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/THREAD: My path to officially getting involved with the #resistance & digging into the research with newly discovered, like-minded citizen journalists began with this:…
"10 AM the Sat before inauguration day, on the 6th floor of the Van Pelt Library at the University of Pennsylvania, roughly 60 hackers, scientists, archivists & librarians were hunched over laptops, drawing flow charts on whiteboards, & shouting opinions on computer scripts."
"They had hundreds of government web pages and data sets to get through before the end of the day—all strategically chosen from the pages of the EPA and NOAA — any of which, they felt, might be deleted, altered, or removed from the public domain by the incoming Trump admin."
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@realDonaldTrump What is Robert Mueller looking for exactly? Well, it's complicated. Let's start with what he's NOT looking for. Much shorter list. In fact, there's only one item on that "list".
@realDonaldTrump And it's this: the TRUTH. Mueller is the "insurance policy". Cooked up by Obama DOJ-FBI political appointees just in case Trump won.
@realDonaldTrump Their first job was to "exonerate" Trump's 2016 opponent, Hillary, Obama's designated would-be successor. Exonerating Hillary required bending the law beyond the breaking point. So they bent the law, then smashed it to pieces.
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🚨Thread 🚨

Going through the RICO Lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and the gang.

Here is the link to the lawsuit's documents.…
Suit filed by Gary Byrne, Former Secret Service Agent.

He's said he's already received death threats that he can provide to the court.

Here are the defendants.
Leads off by mentioning our favorite FBI Love Affair, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok

and FBI Attorney 2 "Viva la resistance"... Which at the time he filed as "Unknown Named FBI Attorney"

Who we now know is Kevin Kleinsmith thanks to @RepMarkMeadows
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THREAD. Share at will.

4,600+ dead in Puerto Rico.

Children in Concentration Camps.

Trade wars with long standing allies such as Canada and Germany.

Suspending drills with South Korea after talks with NK where we got a "I'll try harder" in return.
Gutting the safety net for the most vulnerable among us and cutting off their health insurance.

Withdrawing from long standing commitments and international agreements.

Refusing to reaffirm article 5 of NATO.

Attacking federal law enforcement on a daily basis.
Refusing to condemn vile and disgusting hatred from alt-right, white supremacists.

Using our military as an ego boost with a superficial parade while we have homeless, hungry veterans without healthcare committing suicide.

Attacking the media every single day.
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These white people threads about empathy and decorum and the lie of the high road are actually really good but my blood pressure is up seeing them RTd by people fighting me tooth and nail when I said the same shit years ago
And I'm not even a Black woman who had to experience extremely loaded "well Michelle Obama SAID" replies ad nauseam, ugh, I can only imagine
The thing about decorum is that for every one person agitating for positive change who appears "rude," there are a hundred who aren't. Because respectability is still highly prized by institutional communicators and gatekeepers.
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*Cracks his Knuckles, cracks open a beer*

Alright, you racist bastards, let's do this.

Child Internment and I.C.E. (Thread)

#Resist #RefusePolarization #RiseUp #Resistance #IronFortress
////// pic1
The problems that the US has had with ICE are longstanding. Indeed, as much as the current atrocities, ICE has failed the American people frequently in the past. Formed during the advent of the Department of Homeland Security, ICE combined the former INS and Customs departments.
As soon as the two agencies merged, problems began appearing. There was a significant culture clash between gun-carrying law enforcement officers in Immigration, and the scientists and technocrats in Customs.…
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[THREAD] It’s easy to see all of the chaos and horrifying news, and feel overwhelmed and hopeless. It would be easy to give in to feeling depressed & give up. To avoid that, we need hope, and we need to feel that there are things we (collectively) can DO
To come up with ideas for how to fix things, it can help to first step back from the overwhelming details and look at the big picture of how we got here. In this thread I'll give my thoughts about that, and then what I think we can do about it
I’m not saying I’m right. I may be wrong about some of my thoughts, and I’m sure I’ve omitted major points that should be included. But when I take a moment to step back, this is what I see. Yes, @realDonaldTrump is turning America into a country that we don’t recognize
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My handle on Twitter is Slightly Funny & I usually am. But this latest trump/sessions policy should make all Americans feel ashamed, saddened & intensely angry. If there are those among us who wondered how the holocaust was ALLOWED to happen, you have only to look at these photos
2) The act of child incarceration is abhorrent enough and the use of Christianity or any religion for it's justification should be the red line in the sand that causes every American to be propelled into action. It has been popularized to say and think, "This is not who we are."
3) But if those children are lying on the floor, it most certainly IS who we are and that is something that we now have to face. We have ALLOWED this to happen, as the German people allowed Kristallnacht. It is ironic that it is now the Germans who try to warn us & plead with us.
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I'm just gonna skip straight to this part
They were using their FBI phones and able to be tracked that way because they were trying to hide their affair lol. Dummies.
These are all my instant reactions while I'm in the process of reading, but Lisa Page saying "he simply cannot be President" about Trump is freaking unreal.
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On this day, it is correct and just for our great Nation to consider where we are, from whence we came, and most importantly, who we are.
First we must remember our nation was born out of struggle. It was born of #Resistance.

That is our proud heritage: A continual #Resistance against tyranny, the rule of one over the many.
It began with our overthrow of a world superpower, whose king had stripped of us representation, and reduced us to colonies of a far away isle.
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1. Trump’s enemies like Trudeau surely understand that if you insult him, he punches back twice as hard. Trudeau is well-behaved in the few times they’ve spoken directly. But he couldn’t help himself after Trump left. And he’s surrounded by staff and advisors who loathe Trump.
2. Just as an example, here’s the father of Trudeau’s communications director. Full-blown #resistance. Trudeau hears this all the time, it’s normal in his circles, from his senior advisors. Trudeau just made the mistake of thinking Trump was gone so he could be uncareful again.
3. Another example, from the house-husband of Trudeau’s global warming minister. He literally calls for sanctions against Trump and his family. This is how Trudeau’s inner circle talks IN PUBLIC. Imagine their private sneering.
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Alan Turing (1912-1954)

An eccentric British mathematician, widely considered to be the father of computer science and artificial intelligence.

Turing broke the Nazi Enigma code, playing a crucial role in the allied victory in WWII.

Turing spent much of his early life separated from his parents, as his father worked in the British administration of India.

At 13, he was sent to a large boarding school, with a rigid syllabus, so Turing studied advanced modern scientific ideas, such as relativity, on his own.
In his seminal 1936 paper, "On Computable Numbers," Turing proved that the theory of a universal algorithmic method of determining truth in math cannot exist.

He also introduced the notion of a universal computing machine, the "Turing Machine” — the basis of the modern computer.
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Please read all 4 of these screenshots from Tiana Smalls.

I’ll follow w a thread of a similar experience:

#Resist #Solidarity
Solidarity & resistance can be simple, folks. But it does take speaking up, which I know can feel hard.

I’ve done this myself in various situations. One in particular stands out:
Police came on a BART train I was on and were going to take a man away (he was Black and developmentally disabled). He was terrified and started reciting a phone number, asking someone to please call his mother who would worry when he didn’t show up.
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I’m seeing a lot of reports about the CA primary results as inevitable, or just a result of a lot of $$ spent.

They’re missing the bigger story.

The story of how the grassroots pulled together to drive ASTRONOMICAL Dem turnout in these at-risk Swing Districts.

THREAD (1/12)
Everyone talks about how divided Dems are. But we created a coalition of local @IndivisibleTeam groups, @RegistrBlue, @Civic_Sundays, @RealCodeBlue etc to work with our chapters like @Ca25Left, @SwingLeftSGV, @SwingLeftSoCo, @SwingLeftSF, @SouthBaySL and @SwingLeftCoCoCo. (2/12)
And we all worked together with @CA_Dem, the local Dem Party and the @dccc who provided infrastructure so we could run a candidate neutral GOTV campaign."

Yes, you heard me right. The #Resistance worked with the Democratic Party. And nobody’s lunch money got stolen. (3/12)
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"The “scandal-free” Obama admin [] secretly sought to give Iran access to the US financial system by sidestepping sanctions kept in place after the 2015 deal, despite repeatedly telling Congress and the public it had no plans to do so."… @DavidAFrench
"In the age of Trump, too many progressives are busy rewriting history. Yes, they’re right to decry the current administration’s many falsehoods, but they should spare a moment for self-reflection...."
"...The Obama administration sold a foreign-policy disaster to the American people in part through systematic, intentional deceptions. That’s a profound violation of the very “norms” and “values” the #resistance now claims to defend."
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Leverage. Trump has it. All of it. Mueller has none. This is why Trump can bide his time. Time isn't Mueller's friend. Tick, tock. Once the launching of the Mueller op itself is determined to have been illegal, game over. The dominoes have already started falling.
That last one will come as a shock only to those glued to CNN. And MSNBC. And the broadcast nets. And to Carlos Slim's mouthpiece, the failing NYT. They haven't been paying very close attention.
Mueller is but a federal employee. Trump's employee. Part of the executive branch. Which Trump runs. Mueller is not an INDEPENDENT COUNSEL. He's a special counsel. Crucial distinction. Mueller was appointed. Trump was elected. Mueller's appointment is under a cloud.
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.@realDonaldTrump has been fighting an unprecedented onslaught of attacks by the Establishment from the moment he announced for president.
The entire “insider class” — the media, the ‘inteligensia’, donors, lobbyists, the deep state within the government, corrupt elements within our top law enforcement + intelligence agencies and corrupt politicians have relentlessly, and thankfully, unsuccessfully fought Trump.
The very same politicians who have bankrupted our country. Stealing from our children + future generations to bribe voters into giving them power. THEIR actions are unethical and in many cases, criminal. As a whole, they amount to treason against our nation. They. Sold. US. Out.
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1. Trump’s entire presidency has been an exercise in the abuse of power. From his personal attacks on patriotic career civil servants like Sally Yates to his pardon is useless propagandists like Dinesh D’Souza, from his nepotism to his pay-for-play with corporations and autocrats
2. From his collusion with NFL owners to silence public dissent to his promotion of Fox and Sinclair to give voice to his whims, from his emoluments to his cabinets theft of tax money for personal gain. It’s all an abuse of the office.
3. But despite that, and despite his congressional enablers allowing to get away with it, our institutions are holding. Our law enforcement professionals are still doing their jobs. Our courts are still keeping the worst of his aggression in check.
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You guys might like this screenshots from my book: Trump Effect. Get a copy. The book is ageing well.
Excerpts from my article on combating terrorism.
AMERICANS want these. I mentioned them a year ago, today Trump has fulfilled almost all.
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Today we're gonna talk about "what do I do? me personally, what is my #resistance plan, hand-tailored to my particular needs, talents, and risk tolerance, as well as my geographical and geopolitical location?"

Which is something I get asked for a lot.

So I designed one!
There will still be work involved, this isn't an out-of-the-box solution. More like a workbook.

ANYWAY. First thing:

Ask your wisest friend for a book recommendation that will help you understand the world right now.

Go to a library/bookshop/website and get the book.
Second: systematically converse with your actual neighbors. Political organizing works best with a robust precinct captain system. Make yourself the apartisan precinct captain. It's your job to know your neighbors and how to reach them and who'll donate what and who'll vote.
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The #resistance is needed now more than ever, and not just because the #Mueller investigation is getting closer to blowing this group of grifters out of the water: <THREAD>
Trump, and everyone that supports him are at war with the values that could make us a better nation.

On nearly every level, Trump and his racist republican ilk are doing everything they can to be on the wrong side of history. It's straight up villainy.
Inequality, racial tensions, corporations with too much power, imprisoning brown people in private prisons, healthcare, taxes, the environment, public safety, and of course, common fucking decency. All that and more is at stake.
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R-North Carolina, and @Jim_Jordan R-Ohio & House Freedom Caucus & House Oversight Committee, allies of @realDonaldTrump met with Rosenstein on Monday to obstruct justice over “slow pace" "excessive redactions" of documents released>Congress…
House Intelligence Committee Chairman @DevinNunes R-California Oversight Committee Chairman @TGowdySC R-So Carolina are busy obstructing justice re @TheJusticeDept of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to investigate members of the Trump campaign.…
Also confirmed Justice officials were meeting separately with @RepAdamSchiff D, California, senior Democrat on Intelligence Committee. Schiff has criticized Republicans for trying to divert attention away from Mueller's investigation by attempting to discredit the DOJ and FBI.
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New with @GideonResnick: #resistance twitter stars Brian and Ed Krassenstein's shady history with online financial scams resulted in federal raids of their homes last year…
The DHS investigator on the case alleged "reasonable cause to believe that...Brian and Edward Krassenstein have conspired to commit wire fraud.”…
Neither of the brothers was charged with a crime, though the feds seized $450k from them. But it's a significant data point for those who see the bros as anti-Trump opportunists…
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<< NEW MEGA THREAD THIS MAY TAKE SOME TIME SO PLEASE BE PATIENT>> In November 2016 when it became apparent that @realdonaldtrump had won the US Presidential Election the famous quote by Sir Edward Grey came to mind… "The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see...
...them lit again in our life-time.” That was my feeling about the United States. That is still my feeling almost 18 months later. I believe every person though deserves a chance to prove themselves. On their actions, on their decisions that has an impact not just within the...
the United States but on the wider world. That is why I am deeply involved in the #resistance and why I will continue to do so. So review @realdonaldtrump and his flawed, kakocracy, mendacious, self serving disastrous Presidency so far… I would need to write a book to........
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