NEW: The Epidemic of Prosecutorial Abuse -- Interview with Raj Rajaratnam

Rajaratnam's important new book, "Uneven Justice," spends some time on his own case, but mostly as a window to understand the virtually limitless power of federal prosecutors:…
For years, the cause of criminal justice reform and curbing prosecutorial abuse resided on the libertarian right and left. Now the pro-Trump right has seen how pervasive and dangerous such abuses are: @PreetBharara, @Comey, Russiagate fraud, Carter Page.…
So much of my reporting over the last decade has been about prosecutorial abuse: the 2011 book I wrote (With Liberty and Justice for Some) and our 2020 year-long Brazil exposés (which revealed corruption by judges and prosecutors).

No humans can be trusted with unchecked power.
Rajaratnam may not be the most sympathetic messenger. But sometimes it takes personal experience with injustices to viscerally understand how they work. Federal prosecutors are out of control and he has a lot to say about the dangers and how to reform it.…

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31 Dec 21
New York is Using Race to Determine Access to a Limited Supply of Life-Saving COVID Treatments…
The rationale for prioritizing some races over others crumbles upon examination.

Under NY's policy, a wealthy 18-year-old Asian or Black marathon runner is automatically eligible for antibody treatment, while an impoverished White patient must demonstrate underlying illness. Image
The new memo from New York's Health Department says that the only monoclonal antibody approved for the Omicron variant is "extremely limited," with severe shortages. Using a patient's race to determine who can access life-saving treatments first is extraordinary.
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29 Dec 21
The New Yorker and The Atlantic were the two mainstream magazines that did the most to help convince Americans that Saddam had WMDs. They're the two that were the most fanatical about Russiagate conspiracies. Now they'll lead on Iran and the bomb (Jeffrey Goldberg has for years):
Whenever there's an insane, unhinged, deranged conspiracy pushed by the CIA and the other US security services, you can be sure that The Atlantic and the New Yorker will be in the lead endorsing and ratifying it. That's one of their primary functions.
So revealing: the same CNN writer who wrote yesterday's predictable @NewYorker attack on Dan Bongino -- @eosnos -- which accused Bongino of profiting by spreading unhinged conspiracy theories, was the lead writer of the @NewYorker cover story depicting Putin in control of the WH.
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29 Dec 21
I'm well-aware of, and often discuss, the difference between "liberals" and "the left." I'm also well-aware of their convergences: far greater than ever after they organized around AOC and Bernie, who went from Revolution Against Both Parties! (2016) to All In With Dems! (2020).
Thus, the bulk of left media is about corralling disgruntled leftists into Party captivity. As long as they do, funding and profit pours in. They're key to DNC success. #Resistance liberals don't need cajoling to vote Dem. Pseudo-radicals do, and that's what left media is for.
That this Vote-Dem-Always! wing of left media -- the dominant branch -- bashes Dems on the way to loyally voting for them is what makes them so valuable. That's their vital role: they let leftists feel edgier than their Pelosi-loving moms who drive them to vote together for Dems.
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28 Dec 21
The @NewYorker profile of Dan Bongino by CNN's @eosnos is so predictable you could write it yourself without reading it. It *laments* that the new online/media ecosystem Bongino uses is built to prevent censors like Media Matters from banning ideas -- as if that's a bad thing.
Whatever you think of Bongino or anyone else whose views you hate, it's incomparably dangerous to allow groups created by supreme DC scumbag David Brock to police our discourse, and it's good and healthy that new independent platforms deny them that power…
The reason we created @FreedomofPress was Joe Lieberman and other neocons had pressured and threatened Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Amazon and banks to cut off WikiLeaks' fundraising. That's the new tactic to crush dissent. Anything that subverts it is good.…
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28 Dec 21
This was a pivotal moment in the pandemic's history:

For 4 months, the message was clear and unrelenting: everyone must stay home. Those who leave - even to go to a deserted beach - are reckless sociopaths.

It flipped overnight to endorse a mass protest movement liberals liked:
That episode single-handedly destroyed trust in public health officials, proving they'd politicize their expertise when convenient.

Corporate media celebrated a douchebag-lawyer shaming families at deserted beaches, then -- overnight! -- cheered densely packed street protests.
In June, I was drafting an article on this flagrantly politicized reversal of COVID messaging. When @theintercept editors learned this, they commissioned an article -- for the same day -- to argue racism, not COVID, was the greatest health crisis, so everyone *should* go protest.
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27 Dec 21
This is a Joe Biden surrogate and delegate. The US corporate media has permanently broken the brains of an entire generation of US liberals. They are more obsessed with Russian infiltration of the US than Joe McCarthy and J. Edgar Hoover combined were. Look at this derangement:
Here's a @ProjectLincoln operative pushing the Madison-Cawthorn-as-groomed-Kremlin-asset sickness. The union of neocons and authoritarian liberals -- based in some crusty resuscitated 1950s CIA script about Russian treachery -- is proof that Satan exists:

All the ways to criticize Madison Cawthorn and you settle on some demented CIA fairy tale about about he's a Putin pawn because his wife is a clandestine Kremlin asset, making yourself far more unhinged and twisted than he could ever hope to be. This is American liberalism.
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