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CDC data.

From Feb 2020 through Sept 2021 in the US among all ages there were 44,650 COVID cases per 100,000 people in the population and 280.7 deaths among those cases.

This is a death rate of 0.62% and is 6 times worse than the flu’s usual 0.1% fatality rate.
2/ COVID’s death rate is on an illness where people were told to wait it out at home except if they needed the hospital.

Do this for the flu and I doubt that its death rate will remain at 0.1% of cases.

Absent such COVID rules, who knows how lower COVID’s rate may have been.
3/ I am bringing this up because lockdowns were made in March 2020 with the assumption that COVID’s death rate is 1.0% - 3.0% of cases which would be 10-30 times worse than the flu. Yet the CDC’s data puts it at 6 x worse than the flu (despite the panicked changes to healthcare).
4/4 How is it relevant now?


March 14, 2020, as lockdowns were picking up, I had a lengthy thread pointing out that the assumptions of COVID’s rates (droving the lockdowns) seem off to the high side.

It’s still my pinned thread since then.

Enjoy it.

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27 Dec
Reminder that Pfizer’s COVID—19 vaccine “has been authorized for emergency use to prevent COVID-19 in ages 16+.”

That’s Pfizer’s own tweet from 7 months ago.

Again: “to prevent COVID-19.”

Will anyone at @CNBC ask Pfizer Boarf Member @ScottGottliebMD about this?
“Now we know that the vaccines work well enough that the virus STOPS with every vaccinated person.” - @maddow in late March of this year. (Source of this show is @NBCNews @MSNBC or whoever will try to get this shaming tweet down for “copyright.” It isn’t. I am giving due credit.)
“You are not gonna get COVID if you have these vaccinations.” - Biden in July.

(Source of this show is @CNN or whoever in that cooperation will try to get this shaming tweet down for “copyright.” It isn’t. I am giving due credit but real rules don’t matter around here.)
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27 Dec
1/ Thread. I know I am talking here mostly to the 4 walls, but as an exercise I’ll tweet these thoughts and if you are one of the few to read it, thank you.

We are often told to “trust the science,” but the science of trust is to earn it; you can’t force people to trust you.
2. In recent years, however, little has been done to earn the public’s trust. For starters, there is no THE science as science is a developing thing. What’s more, to claim “the science is settled” is strange as science as a topic is about constant study.

How can it be settled?
3/ Besides, if you have the numbers, show it. Why do you need to ask for people to trust it? Furthermore, many people “trust” “the” science, but they just distrust your policy solutions to the science and your motives behind ths policies that you want to impose on the public.
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27 Dec
Fauci, @@ScottGottliebMD and others keep saying that past infection gives some immunity but it’s better to also have the C19 shots.

Why can’t we have running data on natural immunity? Not half-baked, misrepresented studies. Raw, steady data.

cc @drsanjaygupta @andrewrsorkin
There is data on ICU and COVID-19 deaths based on vaccination status. Why not another column on whether the person already had COVID per a PCR (and how long ago 6, 9, 12, 15 months)? Why the blackout on such critical data especially that the vaccines don’t hold like Polio, MMR?
If C19 shots stopped the spread (as Biden claimed in July 2021), and if the shots held long, you can perhaps argue everyone should get the shots for the greater good as done to other diseases. But cases R now worse than pre-vaxx and shots are not a dead end, so (next tweet)
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22 Dec
Biden finally gave Trump credit for the C19 vaccines because in recent weeks with Omicron amok more people became aware that the vaccines are not living up to its promise from a year ago.

“95% effective.”

“Dead-end for spread.”

Sucker, the Trump that he is, ate it up. Image
Biden credited Trump for the vaccine on the day that Israel authorized a SECOND BOOSTER for age 60 and above.

The two shot series that was “95% effective” against severe outcome and a “dead-end” for the spread, is at its 4th shot, and masks are still needed.

Yet Trump is happy. Image
Instead of blasting Biden/Harris for undermining trust in the vaccines last year, Trump trips over himself that Biden finally credited Trump for the vaccine on the day that Israel announced a 4th shot and a day after Trump announced a Jan 6th move for two weeks from now.
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22 Dec
“There will be positive cases in every office, even here in the WH among the vaccinated, but these cases are highly unlikely to lead to serious illness.” - Biden today despite 24% COVID deaths in MI in recent months and 50% in VT in the same time being among the fully vaccinated.
When Trump said in Sep 2020 that children are at a low risk of severe COVID, a wave of fact checking ensured on how it’s false.

For context, MI alone this year alone had more VACCINATED Covid deaths than all children COVID deaths in all of the US for all of the outbreak! ImageImage
Biden’s comment is blatant vaxx disinformation but there is a bigger chance that I will get flagged by Twitter for proving his lie than dozens of “journalists” hammering @PressSec for comment on why Biden is spreading lies or for Twitter to flag him as they did to Trump.
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16 Dec
@DeanObeidallah “waged a coup”

“Jan 6 terrorist attack.”

“GOP must be DESTROYED.”

“save our democracy.”

All in 1 tweet.

And from people who mocked POTUS Trump for being forced into the bunker due to political violence outside the WH.

cc @LarryOConnor @AdamBaldwin

@DeanObeidallah @LarryOConnor @AdamBaldwin The insurrection at the WH forced the USSS to rush POTUS Trump to the bunker. It was their decision; not Trump’s and 60+ agents were wounded during that attack.

@DeanObeidallah, Dems mocked it. Those mockers claim that mass trespassing inflamed by a brutal crackdown is terror.
@DeanObeidallah @LarryOConnor @AdamBaldwin @julie_kelly2 @mattgaetz @AriFleischer @ScottPresler @LeeSmithDC @ScottWAtlas @T_S_P_O_O_K_Y @NolteNC @brithume @JonathanTurley The GOPs that go along with the hyped up version of the Jan 6th mass trespassing event which was iflamed by a brutal crackdown, do so to placate people who months earlier mocked the unprecedented need of rushing POTUS Trump to the bunker due to political violence.
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