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Today, @Facebook banned @CamAnalytica and @TheSCLGroup from their platform for abuse, worldwide. On a related note, I'd like to introduce you to @m_schweickert, CA's Vice President of Global Media. Rules of engagement: my only commentary will via soundtrack. #Resistance #Resist
Facebook-banned @CamAnalytica's VP @m_schweickert: "We started working with the Trump campaign in about June of 2016, when it became obvious that a sophisticated data apparatus would be needed". I can't comment. I just do the soundtrack. Rules are rules. #Resistance #Resist
Facebook banned @CamAnalytica for stealing data. CA'a @m_schweickert: "The predictive models scored every voter in these battleground states... at any given point, we could select a universe of individuals, depending on what type of contract strategy we needed to have with them"
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Is Libby Schaaf, Mayor of Oakland and vocal member of the #resistance guilty of a crime for warning illegal aliens of impending ICE raids?
2. First, Libby Schaaf is not just some ordinary Democrat that just doesn't like Trump. She has the worst case of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) I've seen. She has "Raging-TDS"

👉In a Video from Schaaf's Twitter feed she calls Trump a "bully-in-chief."
3. A couple screen shots from the video shows to what degree her Raging-TDS can kick in when she talks about President Trump.
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Yale history prof @TimothyDSnyder outlined 20 lessons from the 20th Century on preventing tyranny from overcoming democracy. His book is a must-read for #TheResistance:… (Thread)
1/ Do not obey in advance. Do not acquiesce or conform to the new regime, offering to comply before compliance is required by law. Hitler's party consolidated power b/c too many citizens offered anticipatory obedience.
2/ Defend Institutions. Trump has aggressively sought to undermine all independent institution that opposes his admin, including the free press, the judiciary, DOJ, FBI, & #Mueller. Choose an institution you cherish and take its side.
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Fell into a 90s/00s #suicide anthem music loop this afternoon and it reminded me of how depressed I have been in the past and how depressed I am now, again, and how much we still don't discuss #depression in this society.
I wrote this a couple years ago.
It's a good piece on writers & suicide, with an emphasis on #LGBT suicides because we kill ourselves more (thanks #homophobia/#transphobia)than str8 people.

Society still romanticizes #depression instead of treating it.
Theme song for cutters everywhere.
Raise you hand if you thought you were the only one with razor blades in your pocket for...years.

#TheFray - How to Save a Life
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Where were all these people now calling for Erik Prince’s arrest when he was running a privatized murder machine in Iraq and Afghanistan? He was still getting contracts under OBAMA. HIllary Clinton was Secretary if State and was technically in charge.
Also, Erik Prince is holding a fundraiser for “pro-Russia” Dana Rohrabacher? *Clutches pearls*

Prince worked for Rohrabacher. They are close friends for decades.
You think Erik and Russia is the issue? He is running a “security” business with the Chinese government right now.
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#Resistance CTA
🚨 This is extremely important🚨

We have until March 31st for Congress to provide funding for #PaperBallots in the 2018 midterms.

Please call your MOC today & everyday until 3/31 on this.
☎️(202) 224-3131

#PaperBallots are:
🔹Most Accurate
🔹Least Vulnerable

To ensure this, paper ballots must be Hand Counted with Audits.

It's gone very well for our peer countries who feared Russian interference after the 2016. There was no decades long debate & litigation for this.
3/Multiple states are still using the same Voting machines & have been for over a decade. Most don’t allow for a paper trail. Parts for these machines are only available on eBay. The vulnerabilities are endless.

Watch ➡️
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Over the past few months, several scam accounts have popped up that call themselves #resistance. Some ask for #donations to help impeach Trump. Some sell shirts, phone cases, etc. And there are others that ask for money for various causes. THREAD 1 #scam #donate #con #PSA
I’ve written about some before, I have a collection of threads about them here. 2… #fraud #con #ripoff #cheat
You can verify a charity’s non-profit status before donating. Donations to non-profits are always TAX DEDUCTIBLE, so get a receipt! 3
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So, I am going to do a little thread about bots.
We've all been noticing those "eight digit" bots wandering in and out of hot topic debates. I've been keeping an eye on them awhile, and I finally got around to making a list, which you can play with here:…
Some observations:

Some of them have a lot of care put into them aside from the lazy naming rule
Most are not active
Some just post fake selfies or random pics
Most of the political ones are "American," but there are UK, SA, and India ones
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1/x @NRA and stuff.... Piece of shit advocacy group, BUT, the blasts against them are fukin idiotic, peoplealways grab for the easy moral authority, #Rubio shud resign cos he has no intellectual ability to take their miney and still possess any civic virtu
2/x @nra but now, having said that, can we dig deeper beyond the NRA, the american left has NO Democratic Party opposition to war. the fake Wakanda domiciled liberals and progressives have been manipulated to allies of the military-industrial-complex
3/x #nra Democrats who wore kente cloth and/or boycotted the State of the Union cannot find their voices to object to America’s bombing of Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, or Somalia. hmmm
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See, this is why I utterly despise the whole "hashtag Resistance" clusterfuck, because it's a group of largely bourgeoisie folks suddenly realizing all the crap that POC and Indigenous and queer folks have been saying for… decades. Centuries, even.
And it's not like we haven't been frank about this stuff this whole time. It's just that now, white cis people are finally awake to the shit oppressed folk have been dealing with their whole lives, for generations.
Reagan laughed while queer people died of HIV/AIDS in the 80s. Obama only finally supported marriage equality because Biden forced his hand, and trans issues only came up in the waning months of his administration.
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Anti-Trump Bots now in Full Swing!!

New Bot - different from our VotyBot.

Lets take a deeper look.

First off thanks to @icklepepper for getting me some screenshots to start our research.
These Twitter accounts had been attempting to follow me (@mikefarb1 for weeks). Very similar to each other. Picture of a woman, with the username a woman's first name followed by #TheResistance. These twitter accounts all follow many popular #Resistance accounts.
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THREAD: Why Mueller Already Matters, and Everything Helps. :
Mueller has put the @NRA on notice they are investigating Russian money laundering through them. So:

Russia ==> @NRA ==> @GOP ==> Trump, Inc.

The @NRA traitors have no plausible deniability
What does this mean? It means the funding sources the @GOP has used to prop up rancid puppets like Roy Moore and hoped to use for Arpaio is gone. It also means that the @GOP is no longer going to be able to keep their reverse laundromat:
@GOP ==> Trump, Inc ==> ??
Trump, Inc. has been absolutely voracious in getting money. From inappropriate spending at T properties (100% of it) to hats to overcharging the @GOP for basic services, stealing the money from the inauguration, plus the phony Innaug contributors.
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As you might know, I'm a #FormerGOP .

I voted Republican loyally for over 30 years. But when Trump won the Primary, I was able to see the true and dispicably UGLY face of my party, and I have never gone back again.
Many wonderful people in #TheResistance have taken me in, educated me, and helped me to become a much better person. They have helped me to realize that so many of my hard-core, basic beliefs were incompatible with voting Republican.

I owe you all so many thanks for that!
Today, I learned something else...

When I first saw the #Rose 🌹 symbol in various profiles, I googled it and also asked some people who were using it, what it meant. I was told it was just a symbol of #Resistance, & I thought it was no different than the #Omega / #Ohm symbol.
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The idea Putin installed Trump intentionally has always bothered me. The reason being it seems Putin would be to smart for that. I think what I finally realized is he didn't make a mistake
He made a miscalculation...Thread

#TheResistance #Resistance
#TrumpRussia #ImpeachTrump
He just could never truly understand that the essence of America is freedom. We would never allow fascism. Could never allow it. As freedom is so potently part of what it is to be American, that despite our percieved decline into apathy we would rise up.../2
That no matter how complacent we became. We would seek to snuff it out with a ferocity he never expected. For Freedom is, in essence, the opposite of fascism; and also the essence of Amercia. And a thing can not be it's opposite.
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#TrumpRussia endgame:

It's become obvious to me that things seem to be coming to a head. Revelations of Gates flipping, Bannon being interviewed & Mueller pursuing a Trump interview all indicate as much. Given that I'd like to suggest a loose strategy to help achieve our goals..
My intention in writing this is that as things come to a head, their distractions will continue to increase in frequency and intensity and it's seems prudent to attempt to have a broad outline to try and keep everyone on the same page...
To begin let's state our goals broadly as

1) Impeachment
2) Securing elections
3) National Security not involved in 1 & 2
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It's nearly inarguable that @HillaryClinton is viewed by the majority of the men & women in the MSM that she should be silenced, increasingly at all costs.

The full answer as to why so many have lent themselves, whether consciously or not, to this cause remains elusive.

We do know many of the reasons why they fight so openly against Clinton and they include an often unacknowledged level of real misogyny that is horrifying for it's obviousness, it's depth, and the lengths to which many go to pretend it does not exist.

I have written many, many threads on the subject of @HillaryClinton. For me, she remains one of the most competent, most talented, and most comprehensively knowledgeable of her or any generation. Those who actually surpass her on any of these scales remain few.

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THREAD. There’s something we need to clear up. Our work with @indivisibleden has been some of the most rewarding work we’ve ever done, changing the way we see ourselves & the world around us. Want to get involved with grassroots organizing? Join us! 1/
But there is DIFFERENT Facebook group named Indivisible Denver, & their admin has taken a different track from us. This is an unfortunate situation. And confusing. 2/
So here are some easy markers to tell if you are dealing with US or NOT US. First, this is our public-facing page (not to be confused w/ a FB group):…. That’s US! 3/
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There was a burst in activity on the #FireRosenstein hashtag this past weekend. Let's see what there is to see, shall we? (thanks @SpencerH8sTwitr for putting us on the hunt)
This diagram shows the retweet/reply relationships for #FireRosenstein. There are a few accounts in here that have turned up in previous analyses, such as jojoh888. The left and right-leaning accounts are mostly separate here, indicated by the dashed line.
The accounts pushing the #FireRosenstein hashtag are mostly right-wing accounts; however, the opposite is true of the phrase "fire Rosenstein" - here the #Resistance conversation is larger and louder.
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🚨Attention: Priority🚨
#TheResistance Operational Security Alert
*For Public Release*

A large network of automated accounts have attempted to infiltrate #TheResistance by posing as authentic resisters. I would humbly ask this alert be Re-Tweeted, as it effects all of us.
The automated network in question is large, likely in the thousands to tens-of-thousands. As such, any attempt at listing them is futile, and it is best to describe characteristics and behaviors common to the network to allow resisters to act for themselves.
First, the common characteristics:

The accounts use profile images stolen from IG. Usually, young Caucasian women.

They often use Banner images of nature, usually a cropped landscape image in poor resolution.

They often have no Bio.
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The Rise of Fascism (Thread)

Today, I'd like to take some time to talk about how Fascist -and otherwise authoritarian- governments form, examine some parallels, and also some differences, between history's worst regimes and the current state of America.
#Resistance #Resist #RiseUp #ResistanceUnited #ResistTogether #RefusePolarization #WeResist
Usually, the rise of a fascist state can be broken down into four steps:
In the most general terms, there is a discernible, consistent process in the formation of fascist governments, and in all authoritarian governments. In fact, as we see many of these steps repeated in Stalin's rise, and the rise of Pol Pot in Cambodia, too.
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1) In regard to #TheMemo from @DevinNunes, Melissa @ima_imp asks “What part of having FISA warrants out on Carter Page is a scandal?”
2) Democrats and the Left are playing #SpinTheMemo now. They want to ‘spin’ the fact that pro-Hillary, anti-Trump government officials colluded to first sink the Trump campaign, and - after he unexpectedly won - to cast doubt on the legitimacy of Mr. Trump’s victory.
3) The left’s zealous #resistance to all-things Trump means they are willing to overlook their side weaponizing the FBI and DOJ in favor of one candidate against the other while deliberately misleading a federal judge.
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FISA #MemoDay
1. Well this is awfully inconvenient for the "Don't wear such a short skirt if you don't want to be raped" crowd.
2. House Intel memo key point: The FBI's Andrew McCabe confirmed to the committee that no FISA warrant would have been SOUGHT from the FISA Court without the Steele dossier information.
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Welcome to my Ask Me Anything thread. The folks running @Team_Renato have been compiling questions all day and I’m going to answer as many as possible tonight.

This is the first of many ways I’ll be increasing my interaction with you in the weeks ahead!
From @DavidHowardOjai
Q: Why has Mueller not made more arrests yet? Assuming he has probable cause, what's the delay? Is there a risk that Mueller gets shut down without new indictments? Wouldn't indicting now decrease the risk?
A: Federal prosecutors don’t indict until they’re confident they have sufficient evidence to prove the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. It’s unclear whether indicting earlier would change the risk that Mueller is fired, and firing him wouldn’t end the investigations.
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"The Jewish Question has existed for a long time, as the Jew knows and admits, and is a consequence of certain un-Jewish, or rather un-Israelitish ideas held by Jewish persons of power.
"The disability under which the Jew labors is that he is not a Jew, properly speaking, and does not desire to be. Just at that point is the soil and the root of the Jewish Question.
"Tackling the Jewish Question is not congenial work.
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