.
35. Stretch your body.

Small exercises boost hyper oxygenation in your brain giving you energy and making you more efficient.

Take the stairs, walk to a farther bathroom, do small stretches and stand up periodically.
36. Train your brain.

Play some brain games to help you train your memory and your ability to focus.

Lumosity is a great app for that.
37. Read for 6 minutes a day.

It can reduce stress levels by up to 68%.
38. Practice yoga.

Practicing yoga will reduce your stress level, thus making you more productive.
39. Change your location.

It can help you to get unstuck and fuel your motivation.
40. Slow down.

Stop, slow down and start doing things deliberately. It will help you to manage your attention, instead of running blind from one task to another.
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